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Thread: How random can you be?

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Coz PT members have sooo many thoughts, questions and answers in their heads, we can't get everything out in one go and then of course we think of something else, which is just as important.
PT members are the greatest - in my opinion Kiss Smilie yea pt yea pt yea pt

Why is it the more sleep you have the more tired you feel
That's simply human greed, you get a bit, you want more of it, and your appetite never gets sated...

Why do people sometimes act unlike themselves?
i act unlike myself cause i have a split personality dissorder.....

what kind of humor is the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy? besides randomness...
i dont know. maybe hitchikery funniyess. i havent seen the movie or read the books

since a running back runs forward why is he called a running back?
Because after he gets tackled, he has to get up, brush himself off, and go running back to the huddle to get the next play.

How many leaves grow on a Douglas Fir tree?
none? they are all needles right?

why is ansering not as fun as asking? i mean switch that/
Coz you never know if the anser you give is the answer the questioner is looking for?? One Eye Smilie

Why does your nose run when you eat a curry - well everyone I know has this problem Jumping Flame Smilie
trying to get away from the curry. a typical nose-curryphobia. just like cats and dogs, you know...

why is glass transparent?
so little kids can run into it

why are large quanities of water blue when small ones are clear?
because the colour green was already claimed by grass, etc. and so blue was the second choice. but as it was decided by the big ones without asking the smaller quantities, they are silently protesting against that by being clear.

why was this a horribly stupid answer?
I Well, it certainly can't be from considering its source, for that is much smarter than the statement of query.

Why are the odd numbered pages normally those on the right side of a book?
so then they dont have to ptint on the cover....or the publishers are all right minded...or something

why isnt heir Ranking within Planet Tolkien, a number of Gold Stars (also reflecting their ranking), this true antmore? i already asked but ill do it again
Because it would take two pages to carry my ten thousand plus which wouldn't allow any room for posting text. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Can you can-can standing knee-deep in doo-doo, or would trying to do that be a boo-boo, making you appear to be coo-coo?
Well, I suppose it'll be a boo-boo, but excuse my ignorance, what's a coo-coo??

Why am I wondering at some new baby talk Grondy has devised when I myself was a baby only thirteen years ago?
Baby talk! Be careful, my baby already can hear what is being talked off outside my body. Wink Smilie Who knows what is going on with Grondy.

What I am wondering about is how many books one can have possibly on their desk and still have room for a keyboard and mouse....
Well that depends on how high you can stack the books in piles before they fall down Ha Ha Ha Smilie
If you're really careful you can get stacks and stacks of books lol

Why is it when you dial a wrong pnone number the person is always in?
That is so that someone can tell you that you have got the wrong number.

What causes earthquakes?
A Balrog scratching himself Orc Grinning Smilie

What does your mirror usually show?
Orc Smiling Smilie

next knows wot i mean
Sorry Elrose ????

When did I grow the eyes in the back of my head that my mum used to have!!!

The day you mutated into a mum yourself.

Why can't we live alone?
Because "No man is an island" or because our wives, husbands, children, and/or parents think they'd be better off if we did. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie It is usually a matter of economics for two can usually live cheaper than one.

Why am I still listening to my local NPR radio station when they're running their semi-annual pledge drive all this week?
Because you enjoy listening to their pleading for money......and just when you can hear the tears in their voices........CLICK you chuckle with glee and turn off the radio.

Why is it that my computer causes me so much trouble? It seems to know when it is I that sits down before it.

hmmmm intresting....most likely u have bad Karma

y does Karma appear to work on me?
You must have good Karma and be a nice person Big Smile Smilie

Why do people insist on burning their garden rubbish on nice sunny days when I've got my washing out Angry Elf Smilie (it is illegal in the UK to have a bonfire before a certain time - is it the same worldwide)
cause everyone loves the nice cent of trash

y does my aim have to be sstupid and randomly close?
Because this world isn't perfect on the whole Smoke Smilie

How to find south direction standing on the North pole? Very Evil Smilie

It's in every direction! Teacher Smilie

Why does my fish spaz out every now and then? He almost jumps out of his bowl!
Because you left its bowl on top of the stove and accidently left the burner on.

