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Thread: How random can you be?

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Black asphalt, blue sky, brown beauty bark, green trees, green shrubs, and an old black van with a bright blue two-man kayak upon its top.
Black asphalt, blue sky, brown beauty bark, green trees, green shrubs, and an old black van with a bright blue two-man kayak upon its top.

Where, oh where, has my little dog gone?
Why, he got a job as a stunt dog in a very famous circus, didn't you know?

Have you ever been part of a parade?
Yes. And shut up. Don't even ask why. Or how. Or what. Or Who. Or Where. Or ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!

Did Shpecklesh do it?
Yes, I'm afraid he did.

Who am I?
(edited on 9/26/04 by Magician Skip)
You are the skipping Magician.

What did you eat for dinner last night?
Macaroni and Cheese. Very good.

Did I just make Loni mad? Does she hate me?
Well, it's ironic that I turned up at this point in time. And SHE didn't, it's a HE. I have a rabbit called Speckles, and when i coo over him it sounds like Shpecklesh. And I'm always blaming things on him. And sometimes I don't even need a reason. Sometimes when it's too quiet, I just say: "Shpecklesh did it." and everyone goes: "Oh no, not again!" or if they're new acquaintances and haven't heard it before, they're like: "What? Who? Did WHAT?" And you're right, he did do it. But you don't make me mad. Cause it's hard to tell whether he's a boy or a girl, seeing as you can't SEE him........

Why are the ducks quacking outside?
The ducks are obviously quaking because you are throwing pillows at them...

Why won't pandas eat frozen grapes or melted pistachio nuts?
Even I wouldn't eat that, and the panda is bound to be a lot smarter than me...

Why do we breathe through our noses and not through our ears?
Because we'd die of asphyxiation when our Eustachian tubes plug up during a head cold?

Can you balance yourself, standing on only one hand?
Of course I can. I don't tend to do it though, as it only leaves 35 hands free to do other things.

How many wings does a giraffe have?
None. Giraffes fly using jetpacks.

Why are "rock" songs called so?
Because "Feather" just wouldn't work.

Why is it that there is no rain outside?
Because outside the in there is nothing but nothing and the fact that rain can be observed from inside the out is irrelevant, because rain cannot exist outside the in. I hope that's clear.

What's the time?
3:31:31 (EST)
Why are tennis balls fuzzy?
Because just like Samson, they loose the strength of their bounce when you shave their hair off. If you don't like that one; how about this one: Because they get too cold to bounce when you shave their hair off?

When is fire cold?
When it doesn't have its jacket? He he he...

What was(or is) your grandmother's middle name?
I have no idea! I will have to ask my parents about that one. . .
Hi Lauralindhi! Missed you around here!

Will you be anything for Halloween? If so, what?
Yes, I will be me, sitting at home.

What is your pet's name?
Marvin. He's a garden gnome that's not much to look at but a great conversationalist! He can recite the first chapter of the Hobbit from memory.

Do you believe in Santa Claus or Father Christmas?
If it means I get presents I'll believe in both of them!

Why wasn't the Titanic made out of cork?
Because the one they made out of cork was too bouyant. It drew so little water that the wind kept blowing it off its keel on to its side; and as there was no longer any self-righting element , it stayed that way. Super Scared Smilie Have you ever tried playing deck shuffleboard on a wall? Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie Orc Grinning Smilie
Ahh, no.

Have you ever run into a glass door?
I didn't know you went!

Did Shpecklesh do it? (I've asked this one before, you should know it)
Oh dear, what did he do this time? Or do I not want to know?

What is the strangest thing you have ever found in your desk?
Ummmmm, crumbs from a Pop-Tart???

Are you insane?
No... last time I checked! (though it has been a while... hehe)

What's your favourite month of the year?
November! My birthday and anniversary are both in November. This year will be our 15th anniversary, and I will be turning 42 years old. Sometimes I wonder how each event ever made it this far.

If you could re-write one scene from the LOTR movies, which scene would it be?
Dethenor's great flaming flying-leap. Jumping Flame Smilie

I'd either write it like the book or make it even more rediculous by having him richochett through hoops on the way down finishing with five Orcs holding up cards with one or two digits written on them. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Describe your shoelaces.
WEll, they're tied up, which is more than we can say of yesterdays attempt. They're really fat. They don't hang out. THey're attached to flat, black, laceup uniform shoes. And yeah.

What colour is your hair?
Dark brown.

And what color is yours?
Somewhere between dark brown and black.

What kind of shoes do you love most?
The kind of shoes that can fit perfectly on my feet.

Why does the word beautiful have such an ugly spelling?
I don't think it does.

-I suppose I had a great day...
-I'm fine, you?
-My shoes? Well, they are either invisible, or, O.o, not there...

A man who lives in North Carolina wants to be buried in South Carolina, but the state won't let him. Why not?

Because he's not dead?

If an airplane were to crash on the border between Canada and the U.S.; where would they bury the survivors?
Where ever they are when they eventually die I guess.

Who helped design and build the Bell Tower Light House off the coast of Scotland some 200 years ago?...........*clue* His grandson wrote a famous book about pirates....................................
Oh my giddy aunt, I watched the documentary not long ago! It was this dude, and I FORGOT HIS NAME!!!!!!! I knew it, I did! And they tried to get the men to work on Sunday, and only a few refused, and they built this thingy and the dude was annoyed cause they only did three thingies in two years! But it had been spent building the other thingy so they could live on the Rock! And it was called Bell Rock cause the monks tried to warn ships by attaching a bell to it! But the bell got wabbed by the sea. OH, I FORGOT HIS NAME!!!!!!! Okay. You can't go wrong with this. His name was WAB. (Wab changes its meaning every sixtyfourth of a nanosecond, so you can never say I'm wrong, cause it just changed since you said it)

Does the above make sense?
Umm, no, no not really. Wink Smilie

Do you agree with me?

Do you like to sing "Mary had a little lamb"?
No, sorry I don't (and can't) sing.

Are you online?
Not currently. What? Would I ever lie to you?

What was Robert Lewis Balfour Stevenson's paternal grandmother's husband's name?

(Actually he was the On-site Engineer and supervised the job of constructing the lighthouse, while Sir John Rennie was the Chief Engineer on the project. If I read it rightly.)

Was it Sir Michael Balfour?

Do you like to play in the rain?
No, I do not.


Do you think that watching someone eat an orange would be fun?
Not as much fun as watching someone eat a lemon.

Do you like watermelon?
A slice every now and then; though I've outgrown the spitting of watermellon seeds.

It was Robert Stevenson.

How far can you spit’when you're not being ladylike?
about 2 meters

Who was responsible for the splitting of the atom?
I forget, the neutron???

Do you wear a wig?
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