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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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Speakers, headphones make my ears too warm and are condusive to hearing loss.

sweet pickle or dill pickle?
Dill pickles! (or Tommy, hehe Very Big Grin Smilie )
Blue or Pink?

wrapping or un-wrapping christmaspresents? Christmas Tree Smilie
Both, I like wrapping them and watching the looks on my family and friends faces as the unwrap them!
Halloween or Easter?
Easter!! Big Smile Smilie

the trailers to
FotR, TTT or RotK?
The unofficial trailer for RotK that Delidia posted the link to on 20 SEP 2003 in Return of the King under Movies.

Fir, cedar, or pine tree
Pine tree

Burn the lotr books or burn the lotr movies?
Burn the books... far less pollution.

Scale-electrix racing cars or Hornby train set?
Scale-electrix racing cars

Any racing cars....
racing cars...

ahem, eeeeh right!

The Green dragon or The Ivy Bush?
The Green Dragon!
Bree or Rivendale?
Bree (hometown of Kim Clijsters, located in Limburg, Belgium)

Legolamborghini or Merrycedes ?
Legolamborghini. Orc Grinning Smilie

Both I would think.

Flies or Spiders?
Roast Beef Wink Smilie

Carrots or apples?
Portuguese or Spanish, what sounds prettier to the ear?

neckless or earrings? Big Smile Smilie

Rotten fruit of moldy veggies?
Eew, do I have to choose?

Quenya or Sindarin?
Quenya,both are pretty nice though.

Flowers or candy?
Spring time or fall?
Hard to chose... I think I'll pick spring time though. Smile Smilie

Which one would you rather want having the ring:
Galadriel or Gandalf
and why?
Galadriel, because i think LoTR needs a second femme fatale after Eowyn.
in the mean time, i forgot my question (no i am NOT trying to enhance my number of posts so don't even think about it)

Sauron or Tauron ?

(Virumor, you too could have used your edit button. - Grondy)

[Edited on 1/10/2003 by Grondmaster]
Just camping.

Blackberry vines or sting nettles?
Rain!!Happy Elf Smilie

Be good at drawing or writing?(writing here!)
Writing seems to be my thing!
Shoe shopping or jewelry shopping? (C'mon ladies!)
I would go book shoppingHappy Elf Smilie

White chocolate or dark chocolate?(this comes in to my mind because I am trying to find the difference on taste between the two.)
White chocolate, but I prefer Milk Chocolate. Smile Smilie

Disco Dance or Prog Happy Dance?
lol-Prog Happy Dance, I guess.

Kissing or hugging? Happy Elf Smilie
Hugging Happy Elf Smilie

Guys or Gals? Elf Winking Smilie

Books or movies?Happy Elf Smilie
er.. well.. if it's between the LotR thingies. But if it's between reading a pirate book or watch PotC, I'd rather see the movies. Big Smile Smilie

With trailer did you like the most?
LotR, TTT or RotK?
Oh thats hard.. when i saw the LOTR trailer I had hardly any idea what LOTR was about, I just knew i wanted to see the movie. After watching it I thought Arwens Evenstar-necklace was what gave her immortality so her giving it to Aragorn made no sense to me, as that would mean he then got immortal. So I started to search the web A LOT to understand it and then finding more things to confuse me more. Like why is Elrond a halfelven. Had to see the movie and the book to understand.

TTT was great with a close up of Eomer (yumyum). Great expectations.

ROTK has some Arwen and Elrond stuff I don't think I will like. Though it is great too.

Think I'll have to say TTT, cause I can't remeber feeling anything than excitement from seeing it.

Tacos or lasagna? (Getting hungry here)
Lasagna!!Im hungry,just had some really old soup for lunch...

Star Wars or Star Trek?Happy Elf Smilie
Star Wars!

blueberries or raspberries?
Rasberries,in the summer time down in our woods there are so many rasberries growing that it is impossable to collect them all.Happy Elf Smilie

Indoors or outdoors?
Hunting or just camping?
Blackberry vines...

Baked Potato or chips??Happy Elf Smilie
Chips!! Yum... Chips... (I'm on a diet, ok?)

Peas or beans?
Mr Bean.

blind or deaf?
Earth, because that's my sign. Smile Smilie (Capricorn = earth sign. Not that I'm down to earth or anything. Tongue Smilie )

Calling your date or letting your date call you?
london calling.

teeth ache or head ache ?
Head ache,gettting use to them....

spring or fall?
spring, really looking forward to the one comming...

red apples or green apples?
Red apples.

Falling forward or backward?
Backward. Especially if it's someone else! Hahaha! Oh the comedy!

black or white?

which colour is most christmaslike:
Red or Green?
Christmas Tree Smilie Standing Up Santa Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie :wavingsanta;
Green,easy on the eyes...

Orange or Yellow?

Rain or Snow?

French fries or American fries?
American fries? Like waffle fries? I like those more, if that's what you mean, but the name sounds better as French fries!

Handles or knobs?
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