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Thread: How random can you be?

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Why do we remember things with rose tinted glasses?
They protect us from getting blind of our own darkness.

Why do criminals always return to the place of the crime?
To ensure they have left their calling card so they get their due credit in the 'Annals of Crime'.

Where have all the flowers gone?
They died. because Persophone is in the Underworld with Hades because she just had to eat those pomegranet seeds.

Why are there so many different religions
Because there are so many different people.

What if the Sun vanished tomorrow?
Then Polar Bears and Penguins would rule the world!!

How fast do you have to go to keep up with the sun so you're never in darkness? thatz a tricky one?
I guess, a speed enough to go round the world in 24 hours. You can calculate the exact speed by diving the circumference of Earth by 24 (the number of hours in a day).

Why is the human mind so complex?
Why indeed?
Because if it wasnt complex then we would all go back to the hunter/gather stage...although i dont think thats such a bad idea...

Do the Alphabet song and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star have the same tune?

(why did you just sing the two above songs?)
I believe so, but they may not be in the same key.

Why did the server eat my previous three typed in long-winded answers to this thread yesterday when I hadn't saved a copy, so I had to redo it all over again and again before finally giving up for the day. Question Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie
cuz im in the process of helping the squirrels take over the world and thats alll part of our plans

why does....why do....who is....wot am i trying to say?
Something we wouldn't want to hear.

Why is traffic becoming increasingly congested?
Because the Nature wants it to burst someday to restore the balance.

What should one do to fall asleep when counting sheep doesn't help?
count the railings on the fence they are jumping over?

what would happen if everyone life in existance on this earth turned on a light at the same time?
a giant man would say turn that dam light off ur wasting energy

i love random stuff

"how many single celled amebas does it take to change a light bulb"
lots...cuz if you only had one or two, they couldnt hold a new lightbulb.

Can you cry underwater?
of course you can, or else why would the oceans be all salty?

Is there a thing such as black light?
Sure is. What else do you think the Blac Hole Sun emits?

Where did all the dodos go?
off a cliff they thought they could fly.

they were wrong.

"how many roads must a man walk down, before u can call him a man."
when he walk for so long he grows a beard

who here thinks that were all bombarded with super hero films such as spiderman fantastic 4 x men hulk etc
ME!!! but i dont think have watched any of them lol

have you ever been down by the bay where the water mellons grow, and had to go to your home where you must go, cause if you do, your mother will say," have you ever seen a goose kissing a moose?" and i wonder if you really have?. . . . .
Nope, can't say that I have.

Do penguins have knees?
They mustn't, if they did, they wouldn't waddle... then they pengins! You can't have a pengin if it don't waddle....

If you're cross-eyed and have dyslexia, can you read all right?

I don't think that the two will negate each other.

Why is the Sun yellow?
I think it's something to do with the colour Very Mad Smilie....hee hee

Jesus was born in a hot country - so why is Christmas depicted as snowy Elf Confused Smilie
as 'christmas' has spead all over the world, by that i mean places that does have snow itz depicted as snowy as the majority of country's with higher communication can tell everyone else that itz snowing (sorry if that made no sense!)

in the story of Jesus' birth, King Herod heard that there was going to be a 'new king' being born so he sent 3 men to find him and kill him, so why would god put a shining star in the sky to guide men to find Jesus and kill him? was it god or was it someone else?
"... but they returned another way.", these passing through travellers ignored Herod's command to tell him if they found this infant, After they found him, they went home by-passing Herod and keeping the secret from him.

Now we need to change where the last couple of threads are leading and get off the Bible story discussion.

How many partridges can fit in a pear tree?
one...or else youd go against the song...and you dont want that now do you? thought so....

why do light bulbs turn on? why dont they activate?
For the simple reason that bulbs don't deactivate but turn off.

How does one define boredome?
by doing nothing and right bored on your forehead

(Grondy my question was why would god put the star there not what happened and what the men did)

when i was little i remember seing pictures of apples with worms in the them, why a worm i ve never seen one in an apple before?!
Because the apples you got were always picked so as not to have any worms in them. However, if you ever go to an apple orchard and pick an apple up from the ground, you're bound to find a worm in it.

Where does all the spam come from?
from a can! lol

If you go to San Fransisco, would you put a flower in your hair?
What color flower?

Why are M&Ms called "M&Ms?"

hmmm i suppose that they are called m and m's because the people who made it wanted to find a name that didnt make sense so that then it could be asked on forums such as this!!!!

If skys the limit then what is space?
well, our sky is the limit, that means that if you are on the moon then space is inbetween you and the limit.

but if youre on earth and the sky's the limit then wot is space?
The sky was the limit until we invented rockets capable of achieving the escape velocity of the earth (11200 meters per second, approximately 25,000 miles per hour).

Space is that area/volume between anything and something else; it can be as small, if not smaller, than that between electrons to that containing the whole of universe from one side to the other, were we able to determine where either side was. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Does your chewing gum lose its flavor on the bedpost over night?
Yes, in fact it does, or did, when I still had a bedpost...

Do you know the muffin man?

Yeah, he studies in the 3rd grade with me. And then he dropped out!

Will machines really rule us one day?
No we wont unless something happens to Arnold Schwarzenegger we'll be safe for a while.

Has anyone looked at that link for the star wars site on one of the forums on this site?
Now we need to change where the last couple of threads are leading and get off the Bible story discussion.

I didn't mean to start a religious debate - I was just wondering about the snow Sad Smilie
Has anyone looked at that link for the star wars site on one of the forums on this site?

No, I haven't.

Why is snow white?
coz other wise it would be snow black and the seven dwarves

how many ufos are in this world right now
Technically, anything in the sky that you can't recognise is an Unidentified Flying Object. So the number of UFOs in this world actually depends upon your ignorance of things in the sky.

How's the ground beneath you?
Quite earthy, thank you for asking.

And what is the difference between a raven and a writing desk Question Smilie
Well, the last time I checked, a writing desk couldn't fly.

Why is music so soothing?
It may have something to do with our being beasts at heart.

What would you rather be doing, than what you should be doing, in lieu of what you are in reality doing?
I would rather be sleeping!

Why do monkeys like bananas so much?
there yellow and monkeys hate yellow so they try to rip them up

why do mums never know when to shut up
It's something we learn to do as we grow up - we become more like our own mums. Plus the older you get the more you can get away with. There is another know women like to talk Ha Ha Ha Smilie Well I do...see what I mean!!!!

Why is when you go in for an exam you freeze

oh by the way I passed my 2nd computer exam - 1 to go Super Scared Smilie
That's because your hands become cold and your brain becomes numb.

What if Earth was square?
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