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Thread: How random can you be?

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Only when they're fealing clucky

who else thinks Angelina Jolie's lips are a little too big?
does she have a face??? im joking, they do look at big too big yes, but i think shes a great actress Big Smile Smilie

What was the most dissapointing thing that has happened to you???
For today it was when I came to know about my extra class from 3 to 4 pm. As for the whole life... 19 years is too much to remember.

Would it have been any better if the sky was green instead of blue?
No, we can now see the Moon, which is made from green cheese, against the blue sky; were the sky green, it would then require that the moon be made in the village of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon, else the French would take umbrage over our using their name for just any young upstart fromage bleu.

Why do I waste my time trying to write such convoluted sentences?
Because erm...

you don`t got anything else to do by the moment!

What thread on pt you like the most?
That's a hard one, but I've always been a fan of Wheel of Tolkien. I also have a faint memory of some hunk-drooling-thread in which we used to [surprisingly enough] drool over hunks. Must say I miss that one. ^.^

Top-side up or Bottom side down?

is putting a mohawk on a baby girl wrong?
I would say yes, at least until they are old enough to want one for themselves and then you will probably want to put your foot down.

That reminds me when our Megan was a baby; her red hair was very slow growing and was quite short and thin, so we attached a pink bow to the top of her head using a dab of Vaselene. When people asked, 'What keeps the bow on?' We, keeping a straight face, told them, 'With a thumbtack.'

Can you eat just one, or must you eat a couple handsful? (I'm snacking on Cheez-its at the moment.)
No - I usually just keep nibbling away...unless it's a giant choc chip cookie - then it's just the one.

Why are my feet and nose cold just now??
depending where you live, it might be the cold English weather, Elf With a Big Grin Smilie or are you not wearing any slippers or socks???

Why do bones hurt so much when they break? Orc Smiling Smilie
They only hurt coz you can hear them go SNAP or CRACK. It wouldn't hurt if you couldn't hear them.....

Why is it weeds grow no matter what the weather!!!

Where would you rather be Question Smilie
Anywhere but here!

Who invented puns?
The punist!?

What is love
pull out your bacan and have a slice of purple cheese cake while gurgling to the washing machine whilst you rock in a chair off a cliff in kid novemeber
owned for realz
(Those were random all right; however, they are supposed to be like a random question after you answer the previous one.)

One aspect of love is a tingling butterfly in the stomach effect that you get when you are near someone special, and you don't want it or them to leave.

'Will you be my bodyguard? If you'll be my bodyguard, you can call me Al.'
I'll be your bodyguard and I'll call you Algrondy (sorry watching something Mexican on Sky) - you know people are scared of people with tattoos Super Scared Smilie'm not scary really - honest Very Big Grin Smilie

Why am I getting addicted to tattoos?
Because tattoos are very addictive. They kinda just appear and when you don't notice... then...POOF... theres a new one...

Why do people believe everything they see on the internet and television but automatically try to disprove any theory of a 'God'
Ah, but God is not a theoretical being, so your question becomes academic. Elf Winking Smilie

How many angels and/or devils can dance on the head of a pin Question Smilie

Okay, you may assume the pinhead has: an outer diameter of 2 mm, a rise of .25 mm, and a spherical radius of 1.5 mm. (These are hypothetical dimensions, because my eyeball can't measure things that small with any accuracy, especially as I don't have a micrometer handy, nor a pin even.)

Anyway, this should yield a surface area of 1/4 Pi [4(.25)’ + (1.5)’]

Or approximately 1.96 mm’ for your dance floor. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
well this is a pickle, i bet you spent ages trying to get the right equation for surface area of a pin or you just copyed it Orc Smiling Smilie

okay so im going to give you an equally random answer.................. Big Smile Smilie

no-one will ever know, as angels and demons are invisble, so really no-one knows how big or small they are so untill people can see the invisible, you're gonna be stuck in the madness that is Maths Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

If dinosaurs had sores.........what would they be called???
Sorarussesssssss ...... lol

How is it some people are naturally mathematically gifted - or at least understand it - and others (like me Wink Smilie ) are not
Some people predominately use one side of their brain, while others mainly use the other side.

