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Thread: How random can you be?

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cuz the dolt who asked you didn't know about your muteness...

What can a kangaroo do in your house?
If it's a scaled up version of what my rabbit does, it would be out on its ear.

How many people do you share your PC with?
Too little to count!! Ha Ha Ha Smilie

What picture would you hang in your washroom?
Well not exactly a picture but I do have a stafish, a seahorse and a fish that have funny faces, so if you er um sit you have something funny to look at! Wink Smilie

What was your worst nightmare
Being in this world where the Redwall characters were, and then strangely getting captured by my kindergarten teachers...and then, blurry...and then, my mother scolding me for something...called "too much fantasy"...and then waking up.

How much make-up do you think the big bad wolf had to put on before he met little red ridinghood in granny's cottage?
I bet the nanny was as pretty as a toad so I guess the wolf had just to put on some fake warts.

What if Fairy Tales were really facts instead of fiction?
I would get them to sign a signature book Tongue Smilie

If you could live on the sun would you?
Oh no - The Sun would be far toooo hot for me Jumping Flame Smilie - Maybe Pluto would be better for me! This girl don't like it hot.

If you could give someone a big soppy kiss, who would you choose?
my boyfriend, Matt.

Aren't the 'good things that come to those who wait' just the leftovers from the people that got there first?
I guess they are. You've just changed my attitude on life.

Why is pink considered to be a girlie colour? After all, it's just a colour.
cuz sometime faaaaaaaaar in the past Eve, the mother of all girls decided to wear pink...

Why don't people still use quills, they can get their shirts all inky and upset their moms .
Because they get their shirts all inky and upset their moms, neither of which make for happy vibes.

Okay so it's 'When in Rome, do as the Romans do', but what are you supposed to do when you can't get to Rome?
You go to the North Pole instead. Then you can do whatever you like.

What if all the police were armed with only Anduril?
Then they would be able to summon a very powerful Army of the Dead (assuming Aragorn hadnt yet).

What if an experimental scientist, named Griffin, came to your town and he was invisible?
He wouldn't be noticed unless he did something stupid.

How many peas does it take to make up one cup of peas.
one pound about. i know.

If people were completely selfless, what would happen?
the world would be a better place

Can you get cornered in a round room?
Depends on where the door is, really...

Who'd write their oaths on a piece of tissue paper?
someone who didnt have a piece of paper. or someone who always sneezed.

Why do we teach kids that violence is not the answer and then have them read about wars in school that solved America's problems?
becuse whe where supposed to learn of our mistakes like those wars and how can you know where do you go if you don't know from where you came from
i'ts my black t-shirt on the laundry?
No your red T-shirt is in the laundry; your black T-shirt is hanging on the left side of the closet.

Wherefore art thou Remero? We know the location of Romeo, but not that of his cousin.
in Antarctica, that is why he was never mentioned.

What happens to an 18 hour bra after 18 hours?
I volunteer to wait around and see.

Most clothes are designed to keep us warm or dry etc.... So what's the point of ties?
they make you look more professional

what happens when you shake up a coke then put it in a microwave?
WARNING: Don't do this at home or any where else, for that matter, for the life you save may be mine, or maybe your own.

If it's in a can the can arcs and burns out the microwave. If't it is in a tightly closed bottle, it will explode. If it in an open cup it will froth and boil.

Can pigs fly yet?
yes. in my world they can.

What does the K in K-mart actually stand for?
Kitty-cat, for all I know...

Why do women like make-up?
1. not all women/girls like make-up (like me)
2. because they are wierd and they think it makes them look preety

Why does caregiver and caretaker mean the same thing?
They do?? Oh well, I guess it's because some old clooney who made up the words wanted to be creative and made up two words meaning the same thing...

How come I can never fall asleep counting sheep?
because you cant count high.

