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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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Meat, though 'fish' would be meat also


You have to fight: Balrog or Smaug

Balrog. Smaug  is way smarter....


 for vacations : Greek islands or California?

Greek Islands


Night Owl   or Early Bird?enlightened

Can I settle for a little of both?


Hot weather or Cold?


Pink or purple?

Well, I like neither, but as pink is girlish I will go for purple! 


Tweeter or Facebook

Neither since I don't use them.... but I'd say Facebook cause it's less annoying


Roman or Greek Empire

Greeks.. they are far more steeped in legend and mythology than the Romans, and had some far cooler figures/cities/gods (Achilles, Sparta, Poseidon, to name a few).

Rock or rap?

Neither rock nor rap. Ballad of Bilbo Baggins! 

Dragon or Balrog?


(If you haven't seen Ballad of Bilbo Baggins you need to be on youtube right now....)

Mmmm... Balrog. Dragons have been done a thousand times before.

Facebook or Twitter?

I am a bit of both when it comes to early rising and late nights, and I'm inclined to move towards the greeks and empathise with the currents events happening over there.




2D or 3D

Lol Withy - which question did you answer?   

For the moment, I'd have to say 2D - 3D can distract m during films and can make my eyes ache, but I've heard that PJ is shooting the Hobbit at double the number of frames per second which apparently should solve the problem.

Audiobooks or books?

Hi Fornad

My answer to your Facebook/Twitter question  would be Twitter and the answer to your Audiobooks/books would easily go to books.

Nothing beats the turning of a page or finding hidden messages/things in library books or browsing in bookshops.


Google or Bing?

Google I guess.

Caramel popcorn or salty popcorn?

Salty popcorn.

Green clothes or red clothes?

Green clothes....though I look good in both.

Fall or Spring?

Fall! It's my favourite Big Smile Smilie


Scrabble or Dominoes

Same here, fall is wonderful.

I'd pick dominoes.

Classical music or modern pop and rock music?

Hmm, actually its a tough one. I'm not really a fan of either as there are few modern bands that I like. I can't really answer this one as I Iisten to a variety of music from the 80s to 00s.


Linux/Unix Systems or Windows

Windows. But I have to say that I really like the logo from Linux: It's a cute penguin called: Tux

Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer


Fox or wolf?

I like foxes.

Should a good book have some ROMANCE or some MYSTERY?

Mystery! Romance is overrated these days!


Longbow or Crossbow?

Longbow, they look so elegant.

Salad or steak?

Steak, if it is nice a tender with lots of gravy!!! Hmmm!

for camping.....TENTS or TRAILERS?


Painting or Drawing ?


History or Math?


History for sure


The Hobbit or Lord of The Rings ?

Oh, wow, that's a hard one... I don't know if i can say... If I have to chose.. Well, maybe the Lord of the Rings. Even though I love the Hobbit.

For clothing, bright colors, or darker colors?

bright clothes!! Unless green, I like all shades of green. (:


Coke or Pepsi?



Rivendell or Lothlorien ?



Wow this is hard! Probably Lothlorien! Rock or rap?

Right now I would be all for rock. I am a rock and roll/heavy metal type of guy (at the moment) but I don't mind rap!

Horror or Comedy movies?

Comedy, but a horror comedy is good


Dwarf maidens with beards or Elf maidens with beards?


Dwarf maiden blush


Feanor or Boromir ?


Haldir or Faramir?



Apple or Samsung?

I hate apple. And I like samsung. So Samsung. Wink Smilie

horror or detective

Detective Smile Smilie

Elf or Dwarf ?

Elf! Definitely!Smile Smilie

Hobbit or Man



Morgoth or Sauron?

Morgoth, because Sauron is just a small shadow of his master.


Time or space?



Sweet or Salty?


Reading or dancing?

Reading. Lots of it.


Sea or mountain holidays?

Mm, that's a hard one.  I love the mountains, but I live smack dab in the middle of 'em.  But . . . I love the sea more, so it would be the ocean.  As an elf, you people are fortunate I have not sailed away forever by now.  But with great restraint, I have stayed ;-D


Super Deluxe pizza or Extreme Moose Tracks ice cream?  (I just love throwing in tons of adjectives)


Nirwen Celemirsel

Super Deluxe Pizza, mostly because it has more adjectives.

Old or modern?

Of course it has more adjectives, Cur  ;-P

Modern.  I'm sorry, there is just no way I could live even a hundred years ago.  No computers . . .?  I would die.  Although, I guess if I lived in the past, I wouldn't know about computers . . .  And it is easier to write about the past in books, I have found.  So.  For my question.

Chess (ya know, with the knights, rooks, and kings?)  or a RPG?


Nirwen Celemirsel

Firstly, that's an RPG. Secondly, an RPG. Chess is so simple, with such a finite number of moves, especially when compared to human interaction. You might say chess is human interaction, to which I would not respond.

Push-ups or sit-ups?

Ah, I would do sit-ups.  I can do hundreds of 'em.  Not so many of push-ups.  Although, I guess if I was trying to get out of exercise, I would say push-ups.  I do love going in circles while communicating   Oh, Cur?  Chess IS human interaction :-]

Hmm.  Okay, motorcycling or surfing?  (If Amras answers this, I already know what he'll say.   An Australian in California never changes;-)  Namarie,

Nirwen Celemirsel

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