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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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And as I seem to have slipped us out of this topics format, I'll try to bring us back with: morning or afternoon?
Afternoon, actually night...

cycling or skating?
pasty or pie?
Pie. Sounds less, erm, pasty...

Right to bear arms or Right to arm bears???
Bear arms!!! I'd much rather have the musket than the bear.

Mithril or pseudo-silmarils?
why pseudo-silmarils of course!

melkor or sauron?
136 pages and you think that's not been asked before?

Ah well...

Melkor begged for his life as if he was a miserable mortal and Sauron was too proud to see 2 hobbits destroy his power in front of his nose, aie! sorry eye, so if i had a third option i'd go with that. But since i have to choose i'll say Melkor.

Sweden or Mexico?
How about both? As for languages, I like Swedish as opposed to the mixed-up Spanish of Mexico. As for cultures, I like the colorful traditions of true Mexico and the emphasis on family. If I had my way, I'd visit both, but since one cannot travel for free, I'm just here, so neither, then! So there! Shaking Head Smilie

"Do You Like Pina Coladas?"
"I Wanna Rock N' Roll All Night"
Do You Like Pina Coladas please... although I really have this nice and tasty Jack Daniels Old Tennessee waiting for me. yum.

English Grammar


American Grammar

Yes folks, there are big big differences...
I'll take the real English:English English, of course-you know, the actual language, not a twisted mangled heap of rubbish(American English)!

Goodfellas or The Godfather?
Tough one.. Godfather!

The Saint


James Bond
Stired, not shaken.

Wizard of Oz or Wind in the Willows ?
wizard of oz.
Who would you prefer- Legalas or Aragorn
(I'd go ffor legolas personaly)
I just thought of a really good question- Would you rather b slowly eaten to death by ants (normal ants) or gnawed 2 death by a toothless lion (adult lion). hehehe i just had 2 ask
neither of them and euh Aragorn




felt-tips or crayons?

Spicy or Mild?
Mild all the way. I HATE spicy stuff.

Blue or red?

Broken arm or broken leg?
Broken arm any day-I wouldn't be able to stand not being mobile.

Ballet or Baseball?

cats or dogs?
Definatly dogs. Dog Smilie Cats only want a cuddle when it suits them Cat Smilie

Salt and vinagar crisps or cheese and onion
Salt and Vinegar! Yummy! In Love Smilie

Bleu Cheese or Ranch salad dressing?
Blue cheese indeed..

To be or not to be?
To be!

Skiing or snowboarding?
Never done either, but snowboarding sounds more appealing.

Wearing someone elses unwashed T-shirt or their unwashed socks?
Eeeewwww! T-shirt, I guess.

Elves or dwarves?
Well I'm an elf so elves - but I do love dwarfs too - it takes all sorts Big Smile Smilie

Cabbage or brussel sprouts

morning or evening?

Reading or writing?

Lamb chops with mint sauce or Steak Tar-tar?
Steak Tartar

Tom and Jerry or Itchy and Scratchy
Tom & Jerry

Superman or Batman

books or tv?

The original Fleetwood Mac (Peter Green's) or the later Fleetwood Mac (with Stevie Nicks)?
the original fleetwood mac

rock music or pop music?
Rock Music

Central Heating or Open Coal Fires?
central heating

tea or coffee?
coffee....with lots of cream and sugar

Valedhelgwath or Feanor? (I noticed you two passing this one back and forth lately. Wink Smilie
Both Angel Smilie

Men or Women (or will I open a can of worms) Very Evil Smilie

Cake or ice cream?
Ice Cream

Red or white wine?

To paint toenails or not to paint
Not to paint.

Open or close?

Introvert or Extrovert

Sweet or sour
I'm a fly, so the answer is obvious. (honey over vinagar )

flea, fly, flow, flu, flue, or flew

Weeding the garden or washing the car?
Washing the car

Coke or Pepsi
Coke all the way!

Summer or winter?
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