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Thread: How random can you be?

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No. It would not allow us to have secrets. And moreover, it would have put the multilinguists out of their jobs.

Why do we sometimes get this frenzy of spending all the money you've got?
Because then you can complain about not having any. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

why do some people like pain
Haven't the slightest old chap.

Did you comb your hair today?

Yes I did. I was looking like a punk when I woke up so I had to.

Have you had a bath yet?
yes I've just done a hot bath!!!

what are you going to do tonight?

Finish going through this message board and then watch a DVD

What is the furthest you have ever walked?
Well, the furthest I've ever walked in one day is 26.2 miles. It's the furthest I've ever run too.

Why do we have to contemplate the make up of every little piece of food that goes into our mouths?
So that we can identify the every little piece of the liquid that comes back up out of our mouth.

Why do we make rules even if we do not want them?
Because rules rule. Ha!

What will be the next thing you'll do?
Run through the rest of the posts here, check my mail, shut down the computer, eat and watch a DVD.

What's the last thing you printed?
My homework.

Have you ever been in a fire
No, but the house around the corner from us when I was twelve burnt down late one night. It was a very tragic thing-the family was very poor and could not afford electricity, so they were using candles as a light source, and the firemen said that a curtain had ignited. The horrible part was that four out of their six children died in the fire that night, one of them being my kid sister's best friend. I can still remember the low rumble of the firetrucks we all heard that sister was very emotionally scarred by Skye's death and still to this day mentions it now and again. The only consolation anyone had over the whole thing was the belief that the children had gone on to a better place. Sad Smilie

On a lighter note (sorry for the downer),
What exactly do the birds say when they are chirping to one another?
Well when it's first thing in the am it's "tee hee they have to get up in a few hours - let's keep them awake till then".Very Evil Smilie

During the day it's "Lets wait till she puts out her washing/washes her car then we can go for a ... toilet - what berries have you had today??" Very Evil Smilie

Well that's what the birds on my roof are saying - I'm thinking of putting a sleeping draft in their breadcrumbs - no I wouldn't really Angel Smilie I'll just let my cats to keep an eye on them.

Why do you always want a particulaer thing to eat when you don't have it in and you know you don't have it in
sorry I said that Laurelindhe ilmarin
Because there are hungarian puppeteers around every corner. they are the people who keep you up when you ride your bike. And they take over your minds and make you want something stupid. Like spotted dick. And I've never tried spotted dick. But it looks weird. not that I've ever seen it. I saw it on telly. Is that enough?

Why is the rum gone? (I have NOT been watching 'Pirates of the Caribbean'!)
quote]sorry I said that Laurelindhe ilmarin

That was a really nice reply Robbin - well done Smile Smilie
I have no idea Loni - and spotted dick is only sponge with currents.

Why does a papercut hurt so much when it is so small
because cuts are like the saying the bigger they are the harder the fall in reverse. The smaller they are the more they hurt.
thank you but it was the least I could do Wiggle Smilie

Why do some people do tribal dances around fires when they aren't even a part of a tribe?
they wish they were part of a tribe of crazy dancers

why do Finnish astronauts live in chocolate houses?
Because they have grown to realize that chocolate is the efficient fuel of the future! LOL

No worries, Robbin...I knew it wasn't personal. Smile Smilie

What is the cheif export of Hawaii?
Sexy girls in skimpy grass skirts. Speaking of which*Innocently hands L a skimpy grass skirt and wiggles eye brows*

Ok, I know this has been done before but I've never heard an exceptable answer....
Mikey's a mouse
Donald's a duck
Pluto's a Dog
........what the heck is Goofey??
A walking, talking breed of half-human, half-canine family which are eventually very low on intelligence and prone to inexplecible accidents.

Why can't blind men see?
'cause of the black shades they wear.

Why can't we breathe water?
Because we don't have gills.

But why can't I?
Because you are special Grondy.

Why dont humans have wings. Chicken Smilie Wiggle Smilie it is the chicken dance
Um, they don't? Maybe I shouldn't have jumped off the roof last night then...gosh, my head hurts, not sure why...

Isn't the miniature elephant from Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow verrry freakish?(Just say yes.)
Never seen or heard about it. But I'll say no. How can little elephants be made to look freaky?
Special effects are awesome these days.

Is the gametophyte on the briophyte monoecious or diecious?
Sorry - me no talk in your language

Why do people always blame the receptionist - we only do what the Doctors tell us

sorry had a lot of moaning patients today - we really are nice people - honest Angel Smilie
Its human nature to blame someone else other than oneself for the mistakes. We can't blame the doctors because who knows we might be prescribed a poison next time so we blame the receptionist because its safer and while they are on their job, they are meant to speak politely and nicely no matter what.

