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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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Ginger ale.

salt or pepper?
salt all the way dont mind if me heart is wierd coz of it

Orc Going Huh Smilie or Happy Elf Smilie
Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie i always like the idea of being a really good aim with a bow and arrow and living really long

Yes or No
spontaneously, yes Orc Grinning Smilie (though that's quite risky without knowing what you're saying YES to... never mind)

water or juice?
Water. I'm feeling a bit sick of all those sweet flavours.

Sword or arrow?
well, I'd love to be a really good swordfighter, yea. trying to find some place to learn it. but arrow might be better for me as it's a more defensive weapon. I don't think I could stand in first row and fight bravely with a sword during a battle...

8th century or 15th century?
15th century
50 cent or Ja Rule
50 cent!!!!

Howard Shore or Harry Gregson-Williams?
Howard Shore.

grill or chill?
It'd rather chill....

Fairy or star (on top of Christmas tree)
why not both!!!!!!! but if i had to choose id go for a star as i love the stars, so bright and shiny

very appropriate for this time of year

fireworks or bonfires?
How big is this bonfire? What type of fireworks? there are too many unknowns for me to-FIREWORKS!!!

Arbor Day or Saint Patrick's Day?
well im glad you feel that strongly about it Icey haha

St. Partricks Day i love all the green and irish theme to it all

Gandalf the Grey or Gandalf the White?
gandalf the grey. he's ... well, at least greyer.

stripes or square?

circle or horses

(Not very hard to choose when the two are not in the same catagory is it?) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Orc Going Huh Smilie being fussy, right?

titanic or hindenburg?
The Titanic I least you had a chance, if you could swim and if you didn't freeze and if you were able to get off the boat then of course you had to 'get' found. Well come to think of it the Hindinberg - it would have been quick!!!

MTV or Kerrang

right or left?

One feet or two foots ?
niether. 2 footses. gotta use the right participle grondy!

english or math class?

lilac or lavender ?
lavender, but only for the smell, i dnt think lilac has a smell??? Orc Grinning Smilie

Left-handed or Right-handed?
I am right-handed, but I'd prefer being left-handed...

noodles or rice?

red and blue for circus or blue and orange for circus?
what about red and orange?

probably blue and red coz blue and orange are very bright colours when put together, plus i like red Orc Smiling Smilie

A job where you make something or a job where you sell something (that has been made)?
I'd rather be a craftsman than a purveyor of sleazy goods.
and i have hacked into elrose's account to post this,

up or down?

classic rock or newer rock
newer rock (for some reason newer looks like a wired word today, wierd??)

Candles (classy) or Torch (not so classy)?
Candles. Torches make me think of savages.

candy floss or lollipops?
Lollipops of course...

Money or love?
Love indeed
Books or films ?
books they can keep you occupied far more than any film can

votes or polls? (same thing but which word do you like best? Smile Smilie)
Votes; though they are not the same, as polls are places to vote.

Coffee, tea, or she?
i do love my tea but then again love is different when you love a lady.

Sunrise or Sunset?
Sunrise ...Love the beginning of a new day...
History or maths ?
of course i woud have chosen history what do we need maths for?

Mordor or Isengard?
Oh we need math for several things ..but I think its booring too. reason
Gold or silver ?
i love silver, looks cool in the dark Orc Grinning Smilie

Thinker or Spur of the Moment?
Well, though spur of the moment always sound so free and nice, I'm more of a thinker myself, so I'll chose that one.

Watching bad television programs or reading boring books?

pancakes or waffles
Ooo...depends on my mood, but mostly waffles I suppose.

Bacon or sausage?
Bacon, definitely! Big Smile Smilie

To have one Sil or to have them all?
I won't be piggy; one Silmarillion would be ample for me.

Dr. Pepper or Royal Crown Cola? (They're both American soft drinks.)
Dr. peppar

lamp or candle
I like candles, but lamps are a bit more practical.

Singing in the rain or sitting by a fire
Singing in the rain with a good fellow!!Great fun!!
Tiger or Lion ?
Lions are so sleppy so ill take tiger

TV or radio?

Black & white or color photos?
I like the classic Black and White, especially for weddeing photos, gives it that creative look (my mother and father are wedding photographers), but did you know that you can have sepia effect which is brown, classy

Fountain Pen or Biro?
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