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Thread: How random can you be?

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Because of the antropic principle. Smile Smilie

Why do we feel blue as a cold colour and red as a warm colour, when in real life a blue flame is much hotter than a red?
Cause the people who made that up where color blind!!!!!

How come people listen better to strangers then thier own siblings?????
Because let's be serious, how many times have you lied to your sibling?

Why do columns of lava from volanoes go up when that was SO totally last year's fashion?
Because they think it's hot stuff (get it! ha ha, Big Laugh Smilie )... okie that was bad...
Why does the car company "Dodge" have a car called "Ram"?
Because they're american and we name stuff stupid names.

Why do they put round pizzas in square boxes?
Oh! that's so that one can say that he had had a "square" meal! Understand?

They say people judge a person by the clothes he is wearing. So how will they judge a naked guy?
As a pervert!!!!!!!!!!!!

How come some people are dumb and others like have an IQ of 200?????
Because if everyone was intelligent, there would be no Reality TV. If everyone was stupid, there would be no TV.
(The only person that might have had an IQ of 200 is John Stuart Mill. However, IQ testing wasn't invented then..)

Who is Pete? (as in: For Pete's sake) And why does he care so much?
He's supposed to be a Saint or something like that.

Is there anything people shouldn't do while chatting??
Spying. Break in. Driving. Hunting. Go through airport security. (it is probably illegal to chat too, when they refuse passengers with books with a dynamite on the cover...)

Why does my fingers keep spelling words my mind knows wrong??
I think your fingers are rebelling against your mind Grev. It is a dangerous disorder. You have to free your mind or else your fingers may decide to do stff that will put you, your whole body and your mind into trouble.

What would happen if the sun rose from the west instead of the east?

We'd be in BIG BIG BIG trouble, but fortunately if something like this, impossibly, occured we wouldn't be around to witness the consequences... (you cannae change the laws of physics, Jim?)

I hope you realise what you've started in my office LA86, lol, everyone seems to have a wierd spin (pardon the pun) on this, but thankfully few are of sound mind and make little or no rational sense of your irratonal question.
Big Laugh Smilie

If ghosts really exist, why are they conveniently camera shy?
They're invisible! (only cats and wizards can see them) Animated Wink Smilie

Why is chocolate so **** tasty?? (I censored myself, this is a family friendly website)
It has to do with the electrostatic binding energies on the surface of the chocolate molecules. Or magic, if you prefer. Smile Smilie

Why does my posts more often than not end up on a page all by them selves? Am I too slow or too fast? Or do I need to take a shower? Sad Smilie
Sorry Grev, I don't deal with personal stuff. I'm a professional answer-machine. I need to be paid to sort out personal problems.

I hope you realise what you've started in my office LA86

So wat exactly have I started?

(That's my question!)
prob im not supposed to answer this one
but i do have a q

how do you make carrot juice drinkable and market it?
Lord Aragorn86, you started a silly discussion(in my office) on the subject of "what would happen if the sun rose in the west instead of the east"... to which there was much pseudo-science chat and more nonsense besides. Upshot being that the idle chat deteriorated so much that one smart-a**e posed another question, that if the earth spun on its tropical axis then the poles maybe located on the panama canal and the cook islands respectively (drivvle).
Hope that explains something.

Dont know anything about carrot juice, 'cept its what wierdo wimmin sometimes drink. Wink Smilie

Question: Why is "black" always in fashion? ( i personally have no problem with that fact )

Moderator Smilie
Well, coz black is back. Or there are no "black"-outs so.... Or maybe becoz black makes ppl look slimmer. (Tried, tested and approved this one). Or I think that it is becoz some ppl just want to camoflage themselves at night.

Lord Aelric, Was it you who leaked the question out to ur office guys?

My question for others:
If "time is money" and "time flies", does it mean that money can fly too?
Well it flies out o my wallet in no time every Friday & Saturday night.. itsa total mystery can anyone help me here?

Yeah i "leaked" it to em LA86, i'll be careful in future, i work with monkeys!

If Chess is the game of Kings & Emperors, What's the game of Peasants? ( i got some ideas of my own but i wanna hear yours first lol)

Cool Elf Smilie
I think it has something to do with kicking an inflated pigs bladder around a field.

If you pull a flys wings off is it still a fly? Very Mad Smilie
yes, morally its still a fly but I think it should be called "flew"

The next question is a very tough question and very few have been able to solve it. (Pardon me for delving into Mathematics)

Two cars A and B are 750 metres apart. They both start at the same time approaching each other. A's speed is 20 metres per second while B's speed is 15 metres per second. They move with constant velocities. They meet after 6 minutes. Find the number of tyres of each car!
None if they are cable cars!

Is glass a solid or a liquid?
My Chemistry text book says that glass is a supercooled liquid ie its between a solid and a liquid.

