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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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I think one would be sufficient. Besides, keeping track of all those trailing digits would be a pain in the neck, elbow, or wallet.

paper, rock, or scissors?

singing or dancing?

to be or not to be
I'd rather be me than not.

Daisys or Rhododendrons? (The Rhodys outside my window are just blooming have dark pink blossom heads that are about eight inches in diameter. Pity they will be gone in about a week.)

titanium or platinum?
Platinum. I can relate to it better Smile Smilie.

The written word or the spoken word?
As usual, it depends, because the spoken can be much more easily expressed, while the written can be looked at over and over. Probably the written though.

Nazgul or Sith
That was a though one , but i think the spoken word
Arwen or Eowen
Sorry I wasnt fast enough, Nazgul
Arwen or Eowen
that's difficult, ’owyn, I think... oh, I like them both!!!

middle earth or valinor
middle earth!. Look Around Smilie

peace or war

hot chocolate or coffee?

hot chocolate!

cold milk or hot milk
Ohhh cold milk

Luke or Han Solo

sea or mountain
Mountain .....beside the sea.

Giving or receiving
Uh, giving, as long as I get something in return. (Just kidding!) Seriously, giving really gives me a high. Seeing somebody else happy from something I did is the true return. I know that sounds cheesy, but it's true!

Glasses or contacts.
good eyes... Wink Smilie
glasses, I don't like the thought of having something in my eyes.

movies or home cinema
movies, except when its toilet time

paper or plastic (grocery bags)

brother or sister
brother... much cooler!... I love my sister though!

Sleeping Beauty or Snow White?
Sleeping Beauty (Aurora!) all the way! Snow White warbles too much for my own taste...even though if Laurel ever came back, I would say Snow White, since she looks like her. Smile Smilie

Paintings or Photographs?
Fantasy or real life?
real life....with fantasy!

clean or dirty
Clean, thankyaverymuch.

Video or DVD?
Drama or Action ?

Serious or carefree?
(but that depends on the situation very much...)

speaking or listening?

run or walk

reading or writing
reading Read Smilie

lion or tiger
Tiger -- the stripes are cool.

Toilet roll up or down?
There's a difference? I suppose down...

rain or snow?
Rain !!! I love the rain Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Thriller or Drama?

Taste or touch

lough or cry?
Laugh, of course!

Reading a book or listening to it on tape?
reading a book of course!

fast or slow
Depends on the situation
Go camping or Hotel?

Arrive or leave?
leave to explore a different place

music loud or soft?

sweet or sour?

Car or truck?

to be or not to be? Wink Smilie
What kind of a question is that? I guess I would rather be.

For better or worse?

sunrise or sunset
Pool or ocean?

full of love or full of money?

Skiing or snowboarding?
Skiing, though I have done neither.

Pancakes (hot cakes, flapjacks, etc.) or waffles?
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