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Thread: How random can you be?

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In my personal data storage and processing facility more popularly known as the "brain".

Why is it so hot?
Is it? Then you must be in some other place than I am.

Who invented the smilie and why do we use it so much?
Well, a really, really creative person invented a smilie and we all use it so much because its the best way to express oneself with the least use of words. Smile Smilie

Why are some people just so insane?
because sanity is overrated.

How many easter eggs did you eat?


Why do people enjoy mimicry even though its an art with a bad taste.
Because it's the cheapest form of flattery.

Why do we get bored of stuff?
Because we can. If we were told, this is what you get and that's it, then we might be satisfied, but since we can seek out where our next thrill and gratification will come from in this world of instant gratification, we look for it. We are so inundated by stimulation, that when we are not being stimulated, we think we are bored.

Do athletes learn more from winning or losing?
Winning. Then they will know that they are better than other and will gain self-confidence which is very important to win.

Do you "Eat to Live" or "Live to Eat"?
Hmm. Tough one. I enjoy eating, but I don't live to eat. I don't just eat to live either though. I think I eat to eat and live to live. Animated Wink Smilie

Why are we all so sure we are human?
Because most of us don't have tails sticking out of our lower vertebrae.

Are we really that human with all the "inhuman" qualities around?
The trouble is, inhuman is a term applied to describe the bad side of humanity. This bad side surely is just as much human nature as is the good side which we aspire to, so yes, we are human (for better or worse).

Why are Men compelled to reach the peak of a mountain, even when the going gets tough, just because it's there, while women are content to stop when the mood takes them, even if they are only a short way from reaching the peak?
Why are Men compelled to reach the peak of a mountain, even when the going gets tough, just because it's there, while women are content to stop when the mood takes them, even if they are only a short way from reaching the peak?

I guess that's simply answered by the fact that (in most cases) man is more concerned with the ego.

Now - I am not saying that no women are ego-maniacs, as I have met quite a few of them! Wiggle Smilie

But, in general, I think that women are just satisfied with going as far as they can (in most situations) & being contented enough with that.

Especially if in competition - Women tend to not be as bothered... Again, there are a lot of women who are though!!

That ok, Val?

Q: Why is it that you are really in a rush... The person in front of you, in the queue, has some kind of 'problem' at the checkout??

Wink Smilie
Blame it on Murphy! When something can go wrong, it will; because chaos abhors serenity.

I agree with Grondy! Its the same way in which Grondy can forget to post the question for the next person. We can blame Murphy for that too.

Why can't we sneeze with our eyes open?
We probably can, but the back pressure might cause your eyeballs to splat into the back of the person stood in front of you in the bus queue.

Why does smoke always seem to blow in the direction of the non-smoker?
Oh another one of those things you can blame on Murphy! But what I think is that the smoke works like the "unlike poles attract" principle. And therefore, the smoke is always attracted towards a non-smoker and hence is found to blow towards such a person.

Why do people enjoy bragging about how many people they have fooled on this day?
Do they? Orc Going Huh Smilie Then I must be surrounded by non-people. Animated Wink Smilie

Why is M so much more popular than A, while A is more stable and trustworthy?

(I am talking about computer brands but not sure if I can actually name them... I hope somebody knows what I'm talking about. Just bought an A laptop and I love it. Orc Grinning Smilie )
I have no idea - I let my hubby do all the buying and plugging in. I just say - "it's not working" he takes over and fixes it. Mind you I would say M as it's the start of my name Wink Smilie That's how I would probably choose.

Would you recommend the A, over the M ?

Why oh why does it rain just after I've had the car or windows cleaned
I don't really know yet, my new laptop is an A, so I'll soon be able to compare. So far it's looking really good for A. Animated Wink Smilie

It always does. The rain just hangs there waiting until you clean your car windows.

What do you say when you answer the phone?
At home - Hello

At work - Hello, this is Broomfield Opthalmology - how can I help you?

Why do I get logged out of PT so quickly ?? grrrr
Because your computer is mad at you.

Is therre really a man in the moon?

Of course there is - if you look you can see his face Wink Smilie

Why is it when you see a sign saying WET PAINT you have to touch it to see if it is wet?
The good ol' feeling of curiosity and the urge to prove something/someone wrong takes over our minds and hence we feel the unqenche desire to move our upper limbs slowly towards the wet paint, so slowly while our minds fights within itself asking for a valid reason for the action until our digits get smeared with the wet paint. Anyways, you can be thankful we don't try to sniff the paint to see if its wet or not!

If there is a brick falling on you head (from above obviously), will your instinct be to move to the left, right, forwards or backwards?
I think I would instinctively move left or right, with a preference for left. And I would probably end up with a headache, I'm usually too late.

What would you really really really like to buy, but can't afford?
The World!

Why do some people have no sense of humour at all?
To be honest, there is a certain part of the brain that contributes to the development of the sense of humor. It has been found that in those people who do not have much of a sense of humor, that that part of the brain is underdeveloped, but they usually are very, very intelligent people. (I am being totally serious!)

Why are animals obsessed with power?
WE are animals and everyone wants to have the power over something. (I have power over the squirrels in my backyard with my special hypnotic powers.) All animals want to be head of their pack or whatever group they are because they Have power over where the group goes or what they do... (Should I mention the fact that Alpha males usually have more than one female. delete if you want) But anyways HAVE YOU EVER FELT POWERFUL??? it is fun.

