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Thread: How random can you be?

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because it's unknown. something about it just calls for you. a thirst for knowledge. a need to satisfy curiosity.

what books catch your interest Read Smilie Question Smilie
Books by Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchet, Elizebeth Peters, Michael Jecks, Saran Newman, Neil Gaiman, Candice Robb, Michael and Jeff Shaara, Laura Lippman, Barbara Hamby, Victoria Thompson, Edward Marston, Laurie R. King, and JRR Tolkien, but not necessarily in that order. Read Smilie

Did you get to know all four of your grandparents and did you ever spend most of a summer with any of them?
Why yes, fortunately I did. I even spent time (that I can only just remember, being so very young) with a great-grandparent!

I usually spent about 3 weeks of the summer holidays with my Mother's parents (In Ireland) and the remaining holiday with my Father's parents (in England) "Down the caravan".

I think my Father's parents got the better end of the deal, when we were young, as we still lived in England & spent most weekends down at the caravan site - so they got to see us a lot more than their counterparts.

After moving to Ireland, the 'better end of the deal' was passed over to my Mother's parents.

Unfortunately I only have one grandparent still around, having lost the other three in the past few years. As sad as that is I am forever grateful & realise how blessed I was, and still am, to have had grandparents that I truly knew. I realise a lot of people missed out on this experience & only hope that their relationships with other family members are/were enriched and happy!

Might I take this opportunity, since the subject was brought up, to send all my love to my Nan (living... Even though she'll hardly see this!), also to my Granny, Granda & Pops... who might just see this or at least be aware of it, if what most of us hope happens after death, happens.

Thoughts also, to those of you who never knew your grandparents or who did and miss them as much as I miss mine.

Ok - back to randomness, huh...


In five words - describe, as best you can, your usual hairstyle!
Loose, blow-dried, long and straight.

When you were a kid, did you ever dream that you could fly and then woke up thinking that you still could?
what are you talking about... i can fly Wink Smilie

how come we like different foods. is it because our taste buds are different or is it all in the mind?
It is because most of us grew up in different cultures or our parents did and we learned what we like from them. What I am trying to say is that it is due to the world being smaller, we all are surrounded by people of diverse cultures who are now sharing their different foodstuffs and while we like some of their tastes, we usually fall back to those foods we grew up with.

Where in the world is Carman San Diego?
I believe she is having tea with a hermit in Tibet.

Why do the good die young?
If those who are good that have died young had lived to be old (which they didn't because they died while they were young) then as they matured it is likely that they would have been exposed to more unsavory aspects of the world. Depending on their decisions when exposed to these aspects, the 'goodness' attributed to them in their youth could be put to the question. Those who have not died young have likely faced more of what the world could throw at them, and thereby were forced to make more decisions; it is probability. If I hand you a coconut every year, the more coconuts I hand you the more likely you'll receive a bad coconut. The good-that-died-young just had too few coconuts in order for the world to make a completely informed decision on the rottenness of their immortal souls...

Why is the five-second rule for five seconds?
Because they have never eaten off my floors: my floors are filthier and my germs are faster, so I have instigated a two second rule, which means if I can catch it on the bounce it is probably okay to eat. The five seconds of the rule is because normally only a modicum of germs can transfer from the floor to your dropped food if you retrieve it within that time frame. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

When the jelly side of your toast hits the carpet, do you pick the lint out before you eat it, the toast that is?
No, I eat the other side of the toast, where the peanut butter is Dunce Smilie

Why do people who dress up as LOTR characters get strange looks from other people?
It depends, are the aforementioned people dressing up as orcs or as characters of a more wholesome nature? I guess the real answer would be that most people don't like other people who are different to them - narrow-minded amoebas!

Why do the curtains in my office shrink when the sun shines on them?
Water evaporates and the sun helps expedite this process of evaporation. Your curtains having once been the size of a chestnut are attempting to reverse the expanding that happened when you poured water on them in an attempt to enlarge them. Curtains are devious things; never trust them around Sunlight or heat. As Gandalf said (with a slight variation): "Keep them secret, keep them safe!"

Why did they change the name of Constantinople to Istanbul?
So we couldn't go back to it, like the old song says:
Take me back to Constantinople
No, you can't go back to Constantinople
Now it's Istanbul, not Constantinople
Why did Constantinople get the works?
That's nobody's business but the Turks'
- Words by Jimmy Kennedy and Music by Nat Simon

Where, O where has my little dog gone?
Probably somewhere outside to attend mother nature's call.

Why do people wanna know so much?
There are numerous reasons; the main one is because there's an emptiness between their ears that echos when the wind blows. They ask their questions trying to fill this great hollow void with irrelevant answers.

What do you mean you thought I did it? I thought you were the one that was supposed to turn off the oven before we left on our vacation.
And that is a question waiting to be answered?
No, it is a question which doesn't need an answer. Even if both parties neglected to communicate with the other, there is nothing to be found in the discussion of 'who should have done what'; the house still got incinerated and fault won't change the gas bill. It is interesting though, and I'm still waiting for the answer Orc Smiling Smilie

Why do people get so involved in the lives of celebrities?
Because it allows us to share in their so called glory rather than worry about our own mundane lives.

Who changes all those screwdrivers and flashlights, that were safely stored in the desks bottom drawer, into odd useless bits of plastic and metal every time we go looking for the right tool, with which to accomplish the job?
That would be Murphy and his (in-)Laws.

