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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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Acoustic always sounds more pleasing to the ear

Teddy bears or chocolates?
Teddy Bears! In Love Smilie

Coffee or tea?
a spy

a night at the opera OR a night at the oprah ?
A night at the opera

Chicken or turkey? Chicken Smilie
Turkey any-day.

Sheep or goats?
Sheep! Baaaah!

In the end of first age, would you rather be

a numenor
a Numenor

would you rather live your whole life sheltered in the Shire or Rivendell or fighting and sruggling for survival in Gondor or Rohan?
Struggling for survival and slaining some orcs in Rohan, thank you.

talking a walk with a friend who talks and talks and talks til your ears fall off
riding your bike inspite of the looooooong, haaaard slopes upwards you have to get up on the way home?
riding your bike inspite of the looooooong, haaaard slopes upwards you have to get up on the way home?

The First, Second or Third Age?
First age.

Legolamb or Legoland ?
Shadowfax of course! Big Smile Smilie

While we're at it..

Arod or Asfaloth?

Arwen or Glorfindel?
Glorfindel, all times!

Noldor or Teleri?

Irp or mj’?
(Copyrighted sayings by Airecristiel which I have no right to be using Tongue Smilie )
Roflmao Arco!! Big Smile Smilie

I will leave the answer to someone else, though remember people! They are my words, terribly copyrighted and I don't want to catch you saying it, or I will have to kill you. Tongue Smilie
I'd rather live long and happy, than be short-lived and not have the time to do what I want with my life Big Smile Smilie

Fairies or Elves? (Not Tolkien-style elves, I mean the ones in your garden) Wink Smilie
Fairies, much cuter.

Lost Tales 1 or Lost Tales 2?
Haven't read either but I'll go for Lost Tales 1. lol

Big Laugh Smilie or Very Big Grin Smilie ?
Big Laugh Smilie it's the cutest

Fast Asleep Smilie or Sleeping Smilie
that first face-thing.

King Lear or Macbeth ?
King Lear

Jumping Flame Smilie or Super Scared Smilie ?
Jumping Flame Smilie
Cat Smilie Cats Cat Smiling Smilie or Dog Smilie Dogs? Puppy Smilie
Eh the last thing.

R2D2 or C3PO ?
R2D2 or course! Big Smile Smilie

Darth Sidious or Darth Vader?

[Edited on 10/9/2003 by Airecristiel]
darth vader

sauron or bugs bunny ?
Sauron. Hehehe.. Big Smile Smilie

Sindarin or Quenya?

Jazz or classical?

Guitar or Piano?
Oww toughie. Piano.

Bob Dylan or the Beatles?
bob dylan i guess

gorbag or shagrat ?
Shagrat, much meaner of an orc! (he did kill Gorbag didn't he?)

Telly/ TV or computer?
Comp!! Big Smile Smilie

Radio or TV?

101 or 303?
303 Smile Smilie

2 or 3?

Th’oden or Denethor?
Gimli or his pops? (Gloin)

crashing a mirror or walking under a ladder?
Walking under a ladder.

Ferrets or Weasels?

Red + Black

Blue + Gold

or: Green and Silver?
Cheese on toast.

mp3 or wav?

(Oops.. this was the 666th reply to this thread. Does that mean I'm in trouble?)

[Edited on 14/9/2003 by Airecristiel]
Lol Aire, I don't think it means much... other than you'll never be able to sleep again, or unlock your doors, and you may have to take baths in holy water... other than that I think your fine!

And to answer the question, mp3
Short hair or long hair?

Long Hair (but all of mine fell off Very Sad Smilie )

Soft cheese or hard cheese?
No cheese please, cheese makes me go Exploding Head Smilie Lol
Chicken or fish? (Food wise I mean)
Chiiiickchickchickchick Chicken! Smile Smilie

'87 or '97?

'97 though neither year was that memorable to me.

lavender or lilac

Frodo Big Smile Smilie

Roses or Lillies?
Hoop earings or studs?

Christmas dinner or Christmas presents?
Christmas dinner, when all the anticipation yet isn't ruined.

speakers or headphone?
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