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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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Both with taters, carrots, onions, and celery; I like a bit of vegetable in my stew.

Potato salad or macaroni salad?
potato salad Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Fangorn forest or Mirkwood?

Fangorn: I don't like spiders and would keep my axe covered and forage for deadwood for my cooking fire and would hope to meet an Ent so that I could ask him about the old country that now lies beneath the western sea.

Ent Droughts or Gimli's Finest’ Ale?
that depends on moodsOrc Grinning Smilie Orc Smiling Smilie but for now Grondmaster Gimli's Finest’ Ale for me!Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie

Ent house or Entmoot?
Ent House; I'm too impatient to stand around listening to the trees grow while waiting for the next complete Entish word during an Entmoot. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Daniel Craig or Sean Connery as the best James "007" Bond?
Daniel Craig hands down.

Star Trek or Firefly?
I watched the old Star Trek, but not the newer reproductions and I don't think I watched Firefly, but I hardly ever watch network TV and haven't even watched the Sci-Fi Channel for about a year, for I seldom have seen anything there that interested except Dr. Who?

Yellow Peeps or Chocolate Bunnies?
Chocolate bunnies (chocolate anything, really) Thank you!

Darjeeling or Earl Grey?
Earl grey

Morgoth or sauron? Question Smilie
Sauron, a much easier dude to beat: all you'd need is a few hobbits, a magic ring, the warriors of a few nations, and a bunch of happy meetings, and the approval of Eru.

Cashews or peanuts?
hmmm, I'll go with peanuts, barely over cashews. Now I feel like eating cashews.... and peanuts!

Pig or Cow?
Well, if it is a pot-bellied piglet, then I'd have to go with it.

Chicken or turkey?
Chicken! I just love fried chicken, and chicken nuggets, and grilled chicken, and chicken noodle soup, and chicken and rice and............

Blue or Orange?
Blue, please, the dark gray-blue of the sky when a storm is coming.

Feather pillows or fiber-fill ?
Feathers please.

Apple Butter or Peanut Butter?
PEANUT BUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.s. tasty

pizza or hot dog? Smile Smilie
Pizza by a long shot!

Dog or Cat?
Dogs for me although I pretty much love all animals.

Paper or Plastic?

Alligator or Crocodile

Apple or Orange?
Apple, orange gives me heartburn.

Grapefruit or Pomegranate?
Hmmm.... Neither, not a huge fan...

Square or Circle?
Circle, it doesn't have any sharp corners to hang up on.

A little brother tag-a-long on a date or a bamboo sliver under the fingernail?
Little brothers are fun!

Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?
Dark chocolate

Piglet or Toto?

Tomorrow or today?
Today, tomorrow never gets here.

Monopoly or Parcheesi?
Monopoly, (if by means of the card game) for two reasons. I used to play it as a kid with my grandma, and i don't know what the other is....

Sky or Ground?
Im a very down to earth, guy, so ground Smile Smilie

Pepsi or Cola?
Cola though I rarely drink either!

Spoon or Folk?
Definetely spoon. It hurts more when you aim for peoples hearts, amongst other things (Robin Hood:Prince of Thieves is a Great movie)

Blackberry pie or Apple pie?
Either with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

Rock or Paper Someone else already spoke up for Scissors
Rock, paper just reminds me of school and homework.

Hands or Feet?
Hands, I can't use my feet anyway, so I couldn't get along with out my hands.

Heads or tails
Head (I shaved mine for the first time ever today!)

Cable or wireless

Slugs or snails
Well, no matter my choice they will both leave a horrible mucus trail along my keyboard....

Left or Right
Right Elk Grinning Smilie

Black or White?
White, in computer games I never play the evil characters. My favorite characters always wear the white hats.

Persimmon or mauve?

Classic or trendy?

New Coca Cola or Coke Classic?

Orange or blue?
Hmmm.... I'll have to go with both since they are Bronco colors!

Stripes or Polka-dots

plaid or plain

Active or Bored?
Today? Bored. and very tired.

Mayonnaise or mustard?
Mayo most of the time; mustard seldom

Sunday or Monday?
I guess Sunday because I am out of school, but I always know I have to go to school in the back of my mind....

Friday or Saturday
Probably Friday because there are more TV/radio programs I'm interested in watching/listening to.

Yes or No?
yes- (no reason.......)

LOTR Book or Movie?
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