Why do people want to throw themselves of heights with a small string attached to them?(bungee jumping)
Same concept you just lectured on. It gives them a sense of power over nature and gravity. Also, I hear that there is an adrenaline rush that some people can get addicted to. Or maybe they're just stark, raving, mad. YOU, the reader, decide.

How random can YOU be?
(I will leave it for someone else but understand the whole point of it. I me and what if it breaks???) but your points are good

How come many people think cheese is random???? (it may just be some of my fellow crazy americans but not me)
Cheese - random - well think about it. At some point in time way way behind someone decided to get milk from an animal (we won't go into that - it's for another issue). This milk they left to go off. They did strange things with it then decided to eat the result - yuck - but I love cheese, except the blue one.
Useless piece of information - when you have a piece of cheese in the fridge and it is going a bit mouldy don't think of scraping the stuff off as the mould starts from the inside and only shows outside at the latter end of development Shocked Smilie .

Why do people like to eat cheese that is mouldy and furry
Because it's a shame to let anything go to waste.

Why do some people feel the urge to be "fashionable"?
Because they're sheep!!! And what do sheep go? BBAAAAA!!!!! (Who just watched 'About a Boy' then?) Depressing movie, that.

And WHY have I not worn mufti today even though it's mufti day?
Bbbaaaaa! Baaa! Baaa-aa.

Seriously, what *is* Mufti day?

Are we still being random enough?
Quite stupidly random! (Which is good)

Why do people hate the feeling of hate?
Because hate is a strong and final word and I hate that there is a final word, you should be able to change your mind/opinion.

Why do weeds grow so readily when plants die if neglected
Because the ground is cursed!!! Read Genesis.

Seriously, what *is* Mufti day?

It's when all the students come to school in Mufti. I like to think I didn't come in Mufti because I didn't want to pay the fee of a dollar, but really it was because I forgot. For the second time in a row.

Why have I moved location to Isengard for a week?
because you are spying for the alliance of the free peoples of middle earth remember!!!

why do people stay where they aren't happy even though they could have left
Because a) they're too silly to figure out they're not happy b) because they don't know of a place that's better c) the bell rang so I'll shut up.

Why can't I hand in my music composition handwritten on paper?
You can't write perhaps? (sorry, the first thing that came to my mind..)

Why is our earth so huge?
There wouldn't be room for all of us if it was smaller. Duh. Animated Wink Smilie

Why don't I feel like studying today?
Coz your young and have loads of other more interesting stuff to do (but it will be better for you in the long run). Oh this makes me sound soo old. Super Scared Smilie

Why does buttered bread always fall buttered side down
Because the force of attraction on the buttered side is more than on the non-buttered side due to the greater weight and thus the gravitational force causes the bread to flip over so that the buttered side is always down. Hence the act of the bread falling the buttered side down.

Why is the game of poker called so?
Because you're constantly making jabs at your opponents (no idea).

What does "mufti" mean?!!!! Okay...I just found this definition of "mufti" - A Muslim scholar who interprets the shari’a. their dress different from that of a non-scholarly Muslim?

Art thou wearing thine trousers?

No, forsooth I am not wearing mine trousers, for I, being but a gentle maiden, dost own trousers not.

You can't write perhaps? (sorry, the first thing that came to my mind..)

No, because the teachers get kicks out of computer-written music programmes. That are stupid and don't do what I tell them to do.

What does "mufti" mean?!!!! Okay...I just found this definition of "mufti" - A Muslim scholar who interprets the shari’a. their dress different from that of a non-scholarly Muslim?

Does NO ONE know what MUFTI means? It means non-uniform. So if a fireman isn't wearing his fireman's clothes, he's in mufti. And a couple of days ago it was mufti day at my school. So that means no one wore their school uniforms. They wore MUFTI. Their normal clothes. Except silly people like me, who forgot, and came in uniform.

Why hast Stonehelm spake in such an archaic dialect? (Forsooth, it dost amaze me)
Nope...I've never had to wear a uniform, so I guess that counts me out. Even though I don't think it's a term that's used in the U.S.
because he is feeling special. (you will have to get the real answer from him.

Why do schools require uniforms instead of dress codes
You are a silly bunny. Aren't uniforms are FORM of dress codes? We have half and half. We have uniform blouse, jumper, jacket, skirt... but shoes are dress code. Flat, black, lace ups. And jewellery is dress code - One necklace, tucked out of sight. And hair ties - Anything in the school colours. And you have to wear your sandal backs up. No one took any notice of that rule for years. The teachers would say "Sandal backs up!" kids would put them up. And the teacher would go around the corner. And the kids would put them down. Lazy urchins. I've never worn my sandal backs down in my life. But now, if you're found with sandal backs down, that means winter shoes and stockings/socks for a week. And it's summer. HAHA. I laugh. And I'm wearing stockings and shoes nayway, because I lost one ofmy sandals. Uniforms are cool. But I don't like our uniform blouse. You can't tuck it in. It's not made to be tucked in. Why can't we have shirts we can tuck in?

Why am I SUCH a poncy pro-uniform person?
Because something is messed up in your mind???
Dress code means not required to wear something like a uniform but to have restrictions, like no jeans except for fridays, shirts must be tucked in. that sort of thing.
why do some people go crazy over sugar, it doesn't even work all the time to get them hyper?
Sugar has a nice sweet taste and it gives them the feeling they shouldn't really be eating it, but go ahead nonetheless and feel sorry afterwards.

Why doesn't everyone speak the same language? Wouldn't it be easier?
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