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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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beach... I love the sea (just like a real elf... Wink Smilie)
but lake is better than no water at all...

learning or teaching
hmmm...difficult, but I'll take teaching, cuz you teach and learn at the same time!!

ok, next...roller coaster or merry-go-round
Hmmmm, I get sick in both - so at a push, I'd say merry-go-round. Sad Smilie

Once upon a time or They lived happily ever after
once upon a time because then you get to read the rest of the story

Mercury or Pluto?

The flu or chicken pox?
chicken pox, cuz everyone else in my family has had it before.

forest or sea?
ummmm, forest...

darkness or light?
light (normally when im not having one of my evil streaks Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie Bad King Smilie )

studying and getting an A on a test or not studying and getting a B on a test
studying a little for an A (I'm laaaazy, but kinda horribly ambitious, and that's but a small part of my ill personality...)

reading a book once or more often?
more often

PC or Xbox.
staying at home or out with your friends ?
Out with my friends.

Adventurous river-rafting or slow, peaceful canoeing?
slow peaceful canoeing. I like seeing the scenery on both sides of the river!

Golden hair or dark hair?
Depends on my mood. Normally dark hair.

Wayland Smithers or Montgomary Burns?
dont know who either are so i will pick...Wayland Smithers

pencil or pen
pen, feels more grown-up...

coffee or tea??
As Drinks I don't like either, but as I don't mind coffee cake, I'll go for coffee.

Christmas or Easter?
Christmas! Easter is boring.

Soup or salad?
both! if I really had to choose I might say soup... difficult.

desert or jungle
jungle, there is more water

Books or Internet

Cat Smilie or Puppy Smilie ?
Puppy Smilie !

Long or short Hikes?
long ! Even better if I get to camp out in a nice little tent and see stars (holes in the tents, of course)...

blind or deaf?

Traveling or staying home?

Red or green?

dreaming or waking?

Warm summer or snowy winter?
Warm summer

Fruit salad or cream cake?
cream cake

walking or running

nice or nassssty
niiccce my precious.

yellow or violet

pH paper or universal indicator? ( to find the pH level of someting)
pH paper.

knife and fork or chopsticks?
knife and fork, i cant use chopsticks unless i just stab the food.

The Silmarillion or The Hobbit?
The Hobbit if i want to escape from everything with a fun tale.

Lemon meringue or Strawberry-rhubarb pie?
Ummm...haven't tried either, but I'll take the lemon stuff. I'm rather partial to lemon.

Black Armani suit or comfy sports jacket?
anything as long as it really fits me - I've got far too long arms for most jackets, like a monkey

bananas or ananas
bananas, i dont know what ananas are...

music or slience?
Depends on what kind of music...but I think I'll still take silence. It's better for thinking...

Being old and wise or being young and naive?
being young, you have enough time to be old Wiggle Smilie

school or internet
that's nasssssty!
I quite like school, it can be kinda fun at times... but when it comes down to it.... no, I'll say nothing more without my attorney...

lying in green grass or white snow??
Green grass by far! I went snow camping once...never again.

Driving with your music playing soft or loud?
I know it's rude, but I love cranking it.

Full moon at night or bright sun during a clear day?
Bright sun during day if I can have privacy guaranteed. I usually like to be alone during such times.

Living in the modern present or in the ancient past?
depends on the kind of past, old egypt or greece... *yes*

black coffee or caff’ latte?
Only black for me
shopping or reading ?
Reading, though shopping for books sometimes is also necessary.

Sitting or Standing?
sitting... lazy ones have to sit.

penguin or ice bear?
Polar bears are neater; though I think I will choose penguins for the little ones have more cuteness.

liver or tripe
eeewwwww to both. But if I have to choose one of these disgusting innards of animals.... I'd choose liver. It sounds more sophisticated than tripe.

Tulip or rose?
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