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Thread: How random can you be?

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Ok, so here's my new game, I ask a question, the most random ever, the next person answers, and asks another question...... not very original i bet..... but I got nothing to do... Have fun...

How do you see PJ and Sean Bean as a couple?

Happy and "gay".

Oooh.....cldn't resist posting here. I love answering questions. I have my exams on so I have no problems doin it now. Its become my habit. Wink Smilie *hugs Arwen for starting this thread*

My question

What use is a potato on long car journeys?
It's multifunctional: you can eat it when you're hungry, you can slice it up and put the slices on your face at night to look good in the morning, you can let your children play with it, so they're quiet... Etcetera etcetera. Animated Wink Smilie

I like this!

My question:

Is it worth ruining your ears by listening to really loud music (at parties, etc.)?
yes because then you dont have to worry about making too much conversation with ppl you barely know, and you feel more justified in dancin.... (though the beer helps a lot with that also) Orc Grinning Smilie

oh, and the question....

do toys really come alive when you leave the room, and if they do what do they do?
Of course they do. But no one knows what they do.....

Question: Where do socks go to die?

Duh, the washing machine of course!

If nothing sticks to teflon, how do they get toflon to stick to the pan? Wink Smilie

What can one do with a rusty tire iron?
Give it to the garbage guy???

Can you talk faster than you can listen??

What is the meaning of life, the universe and everything?
42. Haven't seen her here for a while though..

Why is why the only question that has its own letter in the alphabet?
To be everything you can be, to live life to the fullest, to be a blessing to those around you, to love. (sorry, this is for Vee - didn't see the other post.)

Good question that I have no anser to.

Can you chew faster than you can swallow?? (These are serious questions!!! Very Big Grin Smilie )
Okay ,I could get all scientific on you but that would just bore everyone.

Can you run faster than you can walk?
Has anyone tried to bake cookie dough ice cream?
Have you? Big Laugh Smilie

Did the chicken or the egg come first?
I think the egg came first. I can eat eggs in the morning, but I can't take chicken until at least noon!
Right on!! Can the moon be considered to rise before the sun?
It all depends on were you started, really....
How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
As much as he wanted!!!

Is Peter Piper real?
And it's practically impossible to pick a pack of pickled peppers!
Crystle, u have to pose a question here after u have answered one.

I've nothing to answer Sad Smilie

My question:
Wat is a great way to attract kangaroos?
Hmmm, well i'd guess you'd have to be a cunning Aboriginie hunter-gatherer type that dons Pour le Hommes "Musk de Joey", you might not get the girls, but Kangas are mad for Joeys!

Question: If the material that makes Black Boxes is indestructible, why not build the whole bluddy plane out of the Stuff??? "Duh"

Orc Going Huh Smilie
Because it wouldn't fly.
Why is my printer makin' strange noises?
Because it's calling for help.

If a human body can float on water, why can't it float on all liquids?
I hope not.

Does your life really flash before your eyes at a life-threatening moment?
No, it moons you.

Does the Grim Reaper have to pay taxes?
Nope he is incorperated into a tax umbrella which is in Cedrics name.
Why do people ask stupid questions?
Because that's all their minds can come up with (OK, I know I just insulted myself Wink Smilie

Edit: Why a Ring and not a piece of fish?
Because that was what was in his pocketses.

Why does your face hurt if you smile too much but a frown doesn't?
Smiles require energy, lots of it. Frowns seem to come naturally.

Why do some people only see shapes in clouds while others see their favorite characters?
because when people are depressed they show depression alowing you to see their depreession.

Why do americans put disabled parking spaces by ice rinks?
That's their word like Sith is mine (if anyone has a real explanation, I'm curious).

Why does everyone think Americans are egotistical braggarts?
Its because there has been lots of "bush"fires around coz of them!

Waty should one do if his dog has been sprayed by a skunk!
In reply to Nil's query on the British tendency to use the word "bloody" a lot, its simply because we have a long and BLOODY history (hence, its 'bloody murder out there' or bloody hell's bells' or 'bloody mary kicked a fairy' etc...), whereas the Merkins as yet (cos their young and daft) do not!

Oh and we dont have skunks in the UK, so guess we're immune. If we did, i'd slay it(the dog) from a great distance and get a new one!

i think i have a healthy suspicion of WIMMIN when i say, anything that bleeds twelve times in a year and Doesnt DIE aint natural... Wary Smilie
Geez, Aelric! If you'd like me to go into the entire process for you.... Very Big Grin Smilie And in your concerns, you forgot to leave me a question.

Why do I insist on wearing clothes with monkeys on them?
Because you our a monkey trapped in a human.
Why are Porto a bunch a diving so and so?
i think i have a healthy suspicion of WIMMIN when i say, anything that bleeds twelve times in a year and Doesnt DIE aint natural...
Men, they are hopeless. Can even get their women-"bullying" right.Na-na-na-na-na Smilie It is suppose to be "... anything that bleeds for seven days straight..."
or even better:
Don't trust anything that can bleed for seven days straight and not die from it. Wink Smilie

Why are Porto a bunch a diving so and so?

I have no idea. I don't even understand the question.

Why is this site so addictive?
Because the threads are laced with pure and unadulterated... chocolate.

Why do they put Braille (the little dot-symbols for the blind) on drive-thru ATMs??
Because there was a pink raccoon in pink togs stolen off my classmate Sylvia, who looks like a raccoon anyway in those togs, and it said to them: "Put braille on the ATM signs, or I'll make you wear these awful pink togs!" So they had no choice.
My question: Why did Loni not pose a question as she was supposed to do?
Cos she's a dafty lass...
Wink Smilie

(thanks for the correction to my erroneous interpretation of the 'Why wimmin bleed and dont die' joke Amarie, tis a testament to dependable Scandinavian pedantry - they make Volvos too - heh!)

If i deface a Blackboard, is that a racist statement?
Well, not exactly! Its the same as me defacing a whiteboard!

Why are zebra crossings painted black and white only?
I'm not sure if you're just being thick or trying your hand at irony, but a better qustion would be about pelican crossings surely - isnt it self-evident why "zebra"crossings are painted the colour they are?

Well anyways, Why are pelican crossings called "pelican crossings"??? lol

Tongue Smilie
isnt it self-evident why "zebra"crossings are painted the colour they are?

Zebra crossings are called so coz they are black-and-white. But wat I want to know is that y are they painted black-and-white only and not red-and-black or anything else?

Anyways, I guess pelican crossings are meant forpelicans but sadly they don't seem to realise that!

The next can answer the question I posed above!
Because no one has any imagination when they paint those crossings.

How does it rain when the sun is out and there are no clouds?
Oh! that's because the heavens cry over some stupid things we humans do.

Why don't we laugh when we tickle ourselves?
Your not doing it properly...

Cool Smilie

why is the plural of mouse - mice, and yet houses are not hice?
Because Tolkien didn't make the English language.

Why are we all use the word 'Why" when we ask our questions????
I'll answer that after u explain why did u use "why" when asking ur question.

When is the best time to make the potion that will make one invisible?
When an army of debt collectors are knockin at yer door.

When should you use a carrot?
to stuff it up your little brother's nose!!!!!!

Why why why why why?????????
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