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Thread: How random can you be?

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Some say out the window, but I think it goes into one of God's enormous jars for a few million years and then released back into current time...??? recycled time? Wary Smilie

Do you believe in ghosts?
do you?

how about aliens?
Yes I do.

Aren't you an alien in human shape?
who told you!?

what are message board posts?
This is a message board post!

Who sent you here?
I have never eaten haggis...though I am unsure if this is a good or bad thing...

Do you wash your hair or your body first in the shower?
Well, since the drops of water fall down from the top and I generally bath standing upside up, I guess its my head that gets washed before the rest of my body.

Santa Claus is supposed to give us what we want, who gives Santa what he wants?
Mrs Santaclause ofcourse!

Haggis is very good stuff, you just don't want to know how it is made.

What other food product is there that you really don't wanna know how it is prepared?
I'll pass on the haggis as well as knowing how Spam or menudo are made. Scary! Super Scared Smilie

Is our solar system just a small atom within a larger organism?
That used to be one of my pet theories, where the galaxies were comparable to molecules.

The making of sausage and politics are two other things one doesn't want to know too many details about.

How do hummingbirds fly backwards?
Very carefully. hee hee.

Hey, the solar system = atom theory is completely realistic though. They do have the same structure. It's totally one of my pet theories too!

Why do hummingbirds hum? Smile Smilie
Because they get bored of flying.

Why did man want to know about atoms and molecules?
Because he likes to micro-manage things. Big Laugh Smilie

If there is sentient life on other planets (and I think there is), what do you think are their greatest hopes and fears?
Greatest hope: We pay them a visit.
Greatest fear: After the visit we decide to take over their planet!

Why is it that some people don't have any sense of humour?
Stop talking about Virumor! Big Laugh Smilie (I'm totally kidding!)

Why are some people claustrophobic?
Because they are afraid of the way that word is spelled!

Why are some people the butt of everyone's jokes?
I expect it is merely because of the way you grip your fork. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie (No offense intended)

Okay now, before I remove this wire, are you sure you threw the circuit breaker, so there is no power flowing in this line?
Yea, but it didn't go very far because it was kind of heavy. Only about ten feet. is that enough?

So, why did that chicken cross the road?
Maybe he had nothing better to do.

What do you get when you cross a tree and a butter knife?
Hmm...I think the butter knife should watch its back; as witnessed by Saruman, trees can be rather combative if crossed...Yikes!

If our solar system is really just a micro-organism within a larger structure, like an atom, then is that larger structure really just a micro-organism in another larger structure? Is there any end to it all?
no I think there is not an end.... I can't imagine the end of's an endless thing.... Happy Elf Smilie
The end would only be a small part of a bigger end, which would be part of an even bigger end. So.... I guess it would only go on ending forever.

What can you see when you look out the window....... NOW! ?
A garden.... Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
You can't just answer, you have to post a question too. Rules are in post one on page one. Deal Smilie
oh thank you!! so........what is the oldest thing in the world??
Well, it isn't that petrified hairball my cat left under the dresser in my bedroom, but that might come in the top ten, if I had had a cat way back then.

What isn't deader than a doornail?
The petrified hairball you found under the dresser.

What would be the first thing you would do if you saw an alien?
I would ask him an autograph!!!

Why do women live longer than man?
Because after years and years of letting you apes control the remote for the television, we want to watch the shows you've been keeping us from!

Are women any further from being apes than men?

Are you? Big Laugh Smilie

If you were my brother, I would say that I was! (No offense meant)

Do you believe that the process of evolutionary change will reverse and that we'll be primates again?
i just asked the Magic 8-ball and it said... "it is decidely so"

are you naughty?
Do you have any doubts left?

If the world is getting warmer (global warming), then why are the temperatures in my place dipping over the years?
Because you need to close the refrigerator door! Snowman Smilie

Are we there yet?
Not yet, here, have a chocolate bar and be quiet.

How random can you be?
saying and asking nosense things...

Why isn't there a row 13 on aeroplanes? Super Wow Smilie
Because planes would have so many more problems if there was a row 13. (Yeah right!)

If we could grow our eyebrows long, do you think they would make a nice toupee?
AHAHAHAH oh yes they would.....a very nice toupee......

Was Uncle Sam a real person?
...Are Michael Jackson and George W. Bush really real people?

How can we replace our worldwide dependence on crude oil?
We can try to use hydrogen...

How does winning a large amount of money affect our life? Wiggle Smilie
Makes us (and others) think we're something that we're not.

Whatever happened to "For the Common Good"???
It was supplanted by greed, avarice, selfishness, and rudeness resulting in the degradation of common sense and decency.

All right! Who did that? We aren't going to start a new thread until whomever did that fesses up to it.
**sigh** Alright, it was me...(What did I do again?)

What's for dinner?
Mmmmm...Peruvian food! I can't wait!

Can we start the weekend yet?!
Please and thank you!

Do you believe in other life forms in the universe?
Of course!

How long can you go without sleep?
12 hours!!!!

Cow Sleeping Smilie

do you like Italian food?
Anything warm and covered in grease is a-ok in my book.

Why is it that as soon as you get what you want, you don't want it anymore?
Because: In this age of instant gratification,
We spend too little time in contemplation;
So that obtained with short anticipation,
Becomes the substance of condemnation.

(I spent ten minutes making that up; I wonder it's original or if I borrowed it from somewhere?)

Soup or Salad? Aye that is the question: Whether it is better to endure the leafy greens or the bowl of watery thinness?
I suppose it depends on the salad and the soup and how cold I am. Now, if it's some sort of squash soup or if the lettuce is covered in balsamic dressing and has feta cheese and walnuts...YUM!...then it would be very difficult to decide between the two.

Are we all individuals or part of an organic whole? (flashbacks to Monty Python on the first part Smile Smilie
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