(Actually I got the equation for te Surface Area of a Spherical Segment from a little blue book called The Engineer's Vest Pocket Book by W.A. Thomas, H.A. Spalding, and Zarko Pavlovich; ’ Ottenheimer Publishers, Inc. My Naval Shipyard had a bunch printed up and handed out to all its engineers and technicians in the 1980s. I kept mine when I retired in 1993 and have it, my !958 Keuffel & Esser Log Log Duplex Decitrig Slide Rule ($25), my 1973 Texas Instruments SR-50 slide rule calculator ($150), and my 1958 K&E Drafting Instruments ($25) in a drawer beside my 2000 Dell Dimension XPS T700r Computer ($2200). The book and the computer are all I ever use now and the book only when I need to refresh my memory about something I haven't used in a hundred years.)

Now I will have to submit this, so I don't lose it, while I page back to find out what thread I'm writing to so I can edit and post what follows this sentence. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Do you have any obsolete toys or equipment that you have kept for sentimental reasons?
its good that you have some sort of reference next to you, i think mine are scattered in various bookcases, ive forgotten about Big Smile Smilie

hmmm im a very sentimental person, so everything that i own has a story about it, even this laptop of mine Big Smile Smilie the reminder of waiting for hours at PC World for this expert to actually box it up Tongue Smilie but i have a couple of old toys from when i was very small a green bear and a hand puppet that is an Otter, and together they make the untimely duo of Bob the Bear and Ollie the Otter!!!!!!! WOA the child just burst out of me Tongue Smilie

What's your favourite Smilie??? Smile Smilie Sad Smilie Big Smile Smilie Wink Smilie Cool Smilie Mad Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Smoke Smilie Paranoid Smilie Exploding Head Smilie Cat Smilie
I No offense meant. Happy Elf Smilie

If it takes three men and a boy three hours to finished a job, how long would it have taken two women to do the same job? To make this easier and funnier, you may specify the job.
Job: general office job where both genders do work

In all the respect in the world, it would be done twice as fast, so 1hr and a half, as women can multi task Orc Smiling Smilie

Flip a coin, what did it land on???
After performing repeated experiments with flipping the coins and closely examining the position of the coin post-flipping, the following observations were made:
1) Mostly the coin landed on the ground/floor depending on whether the venue of experiment was out in the open or not.
2) When the coin was flipped while standing on a table, the post-flipped positioning of the coin still concurred with observation # 1, but in some cases, the table on which you were standing was also found to be the final post-flipped position.
3)Observation # 2 was also observed for coins flipped from any piece of furniture in lieu of a table.
4) An exception was also noted when the coin was flipped in zero-gravity, notably the fact that there was no such set final position acquired by the coin in its post-flipped condition and it drifted pretty much wherever it pleased.
5) Observation # 4 can be altered in case of acceleration in zero gravity, where the coin landed on the first thing that obstructed its flight.

Disclaimer: The above given observations are my own as tested under suitable conditions with as much variety as possible. Any anamoly or enhancements will be encouragingly handled and, if tested to be correvt, will be added to the above observations.

Why can't I choose the direction of the Earth's rotation?
You can, if you look south it rotates in one direction and if you look north it rotates in the other direction with respect to your left and right hands.

If you look at a star with only your left eye and then with only your right, did the star appear to move?
Why - yes, don't do it too fast after a couple glasses of wine though Big Laugh Smilie

Why is it if 2 people (or more) look at the same cloud, they will not see the same thing e.g. bunny eating an icecream, dog reading a book etc...etc...etc...
Because one person will be looking at the cloud with the left eye while the other person will be looking with the right eye. And that too after a few glasses of wine.

Why is three a crowd?
Because there would always a witness to what ever you only want one other person to know.

"Did you know elephants were taught to write the greek alphebet in the dirt with their feet?" - A line of poety by Dan Chiasson that I just heard on
No, I didn't know that. Interesting!

