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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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Both stink, dunno which one's worse!

One arm or One leg?
on leg.

drawing or painting?
I'd have to say drawing,though I am equally terrible on both.

Female president or male president?(hehe,couldnt help myself)
female president (ann coulter go)

pi or e ?

Milka or Toblerone?

Twix or Snickers?

Was Radagast : (A) stupid
(B) misled
(C) smart
(D) both A & B
(E) Other: __________
E other : ___________________

this thread should a) be ended or b) be ended ?
C) No comment :p

Chithing or Astron?
Haven't the slightest.

Keyboard or Mouse?

Matrix: Revolutions or Return of the King?
Buffy i guess.

have a son or have a daughter?
um... son.

Truth or delusion?
Truth,though it usually hurts more.

The old version of Texas Chainsaw Masacre or the new one?
Haven't seen either....yet =D But the new one looks like its probably better..

Rock or Pop? (I know its been asked a million times) Reasons plz..
Rock, because it rocks.

Justin Bloom or Orlando Timberlake ?
Bleh, they both make me gag and throw up.
Dead Smilie

Um, strawberries apples tangerines mangoes oranges grapes nectarines peaches etc., what's yr fav?

[Edited on 11/10/2003 by Arcormacolind’va]
I like all fruits but...strawberries.

Tounge stud or navel ring?
Lol,funny question,I'd have to say naval ring.

Fantasy or Reality?
A little bit of both, 'cuz if u didn't have one, how'd u know what the other was?
I'll do Arco's question.

Lard or Butter?
Ooo,I'd have to say butter,tastes better. Smile Smilie
Arco,I really havn't thought about it.

Bubbles or Blossom?(You'd have to watch the Powerpuff girls to understand this one.) Wink Smilie

X-men or Superman (comics)

Laptop or Desktop?

the left Eye of Sauron or the right Eye of Sauron?
erm... left.

Square or circle?

DNS error OR gateway timeout?
Oo,Gateway Timeout or neither.

The 'Who's Next?' or 'What are you Listening to?' thread?
Hmm i don't know actually. They're both good to get to know you guys better.....but i'll say "what are you listening to?" - i like music Big Smile Smilie

Friends or Family?
Family before friends, for me...

Be refused to use your computer for a week because your room was unpostThreadIDy or watch the PJ films? (this question is mostly for vir, ross and PJ haters... Wink Smilie )
Well, they aren't here right now! I say watch the movies.

No lips or No nose?
Yuck,I say no lips!

Dark brown eyes or green eyes? Smile Smilie
Green eyes

matrix or x-men?

Irina Derevko or no Irina Derevko? (from Alias)
errm, I have never whatched the show but why not keep Irina Derevko..

sunlight or moonlight?

Hiking, jogging, or running?

Past, present or future? Where would u live?
Present is working just fine right now Smile Smilie

The Hobbit or the Adventures of Tom B?
The Hobbit.

Trolls in the woodshed or Orcs in the attic?
Orcs in the attic

Being really poor or really ugly?
Being really rich or being really pretty?
Being really rich.

Do you like...Internet news or TV news?
TV News

Spiderman or Batman?
Wonder Woman or Wonder Bra? Wink Smilie
No, I will say Michael Keaton...

The Simpsons or South Park?
The Simpsons. Big Smile Smilie

The Amazing Race or Fear Factor?

[Edited on 18/11/03 by Naira]
I HATE reality TV. Neither one!

Electric razor or Safety razor?
Neither or them, Gandalf.

Kang or Kodos ?

Captain Scarlet or the Thunderbirds?
Captain Scarlet

Speaking of...
Scarlet O'Hara or Melanie Wilkins from Gone with the Wind?
Scarlet O'Hara.

Candy or chocolates?
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