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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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They seem to have faded into the void!

Polar bears.

Better or Best?
So it seems indeed...


Playing in the sun or playing in the snow?
The snow.

PT or PT?
Or. Very Big Grin Smilie

(move to) Russia or China?
Privjet, Tommie!

Rodinya! (Russia) Wouldn't mind that one bit in fact! Smile Smilie

Chili or pepperoni?

Diet or Regular?

Da or Nyet?

Green or blue?
Green, definitely.

Oriental or Mexican (food)?
Mexican. With extra chili. Jumping Flame Smilie

Flesh or fish?
If you mean "meat" by flesh, I'll have flesh. If you mean "flesh" by flesh, I'll have fish. Big Smile Smilie

8 or 9?

Library or Bookstore?

Unquenchable wrath, or undying sadness?
Unquenchable wrath.

Bed bugs Or Lice?
Ermmm... Lice.

Film or movie?
What's the difference between a film and a movie? Orc Going Huh Smilie

Ok, dark hair or light hair?
Both. Orc Smiling Smilie

Be a Troll Or be an Orc?

Jumpers or jerseys?
What's the difference between a film and a movie?

Nothing, just a matter of word choice. Cool Smilie


Pink or purple?

Oak Or Pine?
Oak Smile Smilie
Bruce Springsteen or Eric Clapton? (Better say Bruce or I'll send my flying monkeys after you! Wink Smilie) Wiggle Smilie
Eric Clapton. Besides, flying monkeys taste great with Worchester sauce, flame-broiled and hand-breaded... Very Big Grin Smilie
Arco, what would be your question? *sends her flying monkeys now* Tongue Smilie
Whoops! Er... Compassion or bravery and strength of arms?
mmm... compassion, 'cause thats another form of love.
Singing or dancing? Happy Elf Smilie
singing,because music is the universal language and a pure form of communication. Morrison or Cobain?
Morrison, is that Van or Jim? I liked early Nirvana, but i gotta say that Kurt's suicide wasnt suicide, it was an act of sheer release from the morbid hound that is Courtney Love. Very Mad Smilie

morris dancing or moonwalking?

Morris Dancing - I just love English folk stuff.

Onions or Lemons?

Glass of ice cubes or glass of icy cold water?
Glass of icy cold water.

Scum or Alge?
Algae, as i'm not sure why you'd mention Man Utd fans in this context though i heartily approve

Football or Rugby?

Rugby all the way!

Pen and paper or computer?
What's a pen?

Actually I prefer to scribble notes and reminders than use a pc.

And I am with you on the rugby! Had a calendar of naked England Rugby players once.... still got it somewhere... yum!

Oh sorry....... topic.. er........

Bottle or glass (for drinking out of, not fighting with)?


Sun or Moon?

Sting or the Police?
The Police.

80's or 90's?
The 90's!

Emails or snail mails?

Beetles or Beatles?

Fingers or Toes?

Bearded or clean-shaven (or stubble...)
Depends on how I am feeling that day.

Short or Long?

Speckles or Easter?

Speckles, choose speckles, choose speckles. (They're the names of my two rabbits, and Speckles is by far the superior)
Right, I'll take Easter then. Very Big Grin Smilie

Egg roll or egg?

Beef or Pork?

Er... coffee or cappucino?
Neither. Coffee, yuk! Sorry... Tongue Smilie

Land or sea?

Sunflowers or snapdragons?

Animals or people?
People, I guess.

A flowering azalea bush or one of mountain laurel?
A flowering azalea.

Bread or Rolls?
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