What does E=MCsquared mean?
I know there are some brilliant minds out there who know the answer.
It is Einstein's famous equation and means mass and energy are equivalent and is the formula as to their interchangeability. The maximum releasable (E)nergy of anything is its (M)ass times the square of the speed of light (c). As the speed of light is approximately 186,000 miles per second, and that multiplied times itself is a rather large number, this explains why nuclear explosions are so destructive.

Someone else can probably explain this better, for it has been over forty years since I took Modern Physics in my senior year at Uni.

Why does it hurt when you fall off your bike and skin your knee?
Because if it didn't, we would never learn not to ride bikes in such a way so that we do not fall from it and skin our knees. And also, if it didn't hurt, why would anyone buy all the knee pads and wrist pads and helmets and all. Think about the people working in those companies who would lose their jobs causing a large scale unemployment. And I guess that hurts more. So conclusively, it hurts so that it doesn't hurt more.

Do I make sense?
Of course Elf Confused Smilie ..................

If Love is blind, wheres the guide dog??? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I think the guie dog is actually the aaaaaahhhhhh factor - you know you see a puppy and go aaaaahhhhhh - same for love - that's your sign of being in lurve Very Mad Smilie !!!!! Exploding Head Smilie these sort of things will drive you crazy.......ok I'm talking a load of drivel - I'm tried.....

If you have half a glass of wine is it half full or half empty??
Depends. If I've just drunk out of it, it is half-empty. And if I am to drink out of it, it is half-full.

Is there really life after death?
Yes - I belive there is - I'm hoping to go to Heaven - but not yet!!

Why is it when you have loads to do, you don't want to move
Perhaps its because of the situation youre in a the very moment
Why is it happy tears as well as bad ?
Because, how else could I embarass myself by being both happy and sad?!?!

If there are fifteen chickens in forty chicken coops, what happens when the snake dances the can-can?
The chickens then dance the special variety of cha cha cha called the chi chi chi after which there is a sumptuous feast for the snake and the chickens whence the snake eats the chickens and those chickens which are spared eat some grains.

Why does it rain on me?
I don't know, is your real name Rob McKenna? If it is, that would explain it all. Elk Grinning Smilie
Have you ever lived in an location where you can stand up to your ankles in mud and have dust blow in your face?
Yep, stand in an oasis during a duststorm. But no I never lived there, it was just a temporary habitat for me during a night camping trip.

Where does the sun set?
Well, it's large enough that it can set anywhere it wants; however, if it ever comes in my house it better stay away from my chairs, for they aren't fireproof. Seriously though, the Sun never sets, it is always in motion as it rotates on its axis and makes its journey around the Galactic Center about once every 25 million years.

Where is my other shoe hiding?
On your foot.

Why do we have baby toes?
Because there is nothing else that would ever allow grownups to say, 'Wee! Wee! Wee! all the way home!' without looking like idiots.

Why do people know more about movie and rock stars than they know about civics and geography?
Well movie and rock stars are fiction and civics (not sure what that is - is it something to do with cities) and geography are facts and you know fiction is more fun than fact. My daughter Kirsty, however, got an A in her geography A level (plus others) and is doing an Environment and Conservation degree, and my daughter Gemma, got an A in her Business Studies (plus others) and is working in Banking and Finance (HSBC) - she's really good with figures and finance Genius Smilie sorry for gushing - I'm just really proud of my girls

Where do my girls get their brains from when I'm away with the fairies Big Laugh Smilie
The Brain factory....where else?!?!? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Fourteen worms are dancing on the stage. There are four chickens waiting in the wings, and three bears waiting for their cue at the back of the theatre. If the cue never comes, who eats who first?!
The worms or wurms are actually colossal dragons, so once their dance routine is over they turn about and toast the whole stage, enjoying a chicken 'n bear barbeque.

Why are people in toothpaste commercials always eating apples?
It's a conspiricy sponsored by the American Dental Association, because an apple a day only keeps the doctor away, not the dentist.

If you had a coin in each hand, what would be their denominations?
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