Why are Pringles curved?
Because when we made them with inside corners, they always broke at the junction of the two planes and failed to remain whole while scooping up dip. Yet when we made them curved they were strong enough to stay intact while scooping up dip. Besides, the curved ones stacked better and tasted a little bit less like the machine on which they were made. Actually, I'm just making this up, but you must admit it doues sound plausible. Elf Winking Smilie

When you go hunting for heffalump, oliphaunt, and/or elephant, which calibre do you prefer for your rubber-band or cork-pop gun?
A very very big one. Maybe one of those big rootbeer bottles... I'd swish coke up inside them and it'd explode towards the hunted animal...

What kind of person wears pants on their head?
one who feel very very very very very very very very very very confident about how they look. also the person might want to find out who their real friends are. (the ones who sticked byside the person who was wearing their pants on their head would be their true friends)

Why is Donkey Kong called "DONKEY" Kong if he's a monkey?
I don't know. Maybe they're implying that he's an... uh, never mind... Smile Smilie
How many marshmallows make's perfect hot chocolate?
None! Never put marshmallows in hot chocolate!

Why do we think the Earth is round again?
because when we look over the edge, we can see China

Why do we enjoy posting random questions on a message board?
cuz otherwise the message board would be bored and it'd make us bored, and we'll all be affected with boredom and that'll make us cranky...

Why do people pick their noses if there's nothing in them?
You mean the Booger Thief got there first?

Why do some online radio programs require we only use MS Media Player, instead of allowing us to choose RealPlayer?
Very Mad Smilie Waddup!? Serching Smilie iam not generaly speaking english so .. =/ im not so good at it either. >.> .. .. but that won't stop me from eating j00! Moderator Smilie well i dunnot like elf's tho they tastes like rubber D= .. and human's tastes like oliphant .. mmm thats goodie.. =D .. well ... LATERS.
Twas odd.....

Should Mickey Mouse have been a pirate?
'course... I mean, his ears are perfect for some biiig earring, and if necessary he can make a perfect eye patch out of one. he's also got the perfect crew, goofy, the horror of the seven seas (and of anything else) and pluto the fearless who can certainly stand anything except maybe water. who cares... what's even more: this guy looks reeeaaally frightening.

why do these ostrich guys permanently put their heads into the sand?

Because they are ashamed of their last haircut/perm and wish to hide it.

When you draw the 'Go to Jail', can you collect $200 if you pass G0?
No, you can't, unless you rob the bank on your way to jail, there's nobody to stop you, y'know ( I certainly don't recall any police in the game)

Do fountain pens come from waterfalls?
No they don't, they come from ink wells.

( I certainly don't recall any police in the game)
Your opponents are the police, prosecutor, judge, and jury in the game called Monopoly; you can only get away with what they allow or overlook.

When looking through 3-D glasses backwards (similar to looking through the big end of binoculars) does the image appear inside out and behind you?
yes, because that would be logical, although im not supposed to be logical here, oh well!

Do movie producers still say lights, camera, and action when it is a dark scene?
Yes, because they're gonna need all three in a dark scene!
Your opponents are the police, prosecutor, judge, and jury in the game called Monopoly; you can only get away with what they allow or overlook

Really? I thought that was Clue...

Who named the sun "Sun"?
the same person who named the moon "moon", mars "mars", the tree "tree", the sky "sky", the house "house", Pluto "pluto" (i think you get my point)

Why is it illegal to park in a handicapped parking space but its ok to use a handicapped toilet?
Well talking from someone who uses the disabled parking (I have a bad back) there are never enough spaces and it's soooo frustrating to see people using the space when they shouldn't. As for the loos - they don't seem to be such great demand, think it's something to do with uses public loos. Jumping Flame Smilie

Why is it the older I get, the younger I act and feel!!! Very Mad Smilie

It's my burfday wheeeeee Birthday Smilie
I don't know, but I've now found that "The older I get, the better I was!" is starting to make sense. Especially today, for I just got a dime sized hole cut in my back to drain an infected cist. Yuck!!!

Do you ever have one of those days, weeks, or months?
uh.... a week were i get drilled in the back? no.....

no wonder ppl are wierd....they are talking to me!....random....question? why am i soo random right now?
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