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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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Rose !!! Ive alwaysed loved them

Sour candy or sweet candy?
sweeet... just as I am. Animated Wink Smilie

zeus or jupiter
(you know: the greek one or the roman one?)
Zeus (never did like the romans)

Rock or Pop
(me too... Orc Smiling Smilie )
depends on my mood... rather rock, I think...

fruit salad or fruit pie?
Fruit salad
Breakfast or Dinner ?
dinner, im more hyper at dinner, cuz im a night owl and i hate the mornings Good Morning Smilie

sleeping or eating?
Eating! I dont sleep much
Travelling by yourself or travelling with others
if those others were my friends i would rather travel with others

serious Teacher Smilie or goofy Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie ?
goofy!!! but when it comes down to it I can be veeery serious, which is then very annoying for my friends...

realistic or idealistic?
Idealistic. It's more fun. As long as you have a realistic person beside you to worry over the other more nasty aspects of life.

Curtains or blinds?
curtains... there are so beautiful kinds of curtains... Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie crazy to be that happy about a curtain...

milk or water
water. I don't like milk. (I'm crazy, aren't I?)

stove or fire?

I don't like milk. (I'm crazy, aren't I?)

yea... my family kinda lives on milk...

animal or plant
Plant. More peaceful.

Ring or necklace?
Hard one , coz both are nice to wear , but my answer is Necklace
Do you prefer to eat chicken or fish ?
nasssty fishesss

elves Elf With a Big Grin Smilie or dwarves?
diffffficult.... maybe I do prefer elves a tiny little bit... *nnnggg* don't know...

lemon or grapefruit
i dont really like either but.............................grapefruit cuz they are not as sour

tornado or hurricane?
I haven't experienced either of them, I don't know which would be the lesser evil... no idea...

spring or autumn?
Hard one , coz I love both of them , but maybe spring a little bit more since everything starts growing again and its usually haas been a long cold winter...
stardust or snowdust ?
Hmmmm I think both but at a puch - snowdust coz I've never seen stardust but would love to.

Fairies or gnomes
gnomes...faries are happier and i like things that rnt as happy Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie muhahahahahah (jk)

flute or clarinet?
Flute, my sister squawked a clarinet and I've hated the sound ever since.

pizza or curry
right now I'd prefer some curry...

spicy or sweet

Football or Baseball?
gnomes...faries are happier and i like things that rnt as happy muhahahahahah (jk)

boo hoo - now you've upset the fairies - now you know what happens to those who upset fairies - let me know if they play any tricks on you Elf Winking Smilie

Back to footbal or baseball - sorry neither

Bubble bath or shower
bubble bath, although I seldom got time for it... Very Sad Smilie

alone or with people?
Depends on the situation , but I love beeing around with friends and family
Skiing or skating ?

last year or next year?
Next year!

Orange or tomato juice?

tea with milk or with lemon juice?
Earl grey tea with a dash of milk but I also like Turkish apple tea

Paint your toe nails or not
Doesn't really matter, I always wear running shoes and you never see my toes!! Hahahahahaaa! But I do like to play around with nail I would paint them I guess...

Long hair or short hair?
long hair can be very beautiful. my own hair measures more than 0,7m ...

skirt or trousers?
Trousers. So comfortable, not less attractive than skirts and also able to cause such a reaction: Super Wow Smilie

theatre or cinema?
Theatre. Hollywood's been going down this summer, nothing much in cinemas...and besides, I have special liking for musicals and plays.

candy canes for christmas or chocolates for christmas?
Chocolates. And not only for Christmas Elf Winking Smilie

One-volume edition of LOTR or divided in three parts?
I've got one single-volume edition and two three-volume editions and, well, both have their advantages... let's say a big fat single-volume edition looks more impressive... Wink Smilie

sunny day or starry night?
Ooooh starry night....

Smart clothes or casual clothes
Tough...I'd say smart clothes (maybe that's because I wear casual more often) Look Around Smilie

Gold or silver?
I have to say gold, silver's not good for me because of an allergy. Very Sad Smilie

cake or cookie?
cookie! I especially love ginger cookies!!!

raspberries with cream or without cream?

party or movie night?
Party. A good idea, Ithil. I need a party right now Cool Elf Smilie

skiing or skating?
well, then have a party... and please don't forget inviting me... Pary Smilie Wink Smilie

clothes: light or dark colours?
Dark because I like to remain hidden in the shadows and pop out unexpectedly... getting quite good at it now... Big Smile Smilie

writing in longhand or with typewriter?
well, then have a party... and please don't forget inviting me...

There's a party in the Khazad-Dumish inn at the moment Elen and Ithil....please come along
Pary Smilie

Oh it has to be typewritten, my writing is awful - plus I can type so much faster than I write coz when I do write I write along the edge of a ruler Very Mad Smilie

Dark chocolate or white chocolate
both very tasssty, preciousss, but I think I prefer dark (really dark) chocolate.

going to bed early or staying up late?
Well, it definitely used to be staying up late, but I'm beginning to go to bed earlier, and earlier...Wwwwaaaaahhhhh...I'm getting old! Sad Smilie

Reading with background noise or without background noise?
With. If it's not too loud. ( hence: in the background )

Black or white?
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