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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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Black it's more slimming!!!

Starter or pudding (or both!!)

wine or beer?
Wine, but I am hooked on low-carb beer at the moment.

Drinking ice water or room-temperature water.
depends on the room temperature... Wink Smilie

having a cold shower in the morning or a hot bubbly bath in the evening?
A cold shower!! So energizing Thumbs Up Smilie

Wine or beer?
I'm not too fond of both, but wine is definitely the lesser evil.. beer... *urgh*

researching via google or non-fiction?
Google is coooooooooooooooool Big Laugh Smilie
Though I don't always think so.

Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan (as the 007 agent)?
As for me Pierce Brosnan... by the way have you heard that new James Bond will be only 30 years old!?

On foot or On horseback?
definately on horse back... (maybe i'm just lazy... Fast Asleep Smilie )

Hot chocolate or horlicks..?
Oh I'm going to be awkward here - I drink Malted Chocolate Horlicks and hubby is just making me one now Big Smile Smilie

Puppies or Kittens
Oh I Love You Smilie I love them all! But as I have to choose, sorry puppies Puppy Smilie , I'll say kittens Cat Smilie !!!

Sun or Snow
snow. Or even better sun on snow...then it'll sparkle...I'm greedy aren't I?

Long hair or short hair for girls?
Hard to say really , but I love long curly hair on girl.[
Rain pooring down or sunny brigth day ?
rain, really much rain for me, please.

spaghetti bolognese or spaghetti carabonara?
Spaghetti Bolognese! Thumbs Up Smilie

Wearing socks or no socks with your shoes?
Definitely socks or I'll have corns...(

Meat or fish?
Water or soft drinks?
Water, and lots of it! Stay hydrated!

Movie theater or watching a movie at home?
Theatre: the bigger screen - the better!!

Sun or Moon?
Sun! I'll probably say mooon after today, but right now I'm in the sunny mood!!

cry or sob?
actually it depends on a situation, sometimes crying can be more effective and vice versa. But I choose to sob, however I'm a girl... (hey there's no crying smile!!!)

tea or coffee?
TEA!!!!!!! I'm a great tea-fan Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Ancient Greek or Roman mythology?
Greek, The names sound better. Aphrodite sounds much better than Venus.

cellphone or regular phone.
Cell phone.Not for it's so good with it, but for it's so hard without. Look Around Smilie

Latino or arabic dances?
Latino Dances...they are cooler.

Mothers or Fathers?
I couldn't possibly choose between them.

Horror or Science Fiction?
Sfi fi.

Floor or cieling?

ceiling... I would so much enjoy to "stand" upside-down... Smile Smilie

king or president?
Hmmm...depends on the king or the president. Right now, living in the US, I am rather wishing for a king.

Karaoke or lip-synching?
Lip-synching coz then no-one could hear me sing Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Getting up early or sleeping late in the morning
Definitely sleeping late in the morning, the more, the better...)

travelling by air or by sea?
definately by sea, cos even if the boat sinks theres always lifeboats and if they sink life preservers and if you dont have one, by the time you need it a rescue boat will probably be near by...

slippers or trainers fuzzy and comfey!!!!

Gondor or Rohan?
Gondor. White looks better than gold.

Blue sky or white sky?
Blue sky. Much more sky-like.

Pen or pencil?
for writing I definitely prefer a pen, drawings a.s.o. pencil, of course.

listening to a female or male singer? (~ what voice do you prefer?)
I usually prefer male singers.

Make up or no make up?
NO makeup. oooh, I can't stand it...

sandy beach or stony beach?
White sandy beaches... with palms, sun and blue ocean... ah (sigh)

Day or Night?
night, I think.

simple or complex?
Complex. I'm just in that mood.

Forgiving or hating?
Always forgiving....
mountains or woods?

Spearmint or peppermint toothpaste
Spearmint. It's a principal question for which we often get So Angry Smilie with each other in my family.

gibbet or guillotine? Bad! Smilie
guillotine was said to be very human, wasn't it. still I can't definitely say that I would prefer it to a gibbet... maybe I'd choose the gibbet, I mean, head off doesn't make a beautiful body...

boarding school or returning home every day?
coming home everyday

Charmin or Quilted Northern? toilet paper
I don't know Quilted Northern, but Charmin is really cosy... Smile Smilie

Elizabeth I. or Mary Stuart?
Elizabeth I cause her reign is called the Golden era of England and also she lived much more longer than the second lady, stupid reasons, aren't they?!

Alexander the Great of Julius Caesar?
well, kinda... Wink Smilie
alexander the great of julius caesar? what a cool name... *oh sorry*
julius caesar, I should say, I'm much more interested in him, and he went to egypt (I love ancient egypt) and met cleopatra, he was murdered - how exciting! --- also weird reasons...

cinnamon or ginger?
Ginger. I hate cinnamon So Angry Smilie

Black or white?
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