Why is the Sun red when its about to set?
The Doppler effect causes a red shift because the Sun's rays have farther to travel to reach us than when the it is directly overhead. NOT Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

I think it is really because the rays have to travel farther through Earth's atmosphere and the pollution and water vapor refracts them more towards the red than the violet, but this may be wrong too.

Why is everything going to Hell in a hand-basket?
Because handbaskets are far too insidious for heaven-think about it, with their evil little handles and their delicately-woven wicker...everything cannot possibly go to heaven in such a vehicle!

When is the wrong place at the right time wrong and right all at once?
When the person who doesn't want to be there is the one person who needs to be there, because that person is the only one with the capacity to get the task done that needs doing there.

Where do clouds go when they die?
To the ground in the form of rain.

What's namaste mean?
'Namaste' is a Hindu form of repectful greeting: With the hands placed palms together pointing upwards a slight bow is made as the word is said. I had to look this up and paraphrase what I found. Namaste is comparable to our western handshake which originally signified we weren't carrying a sword in the offered hand and thus had no hostile intentions toward the person being greeted.

Where does the light go when we close the refrigerator door?
to the next open fridge. You see, there are only a certain number of fridge-lights in the world, so they have to rush from one fridge to the next. That's the real reason you're not supposed to leave the fridge door open too long. You don't want to monopolize the fridge-lights!

why are there inter-state highways in Hawaii??
there are inter-state highways in Hawaii??? wait...

whats an interstate highway??
The inter-state highway system was instituted in the 1950s under US President Eisenhower who based it on Germany's autobahn and it was made so the army could quickly transport troops and logistics across America. Basically it is our freeway system.

Why hasn't the sun already burned up, like depleted its fuel supply?
ooooo, this question calls for my canadian powers of reasoning: because its real big
it will eventually....

who is going to win the stanley cup this year??
The I don't know what the Stanley cup is. Wink Smilie

Why is it light bulbs never pop in ones. In our house several go at a time???
Because light bulbs are just like people and their neighbors: They all try to 'keep up with the Jones'.

If blue pencils cost 100 units per dozen and red pencils cost 37 units per half-dozen, what is the price of three green ones?
eh? Elf Confused Smilie
My question was quite random, as I expect would be any answer. Though I suppose one could ignore the colors and come up with a number where not buying in volume is even cheaper using the same ratio.

Do you have a random question or fact for us?

do you think pluto is a planet or just an very large asteroid Question Smilie
I always thought of it as a planet.

Depending on one's answer to the above question, how many planets are there orbiting this sun?
eight. actually it's been oficially said that pluto is no longer a planet.

who's ur fav super hero/villian??
Uchicha Itachi .. so far. for those who don't know .. he is a charachter from the anime series Naruto .. worth a watch id say but many people have a strong dislike for anime.

Do you think my girlfriend is sleeping ? i wanna call her ... In Love Smilie
Go ahead and call her; you'll find out if she is really your girlfriend.

So, did do you think she'll simper or bite his head off?
I think she'll just yawn, ignore him and go back to sleep. And not necessarily in that order.

How do you feel?
Extremly tired and bored and slightly hungry...

What's the weather like where you live??
Unusually sunny, which is a big big change to the constant storms we've been having (England), now the yellow face hurts whenever he appears *runs and hides in a ball in a corner and puts a black, thick blanket over head*

Why is it that in most action movies, the car chases have a pane of glass being carried across my two men???
Because everyone likes to see glass breaking, Good and Evil Smilie and who doesn't like breaking glass? Bad! Smilie

eight. actually it's been oficially said that pluto is no longer a planet.

Yeah, but two more planets have supposedly been discovered beyond Pluto, I think in 2004 and 2005.

Who would you rather be, the hero or the villain?
The villain .. muhahahah ( i was never one for morals anyway Wink Smilie )

What color are martians ?
Rust red, which is why the Mars Rovers still haven't yet seen them.

Have you heard Saturn's rings, ringing?
No. Because sound can't travel through vaccuum which is what space is made of.

How can the Sun glide across the sky?
Well, you know that famous scene in comedy movies where everyone is slipping around on marbles and gumballs?? The stars are actually little glass marbles (they glow with the reflected light of the sun, just like the moon) and the sun slips past on them every day!

How do magnets stick to things? (c'mon, wacky answer)
Well magnets are little creatures that don't like to be on their own Sad Smilie so will stick to anything.
They really like to stick to each other, have you ever tried to pull them apart, Super Scared Smilie can't you just hear them crying and screaming!!! Very Sad Smilie

Why, oh why is there always carrots after a chat to the porcelein bowl?? even though you've not eaten any!!!!!!!!!!!
This is a mystery I havent yet managed to solve! Got The Blues Smilie why is our planet being destroyed?
Because it is easier to take something apart to see what makes it tick than it is to put it back together again in fine working order. Also they used up all the energy they derived upon taking it apart; and as this can never be replaced, the process is irreversible.

Where do all the missing sox congregate when they disappear from the laundry room.
They go to this parallel dimension called Soxulon .. where they lead very full and rich lives happy in the knowledge that theyre not going to be called stinkers again. (they reserve that for the human slaves that ocassionally get sucked in through some wily whirlpool). btw .. i have another snippets of information .. the have a baseball team there and guess what they call it ... Red Humans Very Big Grin Smilie

Why is a mouse called a mouse (i mean the computer kind) ? and if it were to be called something else .. what could it be called??
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