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Thread: How random can you be?

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Then there would be an organization having little credence called the 'Round Earth Society'. Also the length of an hour would depend how far you were located from a corner. (Not really.)

Why didn't the jelly side of my toast land topmost this morning?
After a side of a toast is jellied, that mass of the side, M1, becomes greater than the other non-jellied side, say M2. And so when the piece of toast is dropped, the gravitational force, F, acts on the toast as per the formula F = M*G*H where
F is the Gravitational force
M is the mass of the object the force is acting on
G is the acceleration due to gravity
H is the height of the object from the ground.
And since M1 > M2, the force acting on the jellied side is more than that acting on the non-jellied side. Hence, the toast flips such that the jellied side is facing downwards and therefore, Grondy, your toast didn't land jellied side up.

Why does everything have a law that governs it?
for order!!! Teacher Smilie

Why didn't the jelly side of my toast land topmost this morning?

Grondy, don't you know the First Murphy's Law?
A dropped toast always lands on its buttered side!
I think the situation is the same with a jellied side Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Why is cooking considered a woman's duty? I object!!
I know. I hate cooking, Elen. I suppose it all goes back to the hunter/gatherer thing. My thinking now are not hunting anymore!!!

Here is a funny joke about the cooking thing, which I received today:
A man and his wife were having an argument about who should brew the coffee each morning.
The wife said, "You should do it, because you get up first, and then we don't have to wait as long to get our coffee."
The husband said, " You are in charge of cooking around here and
you should do it, because that is your job, and I can just wait for my coffee."
Wife replies, "No, you should do it, and besides, it is in the Bible
that the man should do the coffee."
Husband replies, "I can't believe that, show me."
So she fetched the Bible, and opened the New Testament and showed him at the top of several pages, that it indeed says.........."HEBREWS." Big Laugh Smilie

Why do we shiver when we are cold?
When we shiver, our muscles vibrate rapidly thus generating heat and helping our body to maintain body temperature.

What if we still had tails?
It would be easier to "whip it" lol and prolly easier to do alot of things like herd cattle and beat people up and split atoms.

what if we NEVER had tails??
Then that might totally disprove the theory of evolution! [sarcasm]And we can't have that now can we?[/sarcasm]

How were numbers discovered?

I have no idea but I suppose a man would say women invented numbers coz they always put 2 + 2 together and get 5 (so my hubby says!!!)

Why is it when I go to bed early and get enough sleep I feel more tired the next morning! Very Mad Smilie
Because you want to sleep more and more...greedy person. (Just Jokin)

Since bread is square, why is sandwich meat round?
Because when you cut off the crust from the square bread, it will now match the round lunchmeat and you get to save all the crusts for bread pudding. Happy Elf Smilie

If some birds fish, do some fish bird?
nope. Except dead birds maybe.

Why does it always rain on me?
I don't know but if I could I'd send some sunshine and a rainbow over to you. You seem very low at the moment..... Sad Smilie

Why is it my feet are always freezing but the rest of me is really hot
Have you checked your birth certificate lately? Actually, it is because your feet are the farthest from your internal power plant and your pump moves the heat exchanging juices through your piping system.

Why not do it today?

Because its better to do it tomorrow.

Where does the Sun hide every night?
Because it is scared of the stars.

How is it that you can say something to someone and the get completely irritated, and the someone else turn around and ask them the same thing and they are fine? all hugs and puppies?
Maybe its because they don't like you.

What if dinosaurs had never become extinct?
Well for one, can you imagine swimming and one popping up and two think of the noise. Then of course you would also have to try and avoid being eaten!

Why is it when you're going somewhere special, you get a spot - how does it know!!!!! (my sister got one on her forehead the day of her wedding - she looked as though she'd been shot)
Because the "spot maker" wants to ruin everyones day.

How is it that we put a man on the moon before we figured out it would be a good idea to put wheels on luggage?
hmmm because we are getting lazier and liking easy things better

why does the sun "shine?"
Because someone did a good job of sunpolishing.

Why do the stars twinkle but not the planets?

"Twinkle, twinkle little planet
How I wonder what you're anet,
Up above the world so high
Like a rock up in the sky
Twinkle, twinkle little planet
How I wonder what you're anet."

See it just doesn't seem to work.

