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Thread: How random can you be?

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Because all that hard work and studying leaves you no time to socialize!!

Why is Account spelt with two c's?
Because the person who made up the word was stupid, and their name was CeeCee, or soemthing...

What is your perfect man (or woman) like?
Well, for a start he doesn't exist.....

What was the last thing given to you as a present?
I don't remember...might have been a gift card I got for Christmas.

What kind of car do you drive?
Ford Focus stationwagon. It's my paretns car, cuz i can't afford one of my own at the moment!!

Why do we look everywhere for the tv remote for ten minutes, when we could just turn the channel on the tv itself, and after the show is finished, then look for the remote?
Because there is something on after the show that is even better!! Like maybe it's the simpsons!! Waahoo!!

Why do we have to disect frogs in science, can't we just look at pictures (no to get the full learning experiance you have to have guts squirting in your face!)?
You have to smell the frog's insides, young grasshopper, and see what he has ate, err, eaten.

What is the weirdest thing you have ever ate?

(When I was a baby, I ate a can of live worms.)
Hmmmm......pig's feet?? (soooo good). Maybe dad and my grandmother used to eat pickled cow tongues. Eww. I couldn't even try it. Cow Sleeping Smilie

Why do we say one thing, when we really mean the other?
Because the one thing is easier to say. And because people can never make up their minds anyway.

Where are you?
Lost in the endless, empty stretch of nowhere that is.... my mind!

Where are YOU?
between here and there

Is a bottomless pit really bottomless?

How far can you stick your arm down the toilet?
for as long as your arm is

Have you seen Texas Chainsaw Massacre(the re-make that is)?

how much counting does it take to make a chickens lung explode(with no other factors involved)
How much counting does it take to make a chicken's lung explode??? Orc Going Huh Smilie Orc Going Huh Smilie Orc Going Huh Smilie

I haven't a clue dude, sorry. Tongue Smilie

Why didn't Belgium win the Eurovision song contest?
Because I was not listening.

Where are those pizza boxes that are never used?
In a cave, far underground, called the Old Pizza Palace!

What color shoes am I wearing?

Hint: Just guess
'nother hint: they match my feet...

Is a gnom really a creature of the woods or of the open plains?
He is a creature of wherever he so chooses.

(I'm not wearing shoes!)

Why did the chicken cross the road?
Because there was a discount at the mal.

what am I wearing on my feet?

hint-its something smelly

hint 2- and its not a dead chicken
(P.S. Icefangs dont forget to reply the RPG threads)

Do you like cheetos?

(P.S. Etharion, I did, I already replied today.)
They're ok.

If a giant blog of melted cheese fell on your car, what would you do?
Make toast quickly!

Do you squeeze the toothpaste tube in the middle, the end or near the top?
In the middle.

Do you like cold pizza?
love it but day old pizza that has been in the fridge and then microwaved is better

do you like simulation games?
I dont know

could i get my hands on the deed to Iceland somehow?
Tried that. Didn't work. Easier to get Colorado. Big Smile Smilie

How many pancakes does it take to fill up the mediteranian sea?
Oh, about 36 950 856 203 504 647 789 258 120 378 965 002. It's only a rough estimate though. Animated Wink Smilie

How many days would you need to swim across the Atlantic from Scotland to New York?
One, if I could swim fast enough, however, seeing as how I ate those pankakes for breakfast, and they were sinkers rather than floaters, I no longer am able to even make it past the Scottish low tide line.

Can you touch your elbow together behind your back?
Sorry, Grondy, few inches too short. Big Smile Smilie Colorado, CC?! Don't even think of trying to grab the deed with me planted here!!! Wink Smilie

Can you keep a hula hoop going while walking ?
Kinda... but I can barely keep a hula-hoop going while standing still!! Big Laugh Smilie

ok... my question...

Theoretically, isn't Disneyland a people trap operated by a mouse?
Theoretically, yes, though I had never thought about it that way. But practically it turned out to be a nice place to have some fun with your friends, providing you don't stay too long.

Can you write with both hands?
Yes, although slower with the left. My handwriting is unreadable regardless of wich hand I use, but in theory it is a nice ability! Tongue Smilie

Vindea: Don't you know the Earth is a lab run by mice? Read the book! Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. Ok, it's not one, more like 5 1/2, but who's counting anyway.

Why don't I come up with a good question? Very Mad Smilie
On account of your having drank too many Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters?

Are we there yet?
Tis a long journey...

We, as individuals, may or may not get there before the end - but as long as we strive to find our destination, nobody can ask more!

Grondy - I have no clue, that was a pretty rubbish answer on my part - I do apologise!

Excellent question - Unless of course you are sitting on a train as you type!?!? Wiggle Smilie In which case:

Yes dear, nearly.... Please stop asking every 2 minutes! Wink Smilie

Ooops... I need to leave a question don't I !!?


Why did they change 'Marathon' to 'Snickers' & why the change from 'Opal Fruits' to 'Starburst' ???

(Apologies to any of my international friends who may not have the above products available to them.... Just answer as you would if you can think of any sweet or foodstuff that has had a name change in recent times for no apparent reason & makes no sense!!) Smile Smilie
Because they felt like it? You just said it makes no sense, so I don't see how I should know why... Animated Wink Smilie


How are you today? Big Smile Smilie
I am very fine, thank you! But only because today was my last day as an eighth grader! YAAAAaaaaaay!!!!!

What planet do you live on?
I'm so great todAY!!!!!!! Because for some weird reason i loe Mike Vogel even more then before!!! WEIRD I KNOW!!! thanks for asking!

How are you this fine day?
Dude! We posted at the exact same time! That's so cool!

Woops, one liner, I forgot, well, now it's two!
im fine

who would win in a fight gollum or cher?

What is your credic card numb......*Ahem* .....What are you reading now?
Nothing, I'm waiting for my dad to finish the Icewind Dale trilogy, so I can read it. But, right now, I'm reading my email, and I have none!

Would you name a teeny, tiny little dog (chaweenie) Maximus?
Yes! If only to see the looks on other people's faces. Very Big Grin Smilie I know a guy who owns a little Jack Russell named Brutus. It's fun! Big Laugh Smilie

Are you afraid of mice?

do squirrels eat soup?
Not the soup i eat. Me and my Redneck family. Squirells are gourmet food to

Are wierd noises no the coolest things ever?
what do you meen by "weird noises"
i have a redneck family to

why do they call it bacon,you dont bake it you fry it!

I stole that question from Third Rock from the Sun, which I haven't watched in years now.
The word 'bacon' did not come about because of the 'baking' - you are correct. It actually came about when someone under-cooked the first ever 'rasher' ....

" Hey, Bob!! Put it 'back-on!" ... Back-on ... The civilisation had not got k in their alphabet so it was "Bac-on"

Hence the word 'Bacon' !!

There, hope that clears it all up! (Bit crap - apologies, next time ask someone else & you may get a more intelligent answer! Big Laugh Smilie )

Q: What is the average number of spots on a ladybird?

I'd have to say SIX

but i'm probably wrong...*sighs*

Why are sperm whales called "sperm" whales, and if there exists a colleration between name and substance, then whose stoopid idea was it to call em that?

Disturbed Smilie
I'm sure there's no connection at all. (easy answer Very Big Grin Smilie )

Where would we live if we couldn't live on earth anymore?
Mars, maybe?

How hot does the cheese on pizza get if it is burned with lave from Mt. Doom?
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