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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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Faramir or Boromir?
Gandalf!! Big Smile Smilie

Chicken or roast beef?
act first
paper back or hard back?

Denethor or Theoden?
coke or pepsi
Iced coffee
Arnie or stallone?
Stallone, of course! Rocky's the best!

Kill to save someone or Kill to save youself?
now thats a cheery qustion, neither
plain mnms, or peanut mnms?
peanut mnms

Candlelight Dinner or Picnic in the park?
Marry, what can i say, i'm a romantic at heart
Ferari or porshe?
Uhhh.....really hot and sexy but smart and funny chicksBig Smile Smilie
travel by train or plane?
Train, I hate them both, but at least I'll set foot on a train.

Scraping your fingernails down a blackboard or licking a bit of carpet?
If I'm the one doing it, Scraping your fingernails down a blackboard.

Early morning or late night
early morning
beard or clean shaven?
Clean shaven.

Playing computer games or outdoor games (as in going outdoors and kicking a ball around or something in case anyone here forget what are outdoor games. Tongue Smilie )
Outdoor games(like me and my mates shooting each other)

KFC or Curry?

Love or money?
Love or money?


romantic/sensitive guys or "bad-boy"?

Uuh, a little bit of both? Wink Smilie

Ok, brains or looks in a woman?

[Edited on 13/6/2003 by Airecristiel]
80%brains, 20%looks
books or music?
I couldn't live without either, but if I had to choose one, music will always come first.

Robert Jordan or Katharine Kerr?
I've only read Katharine Kerr, so I guess I'd have to choose her then.


pink or turcose?
Eh.. I think you missed that you have to answer the question I asked, before you ask another question, Aster.
Not that beautiful but smart girls.

Color or Black and White?
San Antonio Spurs.

Smeagol or Gollum?
Hehe, the good. Smile Smilie

The Bold And The Beautiful or These Are The Days Of Our Lives?
Your romantic interest thinking you're ugly but loving you anyway.


Uh-oh it all depends on who comes next on this one (don't know if it's been up before, too lazy to check)

Cats or dogs? *hides*

Sharp or Dull?
Sharp, definitely!!
Especially if he/she sharp-tounged. Smile Smilie I always like someone with quick comments to return.

Knowing their destiny, would you rather act as Saruman or Sauron?
Omg, that's a tough one!
Well, I really like going out to the movies, but it's pretty expensive, and.. well, I do work in a videostore, renting out videos, so I can rent them for free.. Smile Smilie

So I guess I'm going with renting a movie.

ok: Waiting for the very next exciting episode of X-Files, when you're BURSTING to know what's gonna happen or finding it out using Internet and spoil the whole thing?
French, it sounds prettier. (You still holding a grudge Aire, or was that an honest or subconscience mistake?) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

chocolate chip mint ice cream or mocha almond fudge ice cream?
University of course!! Duh. Wink Smilie

ok, mIRC or java?

I think that's already been up, but I'm too lazy to look so..
Greek mythology!

ok, so, as we're on the subject:
Ancient gods of Rome or ancient gods of Greece?
CS, most definitely.

ok, so: Starcraft or Quake III Arena?

moving onto books now:

FotR, TTT or RotK?

Meat or Veggies?

Tigger Smilie or Elk Grinning Smilie ?
Tigger Smilie of course, he so bouncey and huggable

tea or coffee? Big Smile Smilie
Tea, anytime, everytime. Wink Smilie

Cookies or icecream?
eh.. surf the net. :’

shower. Smile Smilie

Spanish or french?
French, it sounds prettier. (You still holding a grudge Aire, or was that an honest or subconscience mistake?)

Lol! Acctually I didn't thought about it in that way, but I guess I'm still a bit angry with my last frenchteacher. Wink Smilie

Black, of course. Smile Smilie

Watching a movie or doing something useful but boring?
Arwen, I guess.

if you had to choose, would you rather eat:
Dog biscuits are actually very tasty. Tongue Smilie

Sprouts or cabbage?
Lol, ok..


Tomatoe or Cucumber?
TomaTOE? sure, tomatoes r good Wink Smilie
Alcoholic Smilie or Smoke Smilie
Ha Ha Ha Smilie
To have someone betray you or betray someone before they betray you?
Betray someone before they betray you. (I guess)

Step on a slug in your bare feet or swallow a fly accidently?
step on a slug
do your house work everyweek and clean up after yourself or leave it for months at a time and then spend a week scrubing and dusting
Do it every week. Smile Smilie

Be jealouse or having someone jealouse at you?
(I know, it's such an awful feeling)
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