How about:

"Sparkle, sparkle little rock
How I wonder what you ark,
Up above the world so high
Like a lump up in the sky
Sparkle, sparkle little rock
I think this song's a crock."

Can we leave Earth's gravity well by pulling up on our boot straps? Can we use a planet's suspenders to slingshot us to a higher orbit neighbor? Can we navigate through the asteroid belt by the seat of our pants or are we bound to end up with rock on our face.
It might be posible Grondy but I think the asteroid belt will be a easy to traverse until we hit upon the buckle.

So once stuff goes into a black hole what happens to it?
The wheelchair guy (Hawkings) has been deliberating that one for decades. I imagine it's similar to being sat on by a lot of fat people.

If you use a mobile phone to direct someone else to the bottom of a rainbow, do you have to share the pot of gold?
Surely that's up to them.

Why is Tolkien so popular?
If you have to ask, you can't afford it.

Where does Santa Claus get his suits made?
Mrs. Claus of course!

Why do so many people like Sci-Fi/Fantasy books? (not that i complain because i am just another sci-fi geek)
Because so many people wanna lose themselves into a fictional world away from the harsh reality.

What should one do on a Christmas Eve?
think about the huge credit card bill come January!!!!

What's wrong?
Everything that's not right.

Where did everybody go?
They are eating and sleeping, and working hard to pay-off their Christmas debts via extra jobs which doesn't leave much time for P-T.

Why as a three-legged stool more stable than a four-legged one?
I am not convinced it is. I think it depends on your center of gravity and relation to the distance from that to a line you could draw from leg to leg. You would have to tip farther to tip a 3 legged stool over.

How come everyone but me is a stupid driver.
Because everyone drives slower than you.

Should the Earth go for galactic conquest?
Maybe if we could actually find life on other planets-but really, I think we have enough fighting here on Earth as it is.

Do you think murder is justified in cases of extreme aggravation?
Murder is never justified.

Can 2006 be a worse year than 2005 has been, or will it be significantly better?
Well, obviously 2006 will be different for different people bringing different amount of sadness and happiness to everyone but all that we can do is to hope for the best and make a New Year Resolution to never to lose the bright outlook on life and stick to it.

Why is there so much hoolabaloo over the New Year?
I think it's because it's just one more reason to have fun and get a little too much tipsy by that i mean alot too much tipsy!!!

I know that this is a regularly asked question when you're on holiday but how do they get the ships into those little bottles?
Orc Grinning Smilie
Each mast is hinged at its base. After they build and rig the ship, they lay the mast and sails back toward the stern. After they insert the ship into the bottle they pull a thread tied to the top of the foremast until the masts, which are all tied together, are raised to their proper height and the thread is tied off on the bowsprit.

Why, after you click the exit button, do you suddenly remember you haven't yet saved the data you have been entering for the last half hour?
its all in the equation of the universe. if i click "post" or wotever the butoon is, i go on to do something else. then as soon as i remember that i opened a posting thing i forget wot i am reposting to so i have to press the back button and repeat. it all falls in the equation.

because I love you

Does your singing really sound better in the shower?
Depends on how you sound when you're not in the shower...

What is the answer to this question?

what is the question to that answer?
I don't know, because the Earth was destroyed to make way for a hyper-space by-pass, five minutes before the computer program to generate the question was due to be completed.

Where did you put it?
down by the bay where the watermelons grow!

To be or not to be, that is the question! what is it he wants to be???
He is a quilter and is about ready to stitch his finished front and back to the batting. He is trying to decide whether to do it all by himself, to form a quilting bee.

Does the Moon rise in response to the coyote's howl or is it the other way around?
The prior sounds about right.

Why does stuff cost so much?
Because everyone wants it.

Why are red and black the evil colours?
Because they're the colours of Milan.

Why do pigs fly ?
Because they would be subject to seasickness were they to travel by steamship. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

If it is twenty miles from here to there as the crow flies, how far is it as the snake slithers?
well u just put "20" miles into the equation,

let x=# of miles crow flies


wot is the answer if u plug 20 into x?
Error No. 23: Calculation can not be completed due to an incorrect number of parentheses in the above equation. In the hiearchy of mathmatical computations, multiplication and division have precedence over addition and subtraction except when indicated otherwise using parentheses. The number of close parentheses must equal number of open parentheses, else the computer hesitates and spits out an error message.
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