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Thread: How random can you be?

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Yes, Lord Aragorn, I did state that the wand was moving, but according to some philosphical interpretations of Descartes's ideas of motion, they are all moving. I don't really buy it, but hey, I thought I would get some feedback. And yes, I did read your entire paragraph! Smile Smilie It was very funny.

I like dogs, but I have a cat because she requires less work. I can see I'm not ready for children anytime soon Smile Smilie.

What strange hobby do you have outside of PT?
meditation in front of my zen garden!!

if you had the possibility, would you go in the past or in the future?
I would travel to the past, most likely the late medieval period. I'd love to experience the chivalry, mystery, see a few castles, dance a formal ball and wear one of those lovely gowns with yards of brocaded fabric.

Are you a morning person, or a night owl? Fast Asleep Smilie
Back when I was working I often got up at 7 AM on a Saturday morning and did yard work while the rest of the family was still sleeping in. Now I'm retired and can stay up late if I choose; I seldom go to bed before midnight, then I listen to the radio and read till 1 or 2 AM, and fall asleep to a book on tape. (I seldom hear the end of the tape the first time.) So I guess I am now a night owl. Sleeping Smilie

How far can a flea jump?
To solve the above problem, I rented a tape measure and then scoured my neighbourhood for a dog or a cat that might be infested with fleas, the creature in question. Finally, after having found such a mammal, I carefully extracted a flea from it so that I would not crush the flea and also to take care that the flea does not flee. I marked a point on my table, kept the flea on the starting point (the mark I had made on the table), and then asked it to jump. The flea being very obedient at once launched itself into the air with the help of its powerful hindlegs and the place where it landed after the jump was marked by me. I, then stuck out the tape measure, measured the distance between the two marked points and this distance was measured out to be 5.6 cms.

Would you like me to answer every question with such long paragraphs?
yes there is no problem, you can write every time such long paragraphs , you say very interesting things lord aragorn!!! you seem to be very intelligent...

are there spider's webs in the corners of your house?
not in the corners They seem to perfer the basement right outside my room Soo no??

In This thread what is your favorite question??
all my questions of course!!! Wink Smilie

how many books do you read every year?
not enough

blood or whiskey?
OOOH!!! BLOOD!!! I HATE YOU!!!! You got that song in my head again. "Have you satisfied your lust for blood? Am I now to be prey to your lust for flesh..." which gets me to start singing... "Past the opint of no return!!! One final question!!! How long should..." Have you noticed I've seen Phanotm of the Opera twice and am now going to see it again after church today therefore wasting almost thirty dollars on theatre tickets because I can't help myself? Anyway..... Whiskey, of course. (And I don't hate you really)

Do you have any idea what I'm talking about (Please say you do!!!!!!!)
yes I do!!!!

what can you see out of your door now?
Very threatening thunder-clouds, laden with potential menace for the mountains to the east...and my backyard, which is lush and green after the torrential rains of the last couple days.

Who are you really?
I'm Gildor Inglorion, the guy from outer space.

What's that?
It's nothing! Ignore it.

Has anyone seen my other shoe?
Wow! Finally a mystery puzzle comes my way to be worked upon by my great brain. But then since it was not possible for me to travel to the site of the crime (if you can call it so), I had to use my special psychic powers to transport myself mentally to the place. On searching through the area for clues that would help me solve the problem,I came across a hairball lying suspiciously on the floor near to the place where the shoe had been last reported to be seen (don't worry, I have my ways) and thus immediately reaching to the concluson that it was better for me to study for the test that I have tomorrow than to work towards solving the mystery.

What if our blood was of the colour green?
Then we would all talk Entish Wink Smilie

Are you gonna surprise your Valentine today?
I don't have one.

When will be the next Ice Age?
now we are in an Ice's so cold here.... Snowman Smilie

how many languages can you speak?? Duck Smilie
Almost one. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Where did you get that hat?'s actually a dead squirrel, but I got it at Ma's House of Roadkill Couture!

Is Nessie a dinosaur? can be... Elf Confused Smilie

what are you going to do in your summer holiday?

Cool Smilie
Summer holiday? What summer holiday?! I have to get the University in shape for the Fall semester...summer is my busiest time of year! I will be going to England and Germany in April though Smile Smilie.

Do you think Big Foot (or Sasquatch) really exist?
I just had a cuppa with him, nice bloke, tends to leave his hair on the couch though, and I had to ask him to keep his feet off my coffee table.

Because the devil made me do it!

What Question Smilie
I'm not sure we want to know...

that guy....over there....with the horns and pointy tail........

what does the term *I don't want no scrubs* mean? I just heard a song on the radio and I have no idea what she's on about
They mean some guy with no money. So it shows what kinda of character those women who sing the song are. That song is stupid and old anyway, not to mention, you have to be tone deaf to like it. Which brings us to our next question...

How can talentless music artists/groups be so popular?
Because of the greater number of mindless people who like them!

Why doesn't anyone send me e-mails anymore?
maybe they have lost your e-mail address.... Very Big Grin Smilie

what are you doing now?
Typing, listening to music.

How old is the oldest person on earth?
Its been awhile since I read my kids' Guinness Book of World Records, but I think there is a gentleman in the rural part of China who is about 112. Not quite entish, but definitely showing a few rings I'm sure!

If you were king (or queen), would you rather rule from the white marbled halls of Gondor, or the Golden Hall of Rohan?
I think the Golden Halls myself. I have always loved the outdoors not cramped in some massive city.
To fstep out and feel the wind against you now that is what a King wants

Would you give one of yer shoes to a person with only one?
If i thought the person deserved it he/she could have both my shoes (so they would match). But it had to be a person with small feet or else it would be more of a punishment...

Is it snowing?
No. But still its quite cold!

Would you like to jump off a cliff?
yes...but only if under there is the sea...or something soft....

are there heaps of dust under your carpet?
Luckily enough, the floor of my room is not covered with a carpet!

What is the best way to repel mosquito attack?
put on an armour....

are your books in alphabetic order?
Well, I arrange my books in the order of the most frequently read/used.

What colour socks do you like to wear?
socks with a lot of coluored stripes!!

are there cockroaches in your house?? ( hope not...)
Thankfully no
Would you eat from the hand of one who is poor or one who is rich?
i would like to eat from the hands of a man who is poor....then I will bring the food from the hands of the rich man and give it to the poor man...

and you?
I'll eat from the hand of those who give me good food to feed upon!

What's your idea of "delicious"?
My idea would be a simple meal cooked by one who cares for you.

Would you hunt down one who has wronged you and make them pay?
If I would get money by it, why not?

Why is this thread suddenly the most happening of all threads?
Maybe it because Kurt has joined this happening thread Wink Smilie
and if that is not the answer then what is?

Am I a sexy love machine?
No Rhodry you certainly arent..
Is Rhodry sexy???????? I dont think so
i don't know..maybe he can be...maybe not......

are you a genuine guy/ girl?
Yep, genuine girl through and through. Too poor to go the artificial route! Tongue Smilie

Why do birds fly right-side-up instead of upside down? Chicken Smilie
Because they're stupid. They'd rather watch us walking around on the ground rather than look at the swirling clouds (and getting themselves blinded by the sun)

Why do I torment myself, trying to figure out unanswerable questions? (Would I rather be boiled to death or drowned? Well... drowning is slow, Nicole tells me. But boiling... I really hate the heat....)
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