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Thread: How random can you be?

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Given x=2(56/57+2(5x)+28) and we let x=20 miles
20=2(0.982456 +2(100)+28)
20=2(0.982456 +200 +28)
Does not compute!
Now if y=2(56/57+2(5x)+28) and we let x=20
y=457.964912 miles
which means this snake certainly wasted a lot of effort, experienced much bodily wear and tear, and would have been much better off had it spent that time developing legs, if not wings. Teacher Smilie

Why can't cans can-can in Cancun?
it has to do w/ advanced mathmatics and physics. triple negatives end up being a yes unless used in the 2nd person or if youre dealing with cans. mostly cans are just for kicking and not dancing although on ocasion, they have ben known to try to choke tucans.

wot does cat stevens mean by a "mona bone jackon"??
Obviously its a coded message that, when decoded, reads : "Feed my dog!"

Why do I have to lose?
Because we all can't be winners.

Walmart: love it or hate it, it's here to stay unless it ruins your economy and then moves out.
What sort of a question is that?
one without a question mark!!!

Who invented Santa? (sorry to all those who believe in him Smile Smilie)
Santa is not descended from our turkish saint. But he is a shadow of San D'Klass, the third king from the frond elfin dynasty. He is also know as San the Deluded. He thought that the greed of the Mud People (humans) in his kingdom could be stopped by giving lavish gifts. He would marshal all the great wizards once a year and have them throw up a great-time stop over vast regions. And flocks of sprites would be sent out to deliver presents while us humans were asleep. It didn't work. Human greed can never be assuaged, especilly not by gifts.

Artemis Fowl "Eoin Colfer"

Which do you prefer music or video
Music, I can do other things while listening to it, while video worth watching requires greater attention.

White sox or multi-colored sox with a dress suit?

Oh shucky-darn, this isn't the dual thread game. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Well personally I like the Boston Red Sox....against the Chichago White Socks

why do people argue so much in podcasts?
cuz people are argumentive by nature

y shucky darn?
Because the theory of shucky-darning demands it...

Why is it that the only guys who seem to like me are not exactly handsome, and not exactly 'cool'???
without knowing you to well its hard to answer but prehaps your to nice so the not excatly handsome guys like you but the cooler guys are mean and are not fans of nice people.

ps3 or xbox360
this aint the dual chain game but xbox 360 it sounds great!!

What comes to your mind when the word chair is said, people see different things, me personally when i see words with a colour behind it, chair hmmm i see a redish purple????
a rocking chair.

wot comes to mind when i say blood sucking demon from hell?
A mosquito.

Why is psychology so important?
cuz i said so.

why am i so cool?
Cuz yo momma dun leff ya out ina snowdrift n din't com bac fer ya. Elk Grinning Smilie (No offence intended.)

Why when I start to open a boz, does it always say 'Open other end.' Question Smilie
its magic only appears when youve started to open it and then it appears on youre side.

why is my bird soo loud??
Because it is trying to point out that Sylvester the Cat has set up a step ladder below its cage.

Why do people do the stupid things they do?
So that others can ask them the reason for doing the stupid things they do.

Why are some questions unanswerable?
because people like to give us things to ponder, although it is extrememly annoying when you are trying to figure something out and then it is completely unanswerable.

Do we all just live in a big play house and there is some GIANT standing over us controling our every move? (but not thought)
"No, that's just normal paranoia."

'Got milk?' or 'Have you had your Wheaties today?' so it got all used up?

had yore protien today??
Oh yes....

Why is it the more sleep you get the more tired you are?
The human body needs motion. Otherwise, you get rusty.

Why do some people destroy nature, when they know they need it so much?
So that organisations like GreenPeace can have some job to do.

What defines "fashion"?
people of importance, i mean are they going to listen to someone who is lesser than them?

Does anyone know what the MPA is? (i do)
"My purple aracnid" lol no, I am affraid I dont!

Does anyone know the answer?

I am curious as to what it is!
The answer is, course, that
know the answer, but I refuse to give it to you.

What lesson are you on?
for most things ive got no idea about im on lesson one?

How do you say envelope?, this is silly how can you decribe it through typing oh well try anyways

Rane: the MPA is the 'Master Photographer's Association' my father is a member
i dont know .... it depends on the day...onvelope..or ENvelope

why do so many people like tolkien but not like harry potter....?
(so what if its a lame question)
Because generations of religious people grew up reading Tolkien, which has no witches and its wizards are tame. Once their fundamendalist factions found their power, their croporal mindset wouldn't allow them to open a kid's book containing witches and wizards, let alone reading about them. I don't denigrate their principles, but they are missing a good read. Harry Potter is a kid's book and has a story that hangs together, but it doesn't have the depth found in Tolkien's work. Harry Potter may last as long, but I doubt if it will ever be considered a classic, which height Lord of the Rings has already obtained.

Did anyone watch the Superbowl commercials?

Were they any good?
Superbowl commercials always rock

Have you noticed that everything is always in the last place you look for it? Although I suppose it makes sence, because there's no point to continue looking after you've found it...
But wouldn't it save more time if we found it in the first place we looked? Then having found it, we could continue looking for it in a couple other places, before getting on with what we had to do with it; thus saving the rest of the afternoon for more productive tasks, like picking our noses or scratching our heads.

Now where is he off to?
why he's off on his quest of course... and even if he finds it in the "first" place, he wont find it until the "last" place he looks---for its himself which he's truly gone off (to now) loooking for...

favourite Narnia book?
I liked The Magician's Nephiew best myself. They started the movies off at the wrong book- THe Lion comes second and the world is born in The Magician's Nephiew. Although the ones with Prince Caspian were pretty good too...

How much is that doggie in the window?
No idea but he can stay there. Now a cat in the window would be different.

How do you get two whales in a Mini?
Open the front left door. Shove one whale in. Close the door. Open the back right door. Shove the other whale in. Close the door. Lastly, shove the car in an ocean.

Why should I give the next lecture a miss?
LOL! That is so funny about the Mini LA_86. Smile Smilie

You know, I have no idea what you mean by "give the next lecture a miss." Does that mean miss a class in school or something? Yep, that's pretty random. If that's the case, then I say you can miss it because all you have to do is read the books and ask someone to borrow their notes (they'll love that I'm sure.)

How does water know which way is downhill?
I think it comes with the flow.

LOL! That is so funny about the Mini LA_86.

I endeavour to give satisfaction.

Which way is up?

PS I am going to attend the next lecture. It can't be any less boring than this.
Off topic first:

Only dead fish go with the flow.

The Whales in a Mini is a play on English language and works best in spoken word. Once someone has gone through the 'one in the back, one in the front' line the punch line is, 'No, M4 and over the Severn Bridge.' Kerrrrr-ching! Two whales.... to Wales.... oh well....

What was the question? Which way is up? Usually the opposite direction to that which the force of gravity is pulling you.

If mobile phones microwave your brain, can they cook a decent scrambled egg?
No as soon as you decant an egg from its shell it becomes indecent.

If you could run around in a circle fast enough: could you catch up with yourself; could you look over your shoulder and see you were closing the gap?
it depends, usually you hit yourself first.

why is it that i seem to make no sense when i think i do make sense and make sense when i think i dont make sense?

Why does the sky not fall?
Because the sky hooks are tightened hourly

Who here thinks that Vee is, as, or almost as evil as Sauron?

Look to the Poll >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
How am I supposed to know about that?
Nooooo Vee not evil, Vee is soft and fluffly as a kitten as are all women>^..^<


Why are my feet always cold?
Because the hot air always rises to the top. (just kidding) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Why do good electric fans always have odd numbered blades Question Smilie
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