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Thread: How random can you be?

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At home

why is my finger stuck in my ear?

tee hee.. not...How many mortal men did actually see Valinor?
Well, none. The Numenorians never came near it and the rest who went there were Elves or had chosen to be elves.

What would have happened if Earth really had been the centre of the universe and the other heavenly bodies revolved around it?
well actually i would consider Earendil to be mortal, before he chose to become an Elf. Although i know you already considered that LA. Big Smile Smilie

...and Earth is the center of the universe! :P

Big brother is watching you...
Is that a question? RIGHT......

NO, BIG BROTHER IS NOT WATCHING!!!! I'll tell you who is. A certain nosy person. MY DAD!!! he's asking me if all these 'posts' as I call them are sent to me, or are they a bunch of posts I'm sending to everyone else? No, it's a public forum. So.... everyone sent them to YOU? NO!!!!

And he's just told me that the phrase 'Big Brother is watching' is from George Orwell's novel called '1984.' He wrote it in 1948. He envisioned that by 1984, the state would have this greatr big system in which everyone was watched, and there was this figure called Big Brother. Then I closed the door on him. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

Why do some books grow on you? Like 'The SIlmarillion' and 'Pride and PRejudice'? They're the boringest wabs in the world, and then they're like "GOTTA READ!!!"

I think I'll just go back to my book....
......and I don't give a dang about it! (Nice pun though, Turin! And by the way, you were supposed to post a question here. This is not a "Finish the sentence Fool" thread!)

Do you consider Deliverence Day to be a military success or a humongous military failure with loads of luck?
Noo! Looni posted before me. I'm getting slow!

As a punishment, I answer Looni's question:
Q: Why do some books grow on you?
A: Because for some people it takes time to make sense of the book!

The person who posts next will answer my question and I've already posted it!
If you mean the D-Day landing of 06 June 1944, it was a military success, because they didn't get knocked back into the sea, though it was filled with many military blunders, like landing on the wrong beach, parachuting into the center of a town into the waiting guns, the crashing of many gliders, causing the troops to become disoriented. And the enemy's leader was caught napping, keeping the reserve Panzers from hindering the landing. So only with luck did they pull it off, but pull it off they did, so it was a huge military success.

How many keys are on your compurer's keyboard?
Umm...a lot?

Is it grammatically correct to say "bestest", as in, "You made the bestest pie!"???
I guess it depends on where you are from....but, in proper English, no. At least I don't think so! Paranoid Smilie

What do you do if: your tuna can had a live tuna fish in it?
not eat it!!!
my question:

what would you do if a snake was inside your cars engine?
take it as a pet...

How do you behave when your elevator gets stuck with you in it?
I like to jump up and down and hard as I can, as well as do my best Tarzan/King Kong impersonations. Sometimes, I've even been known to yodel and practice my Celtic Riverdancing. I take extra care to belch loudly and release minor gastric eruptions, as well as curse in different languages and pick my nose...
Too bad for the people who get stuck with me, eh?
Only joking-I've never been stuck in an elevator. Boring Smilie

Do you believe in magic? I'll tell you 'bout the magic and it'll free your soul...
EEEWWW... what's this about souls? I DON'T believe in magic. But I believe in miracles!!!!

As a punishment, I answer Looni's question:
Q: Why do some books grow on you?
A: Because for some people it takes time to make sense of the book!

Are you implying that I take a while to make sense of the books I read? Well, you'd be right. That must be it. THe SIlmarillion took a while to make sense of. But now I love it.

Do you feel clever at the moment?
I do infact feel clever at the moment, don't ask me why.

Why do trees grow up and not down or sideways??
So that they can be as far as possible from the dirt!

Do you lick the ice-cream or bite off chunks from it?
Paranoid Smilie bite because i find licking it makes it melt

how would you react if you saw a dog with three eyes and five legs? Paranoid Smilie
I'd stare in utter disbelieve Shocked Smilie

How do u like yr eggs?
Very very hard. The eggses I mean..

Belgium or Swiss chocolate?
Hi Rhaps!

Hmmm... Chocolate... *Drool....*

Belgian... NO! Swiss! No wait....