If you are again standing on the North Pole, which way is north Question Smilie
Above you Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

What feature in a person's appearance is determinative when the first impression about him/her is being formed?
hmm, depends on wot looks the most obvious i guess, usaully thier eyes i would assume, and their mouth Wink Smilie (yes tht is America's obbsession with teeth)

wots ur favorite smiley? mine is Cat Smilie or Wiggle Smilie OMG! has anyone heard from Mirkwoodelf1997 or something? or did he just dissapear? favorite smilie would have to be Exploding Head Smilie or Genius Smilie

i think ive heard from Mirkwoodelf1977 (my aim)not Mirkwoodelf1997 and Rivendellelf1977...but im not sure

if ur body temp. is normally 98.6 degrees, then y is it when it is 98 degrees outside, nobodys comfortable?
cause thats the way life works.

im thinking of, wait, this isnt that thread...or is it? next no's wot thread this is?
the how random can u be thread
not the whos next thread

why is it that elrose has a bad memory (no offense Elrose)?
Because there are so many similar game threads in this tavern.

What happens to the huge bits of rocket that get jetisoned shortly after take-off?
it falls quickly back down to earth and kills millions of people Exploding Head Smilie muhahahahahah Very Evil Smilie

Can u breathe out of ur mouth and out of ur nose at the same time?
I can. Thanks Rivendellelf1977 , it was a very interesting thing to try I

Who was Tom Bombadil?( the answer: "merry fellow" is not accepted)
Tommy B. was a hobbit rescuer of some renown.

Why do I like reading things by written by Neil Gaiman?
Because it stirs you up intellectually.

Why don't we get pulled into the Sun if its gravitational field is so strong?
Coz when the earth get too hot we all go "oooooohhhhhh it's toooo hot Jumping Flame Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie we all start jumping and the earth jumps back.....

Of course the other more scientific reason is that the ice in the polar regions starts to melt causing a big steam and blocks the ways and the earth get lost.... see and you thought I was stupid Big Laugh Smilie

Why is it a paper cut (good name for a song he he) is sooo small but hurts like you've been stabbed?
Because you don't know how it hurts when you are stabbed. And moreover, its to emphasize on the "Handle with Care" part.

Why are game threads more popular than other threads?
Because people like to waste time with tasks that don't require thought, and usually these games are very simple, meaningless acts of boredom. I on the other hand would rather discuss more pressing matters, but am too lazy to search the message boards for topics. So, since these games are the most poular and appear on the homepage this is what I post in. LOL

What would happen if I threw a noodle into a public fountain?
All of the italians would throw in some sauce :S

How would the world be if everyone lived in a shoe?
You might never have to wear socks again...

Why can't elephant's fly?

because Gumby stole their mojo, and the fairys are out on a trip to Cabo, so they have to wait for more dust because Peter Pan can't come to the phone because he has a head cold and can't tell them to just think happy thoughts.

What would you do if you work up in a strange box with an evil green balloon, and you had no food or pants?
I'd make pants out of the evil green balloon - though green doesn't fit me.... oh no - and if he wasn't willing to cooperate I'd show him that I am so much more evil than he could ever be... oh, he'd turn green with envy... if he weren't already green...

why do most people object to talking to bananas? (most actually prefer an ananas... say it's much fun playing cards with them...)
It is an old legend. One day a long time ago people asked bananas for help as they were in great need and bananas refused to help them and from that moment couldn't find peace for their souls anywhere and became ghosts.Even now they try to speak to people,but nobody hears them Very Sad Smilie

In the sky two crocodiles flew.One to the South and the other was pink too.How much does a refrigerator cost if it's 7p.m.?
well, it depends on where you are...
if you live in Middle-earth...there is no electirciy
if you live in Southern part of the still farm...without refidgerators (dont take offense ne1...i live in Kentucky)
if you live in Northeastern USA...waaaayyyy too much money!!
if you live in Europe...wouldnt know...never been

What happens when you say 'Hi' to your friend named 'Jack' on an airplane?
He usually takes out a gun and shouts:"Everyone heard what she said? Freeze and put your hands in the air!"

What weighs more, a kilo of iron nails or a kilo of cotton wool?
i wouldnt know...i live in the USA and we dont use the metric both weigh the same!!

can u scream at the bottom of ur lungs?
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