Can a money counterfeitist's job be called a job since he "draws" his own salary?
I guess so because he earns more than if he draws the dole.

Why do bats roost upside down?
Perhaps their circulatory system is weak and their brains are in need of a good blood flow to work properly and to do this they must hang upside down. Being as they cannot acheive this while awake and flying, they choose to do it when they are sleeping...Is that what you would call bat-logic?

Why have humans not found a cure for their most threatening diseases?
Because those diseases fuel the medical industry -- capitalism!

Why do we call things by brand names instead of what they actually are -- for example, Coke instead of soda, Kleenex instead of tissue, Xerox instead of copy, etc.
so we blame the receptionist because its safer and while they are on their job, they are meant to speak politely and nicely no matter what

So today I said sorry to a patient about an appointment that had been cancelled by the Dr - the patient then said I didn't sound sorry enough....!!! Mad Smilie I know count to 10 and breath .....

The answer to the previous question is that if we called things by what they were, certain companies would not get their share in the profit of that product, also other companies would not be able to bring out the same item only with a different name - it's all in the money, as the saying goes.

Why is if you go early to an appointment/event it starts late - if you get to it late it's already started or you've missed it

Val just popped in to tidy up the misplaced /quote
sorry don't know what happened to the last quoty thing and can't correct it - sorry - honest I really really really am lol
Just click 'edit post' on your post, silly newbie bunny!!! Very Big Grin Smilie Big Laugh Smilie (Don't worry, it took me a while to catch on the whole quote thing, let alone the editing)

because all people who take appointments conspire against us. They are Hungarian puppeteers, no doubt. (Always blame the Hungarian puppeteers!)

Why is it that this site has no hobbit sjmileys?
Because people don't want you there Maydmarion.... Animated Wink Smilie

Why does time pass so fast when you are enjoying yourself? Dunce Smilie
Because you don't look at the clock when you're enjoying yourself. Well, I don't.

Why do we need clocks anyway?
To keep us all from being free to do as we like and remind us that sometimes we need to come back to reality. Sometimes.

Loni, I am part Hungarian...and I am a fairly decent puppeteer to boot...Mwahahahaha! Very Evil Smilie

Is it time yet?
Because people don't want you there Maydmarion.... you really mean it Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie

Loni I did try the edit thingy, it usually works oh I'm getting really Paranoid Smilie Very Sad Smilie

Is the glass half full or half empty
Depends whether it's castor oil or tea.

Loni, I am part Hungarian...and I am a fairly decent puppeteer to boot...Mwahahahaha!

NO!!!! NOOO!!!! And just in case you're all wondering what I have against Hungarian puppeteers, it's cause I saw on this cartoon programme this little thing. And it was called "How Things Werk" (Yes, Werk) and it was about how you stay up on your bicycle. They said it was because there are Hungarian puppeteers flying around on thingies above you with marionette strings attached to your bicycle and that's how you stay up. So yeah. The hungarian puppeteers did it!!!

how do the Hungarian Puppeteers stay out of sight above you?
Their strings turn them invisible.

Why don't we like liver?
Because it starts with L.

Why are smileys yellow?
Because they sting like bees.

Why are there so many types of cars
Because there are so many types of humans.

Why are there so many types of humans?
Because it would be freakin' scary if we were all the same. Imagine meeting yourself a thousand times every day.

Who invented the pencil?
Someone who wanted to erase what he had written.

Why do some people invent discoveries?
Because they feel spending the time to make the actual discovery would be wastefull, so the invent a discovery. 'Cold Fusion' comes to mind as one of the invented discoveries.

How far into a fair wind can a flying fish fly?
As far as the intrument being used to measure the flight length will show.

Why are some people driven to the point of suicide?
The world has become a hectic place; as one of favorite characters from Shawshank Redemption, Brooks Hadlin, put it "The world went and got itself in a big da** hurry". This puts a lot of pressure on us all. Stress from school, employment, family, relationships, the need for success, and self-image do not help, either. A major event in someone's life can also affect the psyche, such as the death of a loved one, loss of a job, or a dissolution of a marriage, etc. I think all of these contributing factors can really depress a person into oblivion sometimes, and it is so easy to feel alone. Fortunately, no matter how isolated we feel, we are NEVER alone-there are wayyyy too many humans on this earth for any of us to be alone...all we have to do is learn to reach out to those in need of support.

Why do the majority of people not question their world or lives and accept everything for what it is without the possibility of something better?
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