Oh - I just love it all! If I HAVE to choose...

I'll go with Belgian, butsss I lovessssesss... itsss alllll...!!!!

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road? (Oh go on - think of something witty & original! Big Laugh Smilie Wiggle Smilie )
Because it had to be at the other side of the road, duh. (Argh, can't get in the chat, stuuuupid school blocked it. Paranoid Smilie )

Why can't pigs fly?
Since I live in an agricultural state Gildor inglorion, I have seen a fair share of hog farms and pig lots. Believe me when I say its a very good thing pigs don't fly. You wouldn't want to go outside your house if that threat was overhead! Oink Smilie
As to your question "why?", I would have to say they are not aerodynamically designed for a decent lift off! (In your best Star Trek Scottie voice imagine..."But Captain, I'm givin' her all she's got, I can't give her anymore!)

Are you an early bird or a night owl? Chicken Smilie
Night owl! But unfortunately, I have to get up at 5:30am, so I can get to work between 8 and 8:30am. It takes me between 1-2 hours to get to and from work! Ugh! The San Francisco commute is TERRIBLE! But my best thinking definitely comes to me in the evening, so I get to stay up late doing homework and then get up early to get to work. Man, it's soooo incredibly tiring.

Do you think we will ever have world peace?
Realistically, I think that complete peace throughout the entire world would be contrary to the nature of life itself. The world is populated by us dumb old humans, and we are a very conflicting and constantly-changing animal, so we would never be content with peace-one or two of us would have to spoil it for the rest of us. I believe that there is a balance acheived through having both good and bad/evil exist at once. I think that a lot of psychiatrists who are so quick to prescribe anti-depressants, etc., should remember that it is normal and healthy to experience both "up" and "down" times in one's emotional life, similar to the histories of human kind. The sweet would not be so sweet without the sour, and it is our response to the terrible, "down" times that define us and our strength of character. So, although I would very dearly like to see utter world peace acheived, I do not think that it will ever become a reality completely.

Do you agree, or do you have a different point of view?
I agree with your premise, although I think some day peace will come (but that 's faith-based).

What can you make with some sticks and string?
Something scary that will appear in the next Blair Witch Project! Super Scared Smilie

What do you think has been the best invention of the century?
The laptop Wink Smilie Most definitely.

What was the worst invention of previous century?
An ice cream cone holder that spins the cone for you so you don't even have to go through the effort of turning it, just hold your tongue out. (I'm serious about this one. Really. It exists.)

In what ways might pigeons be considered more intelligent than people? (got this from a speech class Elf With a Big Grin Smilie )
Super Wow Smilie i don't know.... are they more intelligent than human??????

what is the most intelligent animal in the world?
Oops...Feanor beat me! Well, to answer Feanor's question, I guess it technically would be humans, but dolphins are a pretty close second and may even be smarter since they follow their instincts more.

In regards to the pigeons...How funny, my husband tries to convince me that pigeons are brave and smart by showing me how they run in and out of traffic. I, on the other hand, try to tell him that they do that out of pure stupidity. Yet, if you look closely at them, you can see that they have a social structure within their little colonies. Perhaps they are smarter because they don't spend all day working at something they hate, wishing away five days of their lives to live for only two of them a week. (Note: I like my job, but I still live for weekends too.)

What did you think of the Oscars last night?
i didn't see it....

what's your favourite artist?
In answer to Feanor's first question... that's what you were supposed to answer. In answer to his second question... Humans. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
In answer to Eruwen's question, I thought it was great that they had Edna from "The Incredibles" do the costume design award, but I'll let someone who watched more of it than me give the official answer to that.
Waugh! too slow... Feanor, methinks official questions are supposed to be bolded.
And your question is? (tries to keep it going)
A random one... Wink Smilie

Did you watch the Academy Awards last night?
Only a little bit...just enough to see Cate Blanchett win her award!!! I was sooo happy!!!!!!!!!! Smile Smilie

If you had three wishes, what would they be?
i would wish for infinite wishes so i wouldn't have to worry about the other two but anyway:
1. MONEY!! around the $250,000 - $500,000 mark... it is a wish, right?
2. a awesome house to live in (massive backyard)
3. a really good job that i love and would NEVER get fired from.
thats my perfect world. i think. Why not 10 wishes i have heaps more!? anyway...

