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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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outside or inside
If its raining, outside...

Email or Snailmail?

snailmail!!! Orc Grinning Smilie

regular or irregular?

books or movies?
books - books - books

crime novel or love story?
definately crime novel no mushy love story 4 me!!!!

RotK or TTT?
Reality or Magic?
depends on which type of magic... if it was h.p. magic, i would choose reality. but if it was lotr magic (more subtle) i would choose magic!

newbie or veteran
humble or direct?

Ship or plane?

War or Peace?
Listening to a song or Singing yourself ?
singing myself although my parents would rather me listen to the song than sing it

Woodwind instrument or Strings insturment

zucchini or squash
Zucchini, though technically it is a squash.

salami or baloney
Don't like either...

Alot of time for a little bit of work or a lot of work in a little bit of time? (I know, stupid question...)
no stupid question at all... but difficult.
for most situations the second one, but at times i would prefer the first. =)

letter or phone call?
Hmm, diffecult cos I love letters but at the same time its always nice to hear the voice of someone so I guess my answer is Phonecall
A long hot summerday or a cold winterday ?
Long, hot summer day by far! The fewer clothes, the better.

That being said...a day by the beach? Or a day in the mountains?
a day in the mountains! i like to climb!

long hair or short hair?
Long, beautiful, flowing locks. Love them! (On women, I love long hair; on men, it depends on the man.)

Ocean or lake?
ocean...dont know y i just like oceans!

country or folk? (music)

school or work
It has been so many years since school so I have to say WORK
A consert with !0.000 or a consert with 10 ? ( the same artist )?[/b
with 10!!!

chinese green tea or earl grey tea?
chinese green tea

typing or writing?

musical or movie?
City or the country side ?
country side

drawing or painting?

singing or playing an instrument?
Singing, not that I'm good, but you know...

Watching a sport or playing it?
playing is way mor exciting!

watching tv or playing outside?
Depends on the mood really , but I will answer Play outside with my kids
Beeing at a Football match or beeing at a concert ?
Depends on the football match and the concert Smile Smilie -- both are fun, but I probably would rather be at the football match.

Ice cream on a cone or in a bowl?
bowl, I don't really like cones...

forest or meadow?
How about -- a meadow in the middle of a forest *sigh*. Seriously though, probably forest.

Riding in the car with the window up or down?
riding in a car with the window down

farting or burpingQuestion Smilie
Neither is very polite, but burping if there must be one.

Dragons or dinosaurs?

Sitting on a bench or chair?

eating Oink Smilie or sleepingSleeping Smilie?
I love both... maybe eating... Orc Grinning Smilie

speaking or singing

Friday or Saturday
both days got their advantages...
friday - ballet lessons
saturday - no school Orc Grinning Smilie
maybe saturday when I meet friends I usually don't see during the week...

chocolate or vanilla flavoured ice-cream

English Boring Smilie Very Evil Smilie Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie Bad! Smilie Bad King Smilie or Math? Genius Smilie Orc Grinning Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Happy Elf Smilie I
softdrink or water ?

standing to fight or running away?
Standing to figth
Go for a walk or go for a ride ?
go for a walk

home or abroad
Abroad. I love to travel.

Manual or automatic (car).
dont have one...

beach or lake?
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