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Thread: How random can you be?

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i think more fools because you hear about foolish things more often then smart thing right?

Have you ever met someone who keeps "singing" a poem about water?
No. But I do say various variations of the verse, "Water water everywhere; but not one drop to drink."

Why is common sense so uncommon?
i... don't really know, but i think its because:
Are there more fools or smart people in the world?

I think my answer to that covered it... (more fools) because there is a foolish thing right there, hey

Have you ever tried to spraypaint or shave a dog/cat/animal? I wouldn't want to get into tangles with the PCTA.

Do you have the answer to every question?
no, but i like to try and answer with some randomness involved but its fun.

Ever heard of Cellulos?
Hint: cows can digest them
I have heard about Cellulose. Cow Sleeping Smilie

Yes, Eva. Odins ravens, Hugin and Munin, thought and memory. Big sister is watching you! Also the Valkyries were said to take the shape of ravens. I am Norwegian and Norse is part of my history. Combinded with me being a CM, I find it all quite fitting. Smile Smilie

Lord_aragorn86 said:
I think that Amarie should have an avatar that has good choice of colours like green, red, blue etc. Or something that shows people what she really evil avatar! Muahahaha!

You think LA86 should be more pleased now?
Hmmm, Lord_Aragorn86 is still a bit of a mystery to me, so I'm not sure Amarie. Suffice it to say we should be ourselves and let others do their own worrying. By the way, I liked your little pixie avatar that you had before better. But after reading the tie-in to Nordic history, I find your new one more appealing. At first I thought you were just feeling a little dark and moody...sorta Edgar Allan Poe-ish...nevermore!

Do you like hot and spicey foods? So Angry Smilie

Coffee or tea?
Chocolate Milk.

What if tonsils were the cure for cancer?
Eating them, or having them? Because eating them would be cannibalism... As far as having them, then I would think scientists would have noticed the trend by now... but I'd be safe Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Would you rather go without food for a day or books for a week?
i rather go out of food for a week than books for one day...

Classic rock or Alternativa rock?
books for a week because i absolutely love to eat Orc Grinning Smilie (i am not fat though!!)

Which would you prefer to eat -- (a) Raw Fish, (b) Crocodile, (c) An assortment of pidgeon, dove and some other birds?
Gimme that raw fish!!! I love sushi and sushimi!!! Come on, where is it? FALSE ADVERTISING!!!

If human beings are only capable of using 8-15 percent of their brain function at any given time, including what is used for motor skills and nervous system and vital organs, etc., what is the other 92-85 percent of brain used for?
as i previously answered to a question, there ARE more fools in the world than smart people.
Gimme that raw fish!!! I love sushi and sushimi!!! Come on, where is it? FALSE ADVERTISING!!!

Are you getting hungry???

Do you know anybody currently living in a tree-house/box?
noooo.... But I once spent a weekend in the rabbit cage... And in my shed...

What was the last movie you watched?
the last movie wold be... The Fast and The Furious (on dvd)

What is the longest time period you have ever stayed awake?
About 36 hrs

why is the Took a fool?
Because all the fools have been proved to be Tooks!

Why is Earth called the "blue ball" even though it has green, yellow and white colours also on it?

You think LA86 should be more pleased now?

Yes, quite pleased, thank you!
Yes, quite pleased, thank you!

Really? *pretends to faint* Well that is good, cause I am quite pleased as well. Smile Smilie

Blue ball. Well it is mostly blue. Mars is called the red planet, though I would say it is mostly orange.

What name/nickname do you think aliens have for our planet?
Extra-Terrestrial Planet!

Do you believe that there is something out there?
I definatly believe that there is something out there. i mean cmon..we surely cant be the only living things in this universe.

What do u think Aliens really look like?
Burnt blobs of meat....after Vee is done with them!

Why do most people want to be so beautiful?
Because the Media is posioning their minds... and because middle school culture can be so cruel if you're not.

