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Thread: How random can you be?

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depends on how old it is

(tethelles meens either who are you or what do you want,but it might be slightly different than how i spelled it ive never seen it written,if anyone knows for sure what it meens please tell me,or if you know which word is what do you want in greek,i forgot both and im pretty sure tethelles was one of them)

why do postmen deliver mail instead of post?
Because it's bothersome trying to lug around big wooden posts than having to carry some metal on your back Wink Smilie

Can (or could) you ahve gotton wool from a wooly mammoth?
Yes, as a result prehistoric man always got nasty itchy jumpers from his prehistoric Gran every christmas.

What is the most gut wrenchingly terrifying thing you have ever seen?
Cat eyes glowing in the dark and the cat hissing at me.
And big hairy spiders.
Super Scared Smilie

Do you believe there is life on other planets?
No, not really.

What is grass made of?
Little fairies that disguise themselves as the the little thready things when you pull a blade of grass apart.


What kind of grass did you mean?

The big ugly crab grass that litters one's lawn.

What does an apple taste like on the moon?
An apple with less weight and therefore low fat?

If they can put a man on the moon, why don't they send them all there?
because we would make the moon a dump and cause cosmic polution

why do i always forget what i meant to type?
Because you take too long to type it! Jus' kidding...

How much more is eleventy-seven than eleventy-four?

(and your right i type too slow because i need time to remember what i was going to type DAAAAAAAAH!)

why does a tree grow when a pig doesnt and the rooster is choking on a goldfish while the cat eats beans and the pigeon is dying because it ate too much rice and i dont know what happened to the dog,but a man cant live off bread alone so bring me a burger,and now the panda is eating grass while a horse eats bamboo and i cant stop typing because im under the pressure of a lot of caffeine and nobody knows the trouble ive seen,and theres a lake of stew and whiskey too,you can paddle around them in a big canoe at the big rock candy mountain.and the cow jumped over the moon CRASH NOOOO i broke the innkeepers mugs and dissappeared under the table because of that ring,NOOOOOOOOO PRECIOUS!
My only possible response, to that, err, absolute nonsense, is:

Where did my marbles go?

you put them in your mouth rode a mechanical bull and spat them out one by one despite your efforts to retain them
(what state are you in icey,assuming your American,were always on at the same time)

whose line is it anyway?lol

Neither the answer nor the question is original; I must brand the initials of the chosen one to the broad of my forehead in order to recompense. That word may not be used correctly.
Louisiana! Whose line? MY line! Here's another of my lines:

I believe its my life's quest to outwit others, which isn't hard to do when you're surrounded by dimwits.

Do you eat glue? Or dogfood? Or other food that should not be edible for humans?


Why can't a fly bird?

(read carefully! lol)
because im not going to take the time to think about that at all

where am i?
Up a tree on Hampstead Heath.

What colour is my right sock?
The colour of my tail.

How much wood could a?

Why don't all those stupid game threads which have nothing to do with Tolkien just get deleted?
Because I won't allow it.

How random can you be?
Very. But I seem to have met my superior..

Cut and pasted from If anyone manage to find out what it says, please post!


Subject: It is deserter that American marines official calls by U.S. army hostage who kidnaps

It is deserter that American marines official calls by U.S. army hostage who kidnaps On June 30 electricity American marines official's teachings of 29 days in Xinhua net Washington , the marines privates tile by kidnaps of Iraq being living squeezes in the Ali breathes out that the pine is living to be kidnapped preceding that the resolution is escape away the barracks because the essence accepts the irritate , returns Lebanon old home

The U.S. << bulletion when New York >> Web Site invocation of 30 days this official who is not ready to the ovet surname and personal name it is told that , " to breathe out the pine is the Iraqi that he looked upon to girl friend by some is foold , the result drops in kidnapper's hand " This official says , breathes out the pine current year 24 years , is born from Lebanon . He seeed with one's own eyes a battle companion and was forced to heat that the frightful occasion queen that the shell bursts the smashedly essence is subjected to the very great irritate.

What does it say?
I. have. no. idea...

Is your Spidey-Sense tingling?

no,and i dont like that movie and am avoiding the sequel so get out my computer!

(the things unrelated to Tolkien dont get deleted because even though Tolkien was brilliant we need to keep in mind there are other,slightly more mundane,things out there that we could do)

why do you hate me?
I don't hate you.........I don't unless you want me to.....even then...

Do you have hair on your head?
No...........I have frizz today and thank you so much for reminding me!!!!!!!!!!! Paranoid Smilie

Who am I???
Not anyone I seem to know, sorry... Look Around Smilie


Can I help it?
Probably not, for it seems to be congenital. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Why do zephers whisper?
I'd say it's more of a murmur than a whisper.

Hmm, yes I have a doormat, if that's what you mean.
Are my posts irritating?
I wouldn't know, I haven't read many of them....

Do you have worms?

(Eeww!!!! Gross!)

Only in a tobacco can when I'm going fishing.

How high is up?
As high as low is down.

What does your name start with?
A capital letter.

If a train crashes right on the Polish/Swedish border (Is there such a place?) In what country should the survivors be buried on?
Ya don't bury survivors! Unless, they want to be, that is...

Do I have problems?

(I don't if Poland borders Sweden or not... I'm off to look!)

5 mins later: (It doesn't! There is water between them. So, I guess the survivors drowned...)

compared to me: no

what is that?

I don't have problems. Eh-heh-heh... marmaluke.
What? Where? Wary Smilie

How long's that been like that?
Since it was born... *points to Ar-37 and laughs* and its still here!!! Heh heh, just kidding...

What are ooples and banoonoos?

the names of the alien leaders

why is why if it is not a part of the alphabet but a word with its own letter in the alphabet yet i am still here?

I should probably cite the question that I stole this one from...
Because I don't know what you're talking about.

Is there life on earth?
I tend to think there is.

Why is cheese yellow?
Because it lacks self confidence.

What do you get if you cross an Elephant and a Rhino?
a riphant or in Middle-Earth a Rhiphaunt

who shot J.R.?
Aah, that would be Mr.Shoote,R.

Where will I find intelligence?
Right here.

Who are you?
Im myself

what do chipmunks do in their free time?

Welcome back La86!you probably dont know me,i joined around the time you left
Isn't it obvious? They chip monks.

no thanks,not hungry.

am i going to live?
Depends on how you behave.

Why is the sky blue?

Because at my school, the winning house which i am in, which won last year, is blue. And the sky is cool, so of course it had to support EDGECUMBE and be blue!
Who wants to hear Edgecumbe's chants? Didn't think so. Well, I'll tell you anyway.

And I can't be bothered doing the rest, cause they're long. Better than the other houses, who only have one or two chants each, and we have 14!!!!!!!


It was all me. I confess.

Who's there?
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