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Thread: How random can you be?

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My Dad snoring!!!!!!!

Is there any thing more wierd than seeing ppl go CRAZY over some one they will never even know?
For me its so much fun to see ppl make fools of themselves, lol.
I can think of weirder things. Like people sticking a carrot in their ear in an attempt to be funny. Or people doing Christmas shopping in August.

Why are so many people afraid of water?
I've got a friend like that and still don't understand it!! She hates water with a passion while I'm at my best in water. I dunno - just weird, I guess.

Why is it that you always seem to cry at the very moment you most don't want to??
Because the water you say you love so much is betraying you!

why do i come here every two hours that im at home?
Because it's fun here! Big Smile Smilie

Why do we use smilies so often?
For the same reason that A does, or BE does.

Who would win a fight between a velociraptor and a lion?? (Id go with the raptor.)
I think it will be the velociraptor. The lion won't stand a chance.

Wat's the best way to attract woodpeckers?
Plant a tree

Who would win in a match: Spiderman or Batman?
Spiderman would kick Bat features ass, he's only a peaked out human with gadgets afterall, whereas spidey is superhuman (Strength n agility, Webbiness, unreal investigative reporting skills err?)

Who'd win in chess, Professor Xavier or Jean-Luc Picard?

Why are rocks hard?
Because they are rock-hard!

Y does the Sun always rise from the east?
because if it rose from the west people would overreact and say stuff like (Oh no were gonna get a little radiation AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!)

Whats in my pocket?
I hope its not my Voodoo doll!

Y do we say "hello" on the phone even though we may be saying "hello" to a complete stranger?
That's why we in The Netherlands say our name first Smile Smilie

Why is the Earth round and not flat?
Because it doesn't spin fast enough.

Why is snow so much fun?
Snow? Fun? (icky snow, icky snow!) Hehe, um... snow is so much fun because it's frozen angel tears

Why do dogs walk in circles before laying down?
OMG!!!! LOOK AT THOSES GUYS OVER THERE!!! THEY ARE SOOOO HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wat am I suppose to answer? (That's my question for the next person)
Whatever my theory is

what is my theory (yes i have a theory and trust me u dont know, but somebody answer anyway)
your theory is that.....ummmm.....oh shoot! Its gone! Man and it was really good too!*cries*

Y are carrots orange instead of blue or even green?
Because they aren't!!!

Why are lions yellow?
Because they are afraid the bunny rabbits will eat them.

Are zebras black with white stripes or white with black stripes?
it depends on how hard u hit ur head on the magical tree of foolishness and comedy

if some1 lights me on fire while playing go fish will i fall asleep from boredom before i burn to death
Hi everyone!!! LOOK AT MEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

::opens a shoe box::

A string!

::looks for a violin::

here's one:if a tree,no,no.How about:why in the holy world do men have nipples?(can I say that?)Sorry if that isn't family-friendly.
Ummmmm............uh........I refuse to answer that! Hee heee hee

If ppl are so nice then why do they cuss?

Why is water wet?
because Fish cant breathe dry stuff

would a nuclear winter be cancelled out by global warming? Lighening Smilie
Right now I'm about as random as paint drying
Ok, the idea of this thread is that you answer the random question posted last and then post a new random question of your own. Teacher Smilie

I'll just start a new question then...

Why can't people fly?
Because it would make birds mad!

Why do trees grow up?
maybe because they don't like the underground.

Are there more fools or more sensible ppl in the world?

How does everyone like my avatar!? Hee hee hee
fer all i know
(why did you skip my question)

who is more foolish the fool or the fool that follows him?

Edited as well! The world will fall to my felling!
That would be the fool that follows....

Why am I tired at the moment?
Maybe because Monday has that effect on people.

When walking in the rain do you find that your hair seems greasier then if you hadn't washed it in days?
Yeah, it's called pollution.

Why is it that no matter how many times I check, the last pan of cookies always burn?
cause it always does...

Why do a bone growin' in the same place on each foot, which other folks dont have?
Errmm... Because you're you? Orc Going Huh Smilie

Why do the good always die young?
cause the word will be inherited by scum.
Why is an orange orange?
Because it has to be!

Why is a light bulb hot?
Well, if it wasn't, how else cld it attract so many moths to it? They all go for hot stuff.

Why is the Earth not flat?
Cause God finaly found his puncture repear kit. Ha, that was kinda easy!

How long does a beard have to be before you can lose a badger in it?
depends on the size of the badger

how big is the badger
Hey Ive got a question!

How many times can you say hello to your toes around somebody else? Try!
I can't try that again,the nice men in the white coats will come for me(but it's so fun to see people's faces!) So here's a random one.What do I have in my pocket?(cheers,Bilbo!)
you have atoms of a mattter, either solid, liquid or gas, arranged in a molecular structure, forming an object, liquid or gas. If an object, then you're not insane, but it usually depends on the object. If liquid, then you're stupid, you can't keep a liquid in your pocket, and if gas, then that's okay, it could be air.

Why are we all obssessed with Tolkien's stuff?
coz its good!

What if the grass was red? What wld have happened?
We'd be living on Mars the Red Planet - The Red Weed!

"the chances of anyithng coming from Mars is a million to one they say"

Tongue Smilie

What would happen to humanity if is was discovered that, without any room for doubt - that we were indeed

*alien smiley* Wary Smilie One Eye Smilie
War of The Worlds - Moody Blues. The Late Great Richard Burton's voice.

Anyway, some of us have already discovered we are aliens.

Is black a colour?
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