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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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to be jealous at me, i love it when guys r jealous, Wink Smilie it so cute
to be cold Super Scared Smilie or to be hot Jumping Flame Smilie ?
To be hot, of course. Tongue Smilie

Well.. uhm..
a cup or a mug?
have a multitude of short time lovers or one love of your life?
One love in my life.

Is this game running out of new ideas or are we just dull? Big Laugh Smilie
Rofl, well, there must be a million of other subjects, so I guess we're just dull. Wink Smilie

uhm.. mp3-players or cd-players?
Neither, Minidisc.

Rabbits or Guinea pigs?
hmmmph, i resent that mad, i am not dull, i mean, last night i even brushed my teeth anti clock wise for a change
the excitement was so intense that i had to sit down for a whilie.........hmph.......dull indeed!!!!

rabbits, guinea pig stew is a bit boney

sound garden or peal jam?
Sound garden. Black hole sun. Cool Smilie

Candle lights or moonlight?

(has this been asked?)
Get mad.
hmmmph, i resent that mad, i am not dull, i mean, last night i even brushed my teeth anti clock wise for a change
the excitement was so intense that i had to sit down for a whilie.........hmph.......dull indeed!!!!

Heh...sorry Rhodry. Smoke Smilie

Having the human race to ruin the world or having another animal take over and ruin it for us?

Having the human race to ruin the world. (but what a horrible option!!)

ok, going to a lovely vacation for 2 weeks by the ocean, knowing you love the place you're going to, but you'll miss PT to death
stay home with all you guys? Big Smile Smilie
stay home with all you guys?

Alpine log cabin or villa near to golden beach?
Alpine log cabin, hmm interesting.
to ski or snowboard? Smile Smilie
neither, a giant rubbish bag does the trick every time

fishing or golf?

Ice skate or roller skate?
Roller Skate (well skate board)

BBQ or Oven?
Being alone.

For honor and glory or for yourself?
Haven't that been asked before? I will choose neither, because if God reads this and sees how ungrateful I am to rather be blind or deaf, he might actually make me suffer from it.

Being wise or smart?
Going away to college in the far off place. Love for yourself always comes before love of another. Wink Smilie

Um... How about: If you tell the truth about something and your friend gets in trouble, but if you don't tell then you will. What would you do?
Don't tell

Good cop or bad cop?
Photos, my mind is a bt defective

poo bear or paddington bear?
Poo Bear

Tennis or Cricket?
Paddington Bear, I always felt sorry for the wee guy.

Semi Skimmed or Full Cream.

Full Cream

2% Milk or Buttermilk

Jersey or fresian(i can never spell it proper!)
Jersey or fresian(i can never spell it proper!)
Jersey, because neither can I.

Your mother or your lover?

Wood or Plastic?
wood's better Wink Smilie

spicy food or not spicy
Tongue Smilie
spicy food

platinum or mithril
Mithril of course!

Tennis or Golf?

A good cry or a good laugh?
A good laugh.

Supper or Dinner?

Skipping/ jump roping or hopscotch?

Take That or Robbie Williams solo?
Well, since the part that is under the water is 7 times as big, I'll go with that one.

Hum.. ok..
So: Away on a wonderful vacation without computor
or home in the grey old every day life with lovely internet?
well, I'd definitely go with painting, Ringfacwen, even though I've always wanted to learn how to sculpture.
Er... can't explain the word, sorry Aster. Look it up. Smile Smilie
and yes, 7 times as big, that is a standard. Smile Smilie

If you had to chose, would you want your spouse to be honest or to love you?
What's sculpture?
A sculpture is what is remaining when you take a block of stone, wood, ice, soap, or butter or a mound of clay and you carve away everything on the outside to bring what is hiding on the inside into the light of day. Someone said this simpler than I have here, but you can get the gist of my meaning.

Now for a more definitive answer:
What is sculpture?

Sculpture is an art form that is three-dimensional. Sculpture can be viewed from all sides and angles, or it can be viewed from only one direction. When it is viewed from all sides, it is known as sculpture in the round. Sculpture seen from one direction only is called relief.
Sculpture is an art form that requires a great deal of technical skill as well as creativity. Often, sculptors train for many years. Sculptors create their art in many different ways and different materials.

Additive-When a sculptor starts with nothing and builds a form with wax, clay, papier mache, or other materials. (Red Grooms, The Kid, 1987, Enamel on steel, Edition of four, 33 x 30 x 24 inches, Collection of the artist and Lysiane Loung). Commissioned by the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Museum purchase with funds from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Benjamin I. Tillar Memorial Trust.

Subtractive-When a sculptor cuts or carves away from material such as wood or stone to create a form. The sculptor subtracts what is not necessary in the sculpture. (Michelangelo, Moses, 1513-1516, Rome, San Pietro in Vincoli)

Constructive-When a sculptor uses materials such as metal, wood, or plastic and puts them together with bolts, nails, and glue. Contemporary artists may create sculpture by putting together objects they have found in new and interesting ways. This is called assemblage. (Alexander Calder [1898-1976]; Hats Off, 1969, from the Donald M. Kendall Sculpture Gardens at PepsiCo.)

Casting-A method of reproducing a sculpture by pouring a liquid, such as bronze, into a mold made by the artist. This allows the artist to make many copies of the piece. (Glenna Goodacre, Naiads, bronze casting, larger-than-life, Botanic Garden Center and Conservatory)

Oh yea, honest, else how would I know that she really loved me.

Chicken breast or thighs
Well in a prefect world both would be nice but it would have to be honest.

A sword or a gun???
Chicken breast or thighs

Chicken Thighs, definitely. Smile Smilie

A sword or a gun???

A sword.

sleeping all night or sleeping all day?
Fight for love.

Above or Below?
Ulmo definitely!!

And while we're at it, Eru or God?

Forever or For a time?
For a time.

Pippin or Merry?
Pippin, just because.

Salt or Pepper?

cheech or chong?
Neither. Ugh. Tongue Smilie

forums or chat?
Hmm, tough one... Chat.

Simpsons or South Park?
Simspsons all the way and Rho both Cheech and Chong Wink Smilie

Cheers or Frasier?

American or National League to win tonight??
American League

pink or blue

I was right NL 6 @ AL 7 so AL will have home field advantage come the October classic. (That's baseball talk for you cricket fans’I know, you could care less.) Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

[Edited on 16/7/2003 by Grondmaster]
Blue blue blue!! Definitely Blue!

Reading someone elses diary or someone reading yours?
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