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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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Hot Chocolate with cream on a autumn evening when the wind is blowing outside and we play cards with our kids ..Very good and very cosy
Black panter or White Shark ?
Assume that was Black panther, to which I could at least say 'here kitty-kitty, nice kitty'; while who ever heard of anyone saying, 'here sharkey-warkey' and its having any calming effect?

Bass Tuba or Slide Trombone
Tuba Smile Smilie

Warm relaxing bubble bath or shower?
What I've just had - bubble bath Smile Smilie

Going out to shop (for whatever) or shopping on the net
On the net: I got groceries that way yesterday.

A White Sports Coat or Blue Suede Shoes?
Blue suede shoes simply because it reinds me of the king ELVIS
Fellowship or Followship ?
Probably Fellowship, though it was a difficult choice to make. Elf Winking Smilie

Fantasy Film or Documentary?
Fantasy film most definately, it gives me the chance to escape real life and it's troubles... whereas a documentary does just the opposite...

Start of a Book or End of a Book?
If it is a good book the start of the book, for I have the rest of it to enjoy; conversely, if it is a bad book, the end of it because the discomfort will finally be over. Wiggle Smilie

In the summer time: Sitting under an apple/maple tree or sitting under a fir/pine tree.
Hard choice, I love both deciduous and evergreen trees. I think I'll choose the maple if I can have only one.

Meneldur Elentirmo, I did try a strawberry dipped in sour cream and sprinkled with sugar and it was wonderful! It gets my vote!

natural or synthetic fabrics?
Natural with just a hint of synthetic so I don't ever have to look for my iron, which I think is in the back of the upper right shelf in my storage room; but I haven't used it for at least a decade, if not two.

Curling up with a good book or eating popcorn while watching a TV/DVD movie?
Curling up with a good book Read Smilie If I'm alone and watch a DVD with friend or family
Red sun or blue moon ?
Blue moon. I really enjoy the full moon.

Desk or work station/table?
Desk - only cos I've never had a workstation Smile Smilie

To tickle or to be tickled
I'd much rather be the tickler; though in intimate conditions the other can be fun.

chicken breast or turkey drumstick?
TURKEY mmmmmm, can't wait for thanksgiving

acoustic or electric?
mmmm depends on the mood - hubby plays both Cool Smilie

Gud - where did you get your avitar pic - it makes me laugh every time I come across it Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Sensible slippers or funny ones all mine are Tinkerbell Big Smile Smilie
I no longer wear slippers. To preclude wearing holes in my feet, I put on my special protective chuka boots prior to getting out of bed.

Two-foot long floppy clown shoes or pink bunny rabbit slippers.
Definately bunny slippers

Maydmarion, I saw viggo make that face in the extras for the movie and knew I had to have it, I searched and searched, and I found it, long live Google

rock or stone?

Ball point pen or gel/felt tip?
Gel pen - but nothing makes any difference to my awful handwriting. I even write along the edge of a ruler to make it look better. Wink Smilie

To drive or be driven
I used to love to drive; now that I can't/won't (too much trafic for hand controls) I only go out when I have to.

Pink or white fleshed fish?
I'll say pink but fish really isn't my favorite thing.

Unicorn or Pegasus?

maple syrup or corn syrup
Maple, although I really like honey better than either.

Long sleeves or short?
Long, we don't have that much hot weather and I can always roll up my sleeves.

Green and blue or Black and blue
Green and Blue,reminds me of the woods and the ocean which I both love
Dwarfs or hobbits ?

Boxers or briefs (male drawers for the uninitiated)

Musical or Play?

Wristwatch: expandable or leather?
Leather watch-band, they don't pinch or pull hair like expandable metal ones do; of course they aren't nearly as pretty.

Apple or Pineapple

Strawberry jam or grape jelly on that PB&J sandwich?

Black tea or green tea. with or without milk or lemon?
Well I drink Earl Grey and it's not supposed to have milk but I do have a dash Animated Wink Smilie

You or them
Usen, I hate partisanship. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

A hornet or a Yellow-jacket?
We always called the big fat fuzzy yellow-and-black things yellow jackets. I have vivid memories of playfully squishing a hydrangea flower only to find one inside and running away for dear life.

Rye with caraway or without?
With, please.

The big yellow and black fuzzy critters are bumble bees and if you leave them alone they won't bother you. The shiny yellow and black ones are yellow jackets a type of wasp, as are hornets. Wasps have thin waists while bees have thick ones. Yellow-jackets and hornets are quite aggressive and like sweets and raw meat, so watch out during your outdoor barbecues.

Green cabbage or Purple cabbage?
Green cabbage

Banana or Banana?
Banana Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Juicy cheesburger with bacon and the works or a lowly patty-melt on rye?
Oh, I like them both really but I'll take the burger Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Thank you for the info about bees,Grond, I had thought I was incorrect about the names..

Pink panama or purple hat band?
er...sorry...don't know what they are Wink Smilie but I'd choose purple over pink! Big Smile Smilie

PJ's or not?
broadcloth night-shirt

Coffee with cream and sugar or tea with lemon and sugar?
Tea, please, although I've had terrrible cravings for coffee lately and actually had Starbucks today.

John Wayne or Jimmy Stewart?
John Wayne, though I actually prefer Gary Cooper in westerns and Clint Eastwood in anything.

A Disney musical or a Disney adventure?
Disney Adventure

Science fiction or History

Did you know John Wayne was called Marion Morrison - my name is Marion Morrison - I get loads of jokes - one of my friends calls me 'The Duke' !!!
I love history and historical fiction.

Frogs or toads?

Maydmarion, that's so interesting about your name!
Frogs I think....coz a frog is supposed to turn into a prince when you kiss it....don't know what a toad would turn into Big Laugh Smilie

Plain socks or funky ones
Funky ones, always, not even matching

culry or straight hair?
I can't have something in between? Straight.

Soup or stew?
Soup, but I like the thick or chunky types best.

Mashed or baked potatoes?
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