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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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Mobile or iPod/MP3

Who should have Won; Isildur or Sauron?
Isildur of course.

Manwe or Olorin?
Ol' Gandalf, since he's much easier to relate to and put himself out much more for the good of others, instead of sitting on a lofty mountain and sneering at short-lived mortals.

Morgoth or Orome in a fight?
Orome; I like guys in white hats.

morning person or evening?
Evening, of course. If this a question of Arwen or Galadriel, it would be Arwen, the Evenstar.

Celeborn or Thranduil?
Celeborn. I do not know a lot about him to chose him

Estement or The Wold

Fangorn or Mirkwood?
Mirkwood. Hopefully somewhere near Sauron/The Necromancers fortress.

Good or Evil

Black or White

Gwindor or Turin.

And Gwindor, what is the Estement??

Sorry Undomiel, I should have written Estemnet

Nargothrond or Doriath
Doriath has lots of trees, I pick that one.

Lamborghini or Porsche?

Cheese or Ham

Or should it have been Eastemnet, Thorin Oakenshield??

LOTRBfMe-1 or LOTRBfMe-2
Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth 2

Breakfast or Dinner
Both ha ha.

Your reason for liking LOTRBfMe 2 is??

Rose or Lily?
Lily. Its my Cats name Smile Smilie

Willow or Oak

Willow was my other cats name.
That's a hard question!!! I love both trees! I think I'll go with the Oak this time.

Tulips or roses

Beech or Pine
Noooooooooo!!! I love these too trees too!!! But I might have a slight preference for beeches.

Starfish or Crayfish

Catfish or Dogfish Big Smile Smilie
Catfish. (That was a Trick Question!)

Fish or Chris Tarrant?
Fish. (No offence Tarrant, hee hee).

Manwe or Ulmo.
Ulmo. I like him more because of all the Valar he cared more for the hither lands.

Vanyar or Noldor

Fish or chips?

East or West?

Playstation or Xbox
I'll pick Playstation.

Pancakes or waffles?
Pancakes, if they are almost as thin as crepes like I make them, with butter and Vermont maple syrup, but not if they are horse blankets like many people make them. (The secret is to keep adding milk to the batter.)

Pound Cake or Fruit Cake?
Pound cake please :-) I'll have to try more milk when I make pancakes, mine are indeed as thick as horse blankets Smile Smilie

Ham or bacon?

Grond, how are you feeling? I hope you're all recovered and doing well. It must be good to be home again!

Egg or Rice?

Visiting zoo or visiting museum?

Mostly healed, but still a bit sore to sit for much time.

Plane or Boat

Gil-galad or Elrond?

Digital Watch or Grandfather Clock?
Digital watch.

Thunder or lightening?
Thunder, not as dangerous as its counterpart.

Nestle Quik or Olvaltine?

Cakes or chocolates?
Chocolates, though i would never turn down a cake. Orc Grinning Smilie

Hershey Bar or Mars Bar?

Little dogs or big dogs?
Big dogs, I hate the high pitch yapping of little dogs.

Long haired or short haired cats?
Short haired, can't bear the mess when they moult, if they do.

Mountains or grassland?

Long sleeves or short?
Long sleeves: warmer when it's cooler and protects arms from sunburn when its hot; though I have been known to roll up my cuffs when it gets too warm and I'm not out in the sun.

For walking on the beach: flip flops (zoris) or sandals?
Flip flops, since you can get the sand out much easier.

Coca-cola or Ice Tea?

(My two favourite soft drinks, never able to choose between one or the other!)
Iced Tea, though I don't believe that's a soft drink.

Fresh Water or Salt Water
Fresh water: easier on the stomach when swallowed and you don't have to shower after swimming in it. Elf Winking Smilie

Mushrooms or toadstools?
Both are the same Grondy. Smile Smilie

Sun or moon.
Sun - it's warmer.

Lemon or Lime

I always figured all toadstools were poisonous, while some mushrooms were edible.
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