What if the Matrix was real?
Then we would all develop a serious complex everytime the telephone rang. We would also need lots of aspirins for the headaches you would surely get everytime you had to link yourself to the matrix (that part always makes me shiver.)

Super Scared Smilie Shaking Head Smilie

If you had to spend one month in total isolation from other humans, where would you rather be?
In the great depths of Siberia, where If Vee banishes me, I'll be anyway!!!!!!!! But I love Vee, so I don't think I'll get banished.

Why is this the best site ever?

(I know this is easy, but...)
It's secretly run by Oompa-Loompas? Big Laugh Smilie

What vegetable is the "sister" of broccoli?
Squash. Yes, definitely.

Why is Vee's avatar so cool?
probably because it is done in some real expensive program like photoshop.

Have you ever tried to eat a book? (or is that discrimination or something here lol)
Yes, the pages get soggy and you can't spit them out.

Kung-Fu or Karate?
Karate because I want I occasionally think I am the Karate Kid

The Chicken or the Egg or a Bunny suit?
Scientifically speaking, the egg, due to Darwin's Theory of Evolution, which is a touchy subject.

Why is Grondmaster such a model citizen? P.S. I like model citizens.
Because after experiancing all those decades I finally got it through my head what not to do. But I still find that I'm having to learn things the hard way. Elk Grinning Smilie

If water flows up hill, why can't penguins fly?
Because after all that time in a tuxedo, they have become elitists and think that flying is for, well, birds!

How is it possible for dogs to hear higher frequency sounds than ourselves?
through it's ear!!!

Why do giraffes have such massive necks?
If by massive you mean long- so their feet can touch the ground.

Why are things called what they are called?
Well, to be honest, things are named after whoever invented or discovered them: the lightpost is called such after its creator, Melvin Lightpost. An antelope was first seen by a Mr. Syrus Antelope. A zeppelin, probably the most famed failure of the industrial era, was named after(of course) Led Zeppelin! Big Laugh Smilie **Of course, I am joking, for those who might take me seriously...

Why are humans seldom happy with what they have?
Because they are extremely greedy, unlike me, I am one of a kind...

Why do really smart people get paid out a lot?
PS. I am not smart but I like to read so I go alright in English if i don't talk and get tons of detentions lol.
Because they know how to avoid getting paid low.

Why have the questions on this thread taken a serious note?
I don't really know...
By the way, congrats on the 1000 posts mark.

Why do old teachers always seem angry?
Because they are human too

Why does it snow in March? Where is the spring!
russians belive murch is still winter. they say spring comes in may.
in my country people call murch "crazy month".

would you like to live on an uninhabited island?why?
No, because then I would have reason to be called a loner...

What would inspire you to bathe in sewerage?
What would inspire you to bathe in sewerage? ...

Hmmm... Let me think about this one...

The obvious one would be - For a whole heap of cash! Actually - a wee heap would probably do it for me!!

Another would be if sewerage was proved to be in some way - good for your skin..?

Although - none of those could be described as 'Inspiring' - more like a reason, so...

I guess inspiration could come from bathing in it if you were in a position where you wanted to become 'as one' with filth & waste... A book, perhaps?!?


Q: Why does the chicken need to get to the other side of the road, anyway?!?
To get to the shop.

What's with Lass' obsession with chickens?
Chickens have a superior intellect to us humans and are actually the next phase in the "Birds Take Over the World" Plan, to be put into effect in 2008...

Is Richard Branson actually the devil?
No the Devil is actually a member of this site known as Virumor.

Why actually do the Norwegian&Swedish&Finnish&English flags look so similar?
Because they are all European i think.

What is the point of keeping pet goldfish
So that you can look at it and go "Ooooo, shiny, haha."

Why do you think Tolkien called hobbits hobbitsQuestion Smilie
Because it sounds reeeeeeeally funny when Gollum says it! *shrug*

How long is a piece of string?

Twice as long as it would be were you to cut it in half. Ha Ha Ha Smilie

How long can you hold your breath?
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