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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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Anduril (I don't know why...)

Pink floyd or Queen?

Kings or queens?
????Kings I suppose we will have one next and I don't think mutch of the Queen we have at the moment - too stuffy.

Plane or boat
Boat. More oldfashioned. And besides, Britannia rules the waves. Well, ruled.
I SHALL DIEE!!! The Queen is COOL!!! Don't you hear her Christmas Speech every year? She's SOOO cool!!! And she's real nice. SHE IS!!! SHE IS!!!! SHE IS!!! And I WOULD stand up for the anthem, except then my fmaily would think I'm English. ANYWAY!!! Me and Mum sit down, but the two males always stand up. And we laugh at them. ANYWAY!!! And old Charley here, he's not going to make such a good King, I reckon. His private life I do not care for. And what's all this about him wanting to be reincarnated as a CENSORED!!! The Queen is better. But I still think Kings are better. They just are. OMIGOSH, even King Charles I was better than our Prince Charley. And he started a Civil War. It wasn't ENTIRELY his fault, but I think if he had gone to Parliament to take those five members away the NORMAL WAY, by legal trial, and sucked up to Parliament a little, maybe they would've trusted him. I still can't wait for the Coronation, though. We'll get new coins!!! And don't we get coronation tea-sets? FUN!!! And I SOOO want it to happen at least three years from now, cause then I'll be in England at Oxford University, and I'll get to go and watch!!! ANYWAY...

Charles or Elizabeth? (SAY ELIZABETH!!!)

Plastic or Glass

Flowers or grass?
flower and grass together

iron or steel

Jedi or Sith (Am I allowed to say this?)
SITH!!! They get to have red lightsabers rather than skanky blue and purple ones. And they get a dual lightsaber, get to shoot people with lighting and are soon going to recruit Darth Vader on 19th of May.

Labour or Conservatives
( or shall we not even go there?)
Labour (You may go there as long as no one expounds upon it.)

Horseshoes or quoits?
After having looked up what quoits are, I choose horseshoes.

Rabbit's foot or shamrock?

pen or pencil

yellow or orange?
orange... Exclamation Smilie

latin or greek
Well, as I can't speak or understand either I don't think I could choose Dunce Smilie

Films or soaps

Newspaper or magazine?

always or never
I always find the best policy is to never say never; therefore "always".

Mushroons or onions ?

pizza or spaghetti
Pizza... with butter instead of tomato sauce. EW, spaghetti has tomato sauce!!! Well, actually I can now handle pizza with sauce. Just not too much sauce. And it's still not that great. But I CAN'T STAND SPAGHETTI!!! Noodles are okay, though.

Tomato sauce or tomatoes?
Tomato Sauce

Digital or Analogue watches?
Digital usually.

To Be or not To Be
Oh to be

Talk or listen
Talk. It's easier. Animated Wink Smilie

Water or fire?

Beef or Chicken?
Chicken. Less tough. More taste.

Gerrard or Lampard?

climb or swim

forest or field?

Sleep or awake
Awake, it's easier to daydream and not get in trouble at school than to actually fall asleep.

High or low?
Loni i have to stick with you. I went over on a trip through France, Luxembourg, Italy, and Malta and during that trip I had enough of my not liked tomato sauce to last me 10 years. Now Alfredo sauce is batter with spaghetti. and Loni not all spaghetti has tomato sauce. I wil not spend time to list all the sauces because I am already rambling enough and I dont want to upsurp Lonis position as official PT rambler.

Fettucini alfredo or Linguine with clams
Fettucini alfredo.

Cool shade or warm sunshine?
Warm sunshine, as long as the temperature is under 80 F (27 C) with just a hint of a breeze, please.

Chocolate milk or hot cocoa ?
Chocolate Milk

Typing ot Writing
Has to be typing (I lurve typing), my writing is awful, almostas bad as a Doctors...

PC games or board games (not Boring Smilie games)
PC games...

fish or turtles
Hmm Fish 'cause they are cheaper and can fit like 10zillion into one tank. But I do like turtles...

Groucho or Harpo?

MikyMouse or Donald Duck
Duckald Don! I mean...

Jean d'Arc or El Cid?
el cid.

fat or slim

Snoopy or Droopy?

Doctors or the dentist
Doctors, though they have actually caused me more pain than have dentists.

Wood or glass?

sad or happy

pencil or pen?

School or work?
Work - but only coz I get paid for it.

Car or motobike
can't drive yet... but probably car.

Book or Movie?
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... book. Animated Wink Smilie

Upside down or inside out?
inside out...

hamlet or Mcbeth
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