If a day was of 48 hrs, wat wld have been the advantages?
MORE SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If a carrot seed is planted in June and harvested in May, how long will it take to cook it?
Just stick it in the crockpot for a couple hours, and if it isn't soft by then, bake them in the sause from the pot. It works for me!
Where is everyone today?
On Mars
What does What does What does What does What does What does What does What does What does what mean?
It means Wab.

If Wab goes wab wab, and wab-ti-wab goes wab, what does wab wab go?
Wab-ti-wab? Whatever...

Let's assume there is a God. If you could meet him/her, and you had a chance to ask one question, just one, what would you ask?
Are you for real?

If there were two suns in the sky, what wld have been the consequences?
More sunshine...

Actually this might happen! Big Smile Smilie If a star in our part of the galaxy(not too close,please!) goes Exploding Head Smilie in the night as a type 1a supernova it would shine brighter in the sky as our own sun! It would only last a few weeks though..

Why is water wet??
Because it was invented before dryness
Is it possible to go around the world backwards so fast that you go back in time?
Back in time? No! CTP-parity forbids it! Turn back the clock? Sure! But only 24 hours.. And only your clock. Not the clock belonging to the person who sets deadlines..

How can small people contain soooo much sound?? Very Mad Smilie
Errm. Because their lungs are relatively bigger? Tongue Smilie

Is there life on other planets?
Yes, particularly on the one in our solar system after Saturn.

Why don't scientists rename the 7th planet in our solar system to Urectum in order to stop the childish jokes about its name? Animated Wink Smilie
Well, first of all only a few hundred million people out of 6 000 000 000 have english as their first language.. Since there is about 4-5000 languages out there, a new name would propbably be fun in some other language anyway. The real reason though is that scientist are really only big children themselves, and find the name too hillarious to waste Wink Smilie

Is the tomato a fruit or a vegetable?
Hmmm lets comes from the ground yet has seeds inside but a tree is also from the ground and..........I could go on and on and on with this but I think I'll end it now.

Is Mother Goose a goose or a a lady?
a mother goose is a goose!
Why do americans order a greasy hamburger a extra large bag of fries and then order a gallon of DIET coke?
Because most Americans (well, most people actually) don't think logically.

Why is it that people who really need to wear glasses don't want to?
'cos without glasses they can't see how ridiculous they look squinting and bumping into things all the time..

How far west can you really go?
To the end of the Earth.

If ten times eleven is one hundred, whats the price of butter in Baltimore?
$175 us cash

why am you insane?(you know who you are)

Ha! It's different than it was when I originally posted it almost four years ago! That'll teach those Vogons!
sry i was wrong i have just been informed butter cost $175.79 in u.s. cash
same question
"Quem Deus vult perdere, prius dementat!" Its a Latin saying which means "Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad".

The earth is almost spherical and I want to stand on the edge of the earth. Where do I go?
The End of the World (Verdens Ende) is somewhere near the city of T’nsberg in Norway, just go here. You can visit He11 too while you are in Norway, but that is further north. They have bubbling pits too. I'm not making this up you know!

Why do birds suddenly appear any time you are near?
Near what? well i reckon that birds are peculiarly absent when youre walking thru a forest or wood on your tod (alone)and that just gives ya the heebee jeebees. Or when your on a romantic walk and happen by a lake or somesuch, and suddenly it gets all Alfred Hitchcock ("Birds") - and you find yourself shouting,
" Look my feathered friends, i aint got no crumbs, no bread, no nothing, just m'bird and you aint having a piece of her!"

What's it with phobias, especially in regard to birds, bugs and slimy critters?(not that i'm afraid of any of that bobbins - i'm hard *looks hard*)

Very Mad Smilie

You can visit He11 too while you are in Norway, but that is further north. They have bubbling pits too.

I spent two months in HeII, when in the army. There is a recruit training camp there.. (well, nearby, Stj’rdal) Didn't see any bubbling pits though?? Where are they? In the kitchen perhaps, the food was not good..... Sad Smilie

What's it with phobias, especially in regard to birds, bugs and slimy critters?(not that i'm afraid of any of that bobbins - i'm hard *looks hard*)

Birds, reptiles and spiders scared the living daylight out of the first mammals (rat-like creatures). To give the young a better chance of survival the mammals became genetically programmed to fear creepy-crawlies that do not look mammal-like. We still have this today, althoug not as strong.

How do computers know when to crash? They always pick the worst moments! How do they know?? Very Mad Smilie
How do computers know when to crash? They always pick the worst moments! How do they know?? Very Mad Smilie
They are programed to do that. This is just another plot by Microsoft toward ruling the world.

How can we really know if the light in the refrigerator goes out when we shut the door?
Sit inside the refrigerator and close the door! If its dark after closing, the light does go out. If not, sue the refrigerator company and make money.

What's the best way to remember dreams?
dont wake up

what does a muskrat sound like
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