If you woke up and your whole room - furniture as well, everything - had turned white and looked really futuristic. What would you do first?
invent a time machine so i could back to the past.

why does blood smell like metal?
Because there is iron in it!

Why do some people enjoy talking in leet?
Because they are a leetle scary?(Hahaha)

Eruwen, the thing that I hought was incredibly tasteless and belittling at the Oscars this year was how they presented a lot of the technical and artistic awards by lining the nominees up either onstage, if they were lucky, or in the blasted audience, rather than let those people have their "15 minutes" of fame and glory by walking onstage to accept their awards. Just another shallow Hollywood attempt to show who the real "A-listers" are...I thought that most of the winners of the big awards were very predictable, but I thought it was great that Sideways won for Best Original Screenplay. That tribute to Johnny Carson was nice, too. I always am amazed when they do the "In Memory Of" tribute at how many great actors we had lost over the past year...sad. I didn't know that Jerry Orbach had died until I saw this year's tribute. He was a good actor. Good show overall, though.

Why is cinema such a successful medium?
Because it allows people not to think. They don't have to use their imaginations, like they do when reading a book, in order to see the things, or even suspend their disbelief as much as they do when watching a play, because the movies can make things look more real with the computer graphics, and they don't have to show the set changes (or, turn the lights out, anyway...). They just get to see it, all visualised up for them. That's very pessimistic, but at least partly true. However, there are things that you can do with movies that you can't in books or plays, and sometimes those are essential to the story. Also, movies are more accessible than plays.
Why is literature such a successful medium?
Because it was invented before the cinema and 'living pictures'.

Does anyone wonder why I have ravens for an avatar?
Well, i think, first of all, you dont need any special device or gadget to read a book, it can be as cheap and old as you want, you can carry it everywhere, you are not in danger of being robbed for reading a book. It is such an ancient way of communication. There are thousands of books that are not still on a movie, nor on cd-book . the fact that it is such an ancient way of communication empowers it with the fact that lots of human history and knowledge, are still on books and handwritings and are not still on internet. And i think the most important issue about it, is that you can create your own "movie" inside your head, it developes your imagination. You are the creator of your own word based world, and that is something movies does not provide.
Why are dogs better pets than cats?
Oops.. it took me too long to answear to the previious one.. sorry...
To lord aragorn-
Why do some people enjoy talking in leet?

...What?... To quote The Bard, "I understand not what you mean by this."
To Amarie- anything to do with Norse mythology?
To Earendil- they're not. But someone who thinks they are can answer that and attempt to persuade me otherwise...
To Amarie- anything to do with Norse mythology?

Yey! Very much so! Big Smile Smilie

Convince you that dogs are better than cats? Nope, can't do that.

Where does the white go when the snow melts?
It evaporates with the water, unlike salt.
To Amarie- anything to do with Norse mythology?

Yey! Very much so!

Cool! Odin's ravens, huh? I know less about Norse mythology than someone who owns a book of it ought to, but I'm pretty solid about Odin and Thor... I think.
Moderator Smilie This is a game not a chat room! Though I don't mind your chatting here as long as you leave us a random question to answer so we can keep the game going. Police Smilie

Would it be too much of an imposition to follow the rules? Elk Grinning Smilie
All rules are made to be broken sometimes, if not, there is always the exception that makes the rule be true...

Chocolate or strawberry?
Chocolate is much better, espacially the ice cream.

Why is the sky blueQuestion Smilie and don't say because the light from lakes and oceans reflects into the sky.
It has something to do with the color spectrum and what color light it absorbs.

Why do most people always do things for money instead of being good samaritans and volunteering?
because people are naturally greedy and anyway, everyone needs a form of pay, right?... Paranoid Smilie

what is the point of showering, when you just get dirty again?
ps: i do shower by the way.
So that you can know when you've got dirty.

Are there more fools or smart people in the world?

Does anyone wonder why I have ravens for an avatar?

Odin's ravens, huh?

Amarie is currently doing the "Big sister is watching you" act! That would explain the ravens!
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