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Thread: How random can you be?

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Because she's a hobbit and feels the need to make up for her small stature by yelling

Why do we find bodily functions humorous?
Because in most cultures discussing them is a taboo.

Would you rather have the where-with-all to be where-it's-at to do what-you-will or to be where-you-will with who-you-would?
Where I will with who I would, most definitely. I could care less about the where-with-all thing.

Did you understand Grondy's question?
As much as you like George Bush Very Mad Smilie

What would happen if all birds would get drunk from water, and all birds think they really are dogs?
You don't wanna know.

Would you rather be bald or have hair like Don King?
Actually, about a month ago, I had hair that reached my shoulders. Now, I'm nearly bald!!!

Why isn't my CD Writer working properly?
'Cause you tried to put a cold cut into it.

Where or where did my sleep go?

You must have slept through your sleep!

Why is a raven like a writing desk?
Not "... because, you know, They hadn't any feet", but because, "The butter's spread too thick!".

"And, has thou slain the Jabberwock?"
Nah...The Force wasn't exactly with me at that time.

Do we really need wings to fly?
Only if we want to come down again.

Is it true that your hair is a nice shade of blue?

Alas, no. Plain ol' brunette.

What is the one thing in your life that you cannot live without.
My mind.
May I borrow yours? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I really wouldn't if I were you...

Are you a mind-reader? Gosh, I hope not!
Well, yesterday I predicted while we were waiting outside the computer room that the teacher was going to come and open the door. And I often read my friend Nicole's mind, after a long study of her expressions. For example, I leant on her shoulder. She gave me a look. I said "Get your arm off my shoulder or I'll hit you" and got it off. She said "Exactly. How did you know?" But that's only with Nicole.

Why oh why am I so amazing and modest at the same time?
Really? Are you? I'm sorry I haven't noticed it yet!

Do I have the right to insult people?

Depends on who you plan on insulting.

Do you think the world would be a better place if it was run by kangaroos?
I couldn't be much worse.

Do you ever crash in your flying dreams?
Then it wouldn't be a flying dream.

Is there life on Mars?

yesno, or is it noyes? it's either one i'm sure.

how come i lost my last 2 games of hockey to inferior players?
Because, my dear Turin, you have a broken ankle, don't you? You cannot play hockey with a broken ankle! Even if you were the Great One himself, you still couldn't-so sit down already!

Do elephants have tea parties?
Only if they know how to make tea!

What if I invented a time machine?
You wouldn't be here.

What's with this gnat that keeps buzzing about my computer screen?



Because, my dear Turin, you have a broken ankle, don't you? You cannot play hockey with a broken ankle! Even if you were the Great One himself, you still couldn't-so sit down already!

Actually i was talking about NHL2k5 for xbox Smile Smilie I haven't played ice hockey in a couple years now... i should probably start again, but for now i have to wait for this blasted ankle to heal. Although i must admit I do find some satisfaction from this whole ordeal. I have great volunteer servents right now Big Smile Smilie

If LOTR actually consists of 6 books, why did they only publish 3? Tolkien could have had a bigger profit margin if we published 6 seperate books.
Because it is actually one big volume, and ideally it should've been published so, but that would have been too expensive so they butchered it up (alright, maybe not butchered) into three. Six would have been unforgivable. (Although I have seen six-volume boxed sets around).
(I really shouldn't be so dramatic..... Butchered? Unforgivable?)

Why are the spoof pictures of LOTR I have sooo funny and yet I know of no one who actually wants to look at them? (Probably because their brains work like this: Loni + LOTR = RUN AWAY!!)
I have no idea.

Is buyng bits of the Moon good business?

Buying bits of the moon, not good business. But I'm sure the chap thats selling bits of the moon does pretty good!

If you had an estate on the moon, what would you name it?
(Good to see you, Melian!)

I'd have to name it Luna-tic's Launchpad...get it? I know, soooo dumb!

Do you have a better name for peanut butter than peanut butter?
Yes, "brown shmear"; butter is "yellow shmear"; margarine is "pale shmear"; and mayo is "white shmear".

Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Which is better apple pie, or pumpkin pie?
I haven't had pumpkin pie yet so I can't decide!

What if our blood was green in colour instead of red?

Have you seen Predator lately or what?

Would you like to meet an alien?
If I had a AK-47 handy, just in case.

Are you an Alien?

Not when I'm home.

Why are we humans afraid of The Other?
When you say "The Other" i presume you mean aliens, am i right? Anyhow most people are freak out about aliens for a number of different reasons. The main reason is because Aliens are usually portrayed as a superior race who are out to destroy humans for various different reasons. Another reason is because they are, hence the word, "alien" to us; i.e. unknown. Anything which is completely new and unfamiliar to us humans causes a number of specific reactions, such as acting nervous, wary, excited, and of course.... freaked out. HOwever, as we all know, it doesn't take much to freak out a yankee! Smile Smilie

why do humans have 5 digits on a hand, when cartoon characters tend to only have 4?
Just to prove that we humans are not any cartoon characters!

Why does a "wise man" and a"wise guy" mean different things?
Because the term "wise guy" comes from those old mafia movies, of which some wise men decline to admit watching.

Why do we often feel more comfortable talking to strangers about deep thoughts and feelings, than to our own family?
Because somehow or the other, strangers are a bit more receptive and calming than the ones we already know! And also, we don't mind letting strangers know our problems!

Why if Earth was self-luminiscent?

Like we were our own light source? Boy, the climates would sure change! And no one could walk around barefoot anymore! No thanks, I prefer our gascious orb!

Why is there a convenient psychological label for everyone's personality flaws? Is it the pharmaceutical companies having a nice laugh while making a huge profit?

Are you really who you say you are?

Indeed I am!

Were you ever afraid of the dark?
Well, not yet!

What if we had 3 moons?
We would have excellent waves for surfing here in Iowa, due to the tripled amount of tidal activity. (By the way, Iowa is located in the central US...far away from any ocean.) Lighening Smilie

What if we could turn back the hands of time. What stage in your life would you return to? Serching Smilie
Anyone can do that. I have turned back the hands of my clock (read time) many times. I haven't noticed anything unusual!

Do ghosts really exist? If not, who am I?
Anybody but that purple dinosaur Barney, I would think.

Is this really today? Or is it another time altogether?

You have all the freedom to believe whatever you want to believe!

What if the sun started rising out of the west?
Then it would set in the East.

How many walking canes do you own?

None, actually.

Why did the lights in my house just flicker on and off for five minutes straight, upstairs and downstairs, scaring my son awake out of his nap and freaking me out? We have a surge protector, so it wasn't that...
It was me...I was outside biting the powerlines.

Do you believe that?

I do believe that Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Do you put sugar in your coffee?
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