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Thread: How random can you be?

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(I hope this answer answers to your question that is so philosophical and powerful)

Religion says: To guard over my creation!

I say: I don't know why we should exist but I guess that we exist in this world to help uncover mysteries of Science! The world needs a society that has a brain to mingle with innocent and the brainless.
(Thanks for giving me an Idea!)

Is Human Religion Human Delusion?
No. But its the delusion that gave rise to religion.

If the leaves didn't fall in "fall", what would the season "fall" would have been called?
"Bob" Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

How far can you jump blindfolded?
Well it depends, if you're talking about without falling down or running into something, then ... not far AT ALL. If you're referring to whatever, then until I fall into the nearest convient pole, or bucket of mayonaise. ;D

Would you want a magic flying coconut that could take you all around the world?
YEAH!!! Let's go to England!!!! But .... a car like Lady Penelope's in Thunderbirds would do better, I think. The car in the movie, it looks cooler. Except make it a Rolls Royce. And make it something OTHER THAN PINK!!!! YUK!!!!

Would you like to wear a Pink Victorian Dress with a really really big bundle of a petticoat? (Oh, I hope the next person who posts is male!!)
Obviously and definitely no!

Why is a dry bath called so even though we use water?
because people would rather be dry.

What is the meaning of WAB?? If you arent Loni take a guess
Abbreviation for "We Are bonkers"!

Why do people kill each other?
Cause it is fun.

Why do we spend so much time on PT
Cause it's fun.

How are you this fine, rainy day?
Quite okay, I guess.

Where were you last night?
In bed listening to the thunderstorm going on outside.

What were you doing an hour ago?
Taking a physics quiz :P

Cause it's fun.

What's the name of your parrot?
I don't have a parrot.

Why are we trting to understand life on Mars even though we can't understand the Earth life?
I think it's because even though we live on crowded planet, as a race we feel quite lonely. In this huge, huge universe, are we really alone. One sole planet in a lonely backwater of space that is teeming with life.... We just need to know we are not alone. If we find even the most basic life forms on Mars, the mathematics will tell us the chances of life occuring elsewhere too are almost certain.

If we did discover other extra-terrestrial intelligent life, what is the chance we would immediately declare war upon it?
Due to the Powers that be, 100% - it's always shoot first ask questions later !!!! which is wrong.

Why is it when you dial a wrong number, the person is always in
Because some twisted maniac up in the sky gets a kick out it. (But it's better than them not being home and you leaving a messge. Animated Wink Smilie )

If Jimmy cracked corn and no one cares why is there a song about him?
Because "his Master's gone away" and since there was no one to tell Jimmy to stop cracking corn, humanity was suddenly chest-deep in the stuff; which was rising towards our necks, and the song was an advertisment for the Master to return and bail us out. (The preceding was merely conjecture on my part and has no basis in reality.)

How many stones does it take to sink the boat?
More than one, less than a billion.

Why is the sky blue?
Because it doesn't have any red or green clothes in its wardrobe.

Who called you last on your mobile phone?
My cousin.

What chance do we have of growing wings in the future?
Very little while we have the resources to provide powered flight.

Why are rules made to be broken?
because it's so funny... Very Evil Smilie

when have you done your last journey abroad?
What chance do we have of growing wings in the future?

I've got some already!!!!!!!!!! Very Big Grin Smilie

Went to Italy last October - wonderful

So many people speak English - why is it called English
it originated in england.

Whats with all the mars posts that have been popping up recently
Going back to Maydmarion's question -- I assume it's called English since it stemmed out of Anglo-Saxon.

Robbin -- I have no idea what you're talking about. Do you mean "Mars" as in the planet or the candy bar? Perhaps it's because aliens are infiltrating our computer systems.

When you are in another country, and attempt to speak another language, why do they answer you in English? (For if they answer your question, then they understood what you said!)
For the same reason we try to talk to them in their own language. Its called mutual understanding.

Why is Mars so red?
Because Slartibartfast had completely run out of blue after doing the Earth.

Why do we keep on asking questions?
Coz we all love being friendly and enjoy being on PT

Why are colours called the colours they are i.e why is red - red, blue - blue etc...
Because it would be rather silly and confusing to call red green, blue yellow, black purple and orange pink.

Can you swim?
I'm sorry but I can't swim.

Do you think it is reasonable to conduct a research about the issue "Gameboys and etc. cause epilepsy?"
Yes, or else the papers will be quite empty!

What, according to you, is the greatest invention by mankind?
Writing, for with it we have been able to build on the experiances of others who have gone on before, and leave ours for those to come. The story tellers could pass on information from before, but it wasn't as efficient as writing.


What's the most random question you ever had to answer?
Do you like cream cheese.

Do you like SHINY things?
Yes, only if the shine doesn't wear off on my hands afterwards.

What do you say when you pick up your phone?
"Allo Allo Allo. Is this the party to whom I am speaking?"

The bird is on the wing, the fish is on its fin, and all is well with the whirl.
But the bird is wet, the fish is dead and I've lost my girl.

Do you consider Grondy as absent-minded?
Only when he forgets to post the next statement after he posts his answer. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

I did that on porpoise. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

See the soft sea slowly sinking slightly southernly.
And have your high hopes hanging high hopping heavenly.

Why has Grondy stopped asking random question on this thread? (which is "How random can you be?" and not "Twist my words" as I think he believes)
You know Lord_Aragorn86 I was wondering the same thing, but thought maybe I had misunderstood the nature of his posts. But I do admire the Grondmaster's use of words and his taste in literature; although I have no idea where he found that last one.

If you could spend your mithril like it was real money, how much would you have and what would you buy with it?
I have 806 pieces of mithril and I would pay the elves or fairies to come and fix my garden for me.

Why is it the older I get the more like my mother I sound
Because you are a normal human female and all members of that group stereotypically suffer from that same paranoia. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

How many ping-pong balls can you swallow in one sitting? WARNING: Do not try this at home or any where else, for it could lead to loss of life!

(LA_86: I forgot to add the Question Smilie icon to the end of my previous post in this thread; sorry.)

(TJ: I just made it up.)
As many ping-pong balls as my stomach can hold!

If cars run on petrol, what is the use of roads?

(Grondy, that wouldn't have looked like a question even if you had added a question mark to it.)
Because trucks run on roads.

What would happen if you put an entire wheel of cheese up your nose?

I'd have to breathe through my mouth. Tongue Smilie

What is the greatest invention of all time?
The A B C , knowledge of writing
How many times can a man turn his head ?
Coffee. . . .. . .

What sport are you good at?
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