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Thread: How random can you be?

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for the same reason i am reading you while i should be working..and it thatwe love PT and everything related on Tolkien

To be, or not to be?

And that is just not the question!

Why do some people like Shakespear (Have I spelled the guy's name correctly?) so much?
There are actually many ways to spell Shakespeare, and the way you wrote it is one, but the most common spelling is the one I just wrote. Shakespeare was a master of words, drama and wit. Others came close in the Jacobean period to Shakespeare, but nobody quite touched his mastery of language and rhythm.

Do you think Shakespeare was actually one person or several writers?
I believe he was an alien. I won't like his works even if many people sat and wrote those.

Why do some people like to speed so much?
They are in a big hurry to spend their lives rushing around and they want to get closer to death faster without the added perks of actually enjoying life. Or maybe they are running late because they are perpetually enjoying life too much to bother with time. Or maybe they are being chased by spectres and are afraid to slow down for fear of being ectoplasm-slimed. Perhaps they feel alive when they are challenged by getting somewhere within a limited time-frame. It could also be that they haven't eaten in five days(supermodels and actresses)and if they do not get to a fast food place so they can gorge themselves within the next two minutes, they might possibly disappear. Yes, that's it. One of those.

Eruwen, Skakespeare was actually one man with multiple-personality disorder... Wary Smilie

What the heck is that smell?
That, my friends, is the smell of shear insanity. It has a smelly smell. The kind of smell you know exactly when you see it. It reaks of odd thoughts and imaginative ways to injure yourself. The smell reverberates off of stained glass windows and smiles down upon you as you walk beneath. The smell is usually embodied in the form of those who would rather do a swan-dive into the glass, instead of decided whether it is half-empty or half-full. Those who love spending time endless hours conversing with themself, then asking why they are talking to themself, who then answers, 'I wouldn't be talking to me if you'd quit talking to me." They are the ones who laugh in the face of fear, because they do not realize that the source of that fear can probably kill them. They are the ones that believe they are always right, because all others know they are wrong. They are the odd. They are the weird. They are the INSANE!!! (Hisss.....)

When do SUPERHEROS take off their masks?

Who are "they"?
(Oops, I uh, forgot to type it, let me go fix that...)
Superheroes don't have masks. Those are their real faces. Their only option in life is to become Superheroes because of it. Oh yeah, Batman says to stop asking questions. Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Why do Superheroes wear tights? Not that we all mind...
a) because they had this great bodies which they can show the shole world
b) so they can move freelly
c) they are gay
d)just because
e)cheaper than a pair of levi’s

Why if there is a Superman, ther has to be supergirl, if Batman, Batgirl.. and so on?
It's called equality. Of course, there is no "Wonder Man" though. hehe.

What other superhero calls Superman a "big, blue boyscout?"
(Thumps chest proudly) I do.

Why are superheros so popular right now?
I dunno if they are real popular right now, to older people, but i know that lots of little kids (grade 3-6) kinda luv 'em, pretending to be them. But i find characters in books more interesting...

Why are we talking about super-heroes?
Because talking about superheroes is more interesting than talking about parsnips, don't cha know.

Okay folks, we have sort of gotten on a topic; do you think we could posibly add a little more randomness? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie


Can cabbages hear?
Yes, and they panic when we say 'cabbage soup'.

Okay folks, we have sort of gotten on a topic; do you think we could posibly add a little more randomness?

Thankyou Grondy! You finally got them off that subject (I hate super-heroes)

Can chimp's write/read?
NO THEY CAN'T!!!! Except me of course. Ha Ha Ha Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie

What's the difference between an opera and a musical? (Pick me, I KNOW THIS ONE)
an apple

I choose Lord Aragorn!

What were we talking about again?

So, why bother?
What's the difference between an opera and a musical? (Pick me, I KNOW THIS ONE)

an apple

Silly, it's that operas are ALL singing, NO words, and musicals have a series of songs they sing between speaking. Except operettas. They have SOME words. But it's still WABBED. I learnt that in Music!!! And in operas they have operatic warblings that are unintelligible, and in Musicals it actually DOES help if it's in English.

In answer to YOUR question, Grondy, it is so I can show off my great knowledge about random things. Like the above.

Is Grondy weird?
No - he makes more sense than the Pom/NZ hybrid we have here (only kidding...)

Who thinks Loni is mean for thinking Grondy could be wierd?
Not me.Loni's a gem. Elf Winking Smilie

Where does time go?
Into the past.

If you winched a helichopter up by its blades, would they snap off?
Wow, that's pretty random, Val...good job Smile Smilie. Hmmm....yes? I think they might snap, but that could just be because that's how I snapped the blades off of my plastic, toy helicopter as a kid.

If we were on a planet with several moons, do you think people would act stranger more often than they do now during a full moon?
No, the moons probably would not all be full at the same time. So, the moons would counter the effects of one another.

Why are some people so much more harry than others?
What is a harry?

Why do little kids always make huge messes and never clean it up?
That's the very question I keep asking myself everytime I wander around the house picking up after my little kids! I think it's because they value quality playtime much more than time wasted cleaning.

Did you ever see the movie Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang as a kid?
No, it came out too late, so I had to see it as a 24 year old grown-up.

Did you know the author of the James "007" Bond books, Ian Fleming, wrote Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang ?
*mouth hanging open in surprise*!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!!

Did you know that 007 carries a gun?...
Yes. Though the silencer is longer than the barrel of the gun, but yes!

What if the days were of 12 hours instead of 24 hours?
Life would be meaningless...

Who knows how the nose knows?
I do! But I'm not telling...

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Probably none. Wood doesn't actually interest woodchucks. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie

Did you know that the country of Singapore is the number-one exporter of technology?
Really? I thought it was Japan...

What's in the dumbwaiter shaft?
I haven't got the merest hint of the foggiest of notions. Elf Confused Smilie

Which way is up?
Opposite to down.

Which way would a compass point in space?
Well, the compass is round so we cannot say if it points anywhere at all. As for the needle, who knows?

How funny are you?
I am naturally hilarious, I think I could get a good carreer as a stand-up comedian...

Why do some dogs always seem to have worms?
Well it depends on what they eat!!! Puppy Smilie

Why does it never rain but it pours
Because the rain Gods fall asleep and when they wake up, they see that there is a drought, so to make up for their lack of watery generousity, they cause a deluge. I don't know, maybe because it's just our luck!

Do you think we are at "the turn of the tide"?
Most likely. All hell will break loose soon, I'm sure. (rolls eyes).

How do you eat a Reeses?
I nibble it so as to turn it from a full moon to a new moon.

How do you eat an Oreo?
Havent you seen the ads???
Twist it, Lick it, Dunk it...

Why do teachers always try to be so cool?
Really? What teachers have you had?!

Why do we spend months writing papers in school, very lengthy papers (especially theses), that only three people in the whole world will read?!
Because teachers are actually undercover cops and are trying to get handwriting samples.

Why do teachers make out that they want you to pass when the dont really?
They use reverse psychology. If they make you want to pass then ofcourse you'll fail.

Why do so many people don't like academics?
I dunno, anything where learning is involved has the right to be hated. And possibly egged as well.

Why are we all talking about a subject that we all hate?
Because hatred is essential to our lives, in one way or another.

How now, brown cow?
Home again, home again jiggley jog!

Quo Vadis?
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