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Thread: How random can you be?

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Because you are way too Looni!

Why do my eyes water even when I'm not crying?
Because you just hit your toe and that hurts pretty bad!

Why does it takes so long before the Hobbit movie is made?
That's because they can't find enough peple with beards bushy enough to be dwarves...

Why don't people listen to classical music anymore, as they should?
i listen to classical music....

what have you had for dinner?
Teriyaki shrimp, orange chicken, and rice; for dessert was Straberry and Kiwi gelato

where is everyone?

how many countries have you visited?
**Sigh** Two. My own, and Mexico.
Yes, I know. Don't even say it.

Rhodry, you are sexy. Wink Smilie

This thread is "happening"because it requires no concentration or focus, which is perfect for the short-term memory-impaired, like meself.

Do you believe in the all-encompassing power of chocolate?
No; chocolate is a sweet to abate the desire for sugar, nothing more.

Where would we be if there was no Black Death plague back before the Renaissance?
better educated in the arts??...........

when was the last time you went skinny dipping?
Rhodry, the questions you are asking are scaring me. Never have I indulged in such things. And you are not sexy. You are a dairy farmer. It's impossible to fraternise with cows and be sexy. You must smell of cow pats!!! (I LOVE BEING MEAN!!!!!! Jumping Flame Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie Wiggle Smilie :wiggleSmile Smilie

Is Rhodry scaring anyone else?
Not scared exactly say more concerned

I am quite hungry can you recommend a good restaurant?
Do not go to a place that has the word "cockroach" anywhere in its name! Other than that, any restaurant should be good...

And even if Rhodry smelled like cow intestines, he'd still be sexy. Though, to be honest, I have never actually smelled cow intestines, so I am not sure that I actually could tolerate the odor, but I'd try, I would! And don't be afraid of old Rho. He doesn't bite-hard.

Were you secretly and madly in love with George McFly like I was(and still am)?

Nah, just give me Joe Flanigan Wink Smilie

When was the last time you listened to Howard Shore?

Is 'Tom Bombadillo' my Headteacher by any chance

why is such a talentless waste of space like paris what's her name so famous?
You mean you don't know yet? The world is inhabited by a bunch of idiots...

If Chess is a game of kings & emperors, and Go is a game of life and death, then what is the game of foolishness/idiots?
Chess isn't a game of kings and emperors. IT's a game OF ME!!!!!! I love chess. I can play International, Cambodian, and my cousin taught me Chinese once but I never mastered it. Hey, I was seven!!! Cambodian is so easy. They all move like rooks. And you get four turns each at the start. But capturing is weird. It's still real easy.

The game of fools is "Start a website and make a tolkien community and see what happens" (NO OFFENCE TAZ!!!!!) And Grep, for that matter.

Are blood-red costumes or pitch black costumes the more evil and ominous? OH, and they both have really swishy evil capes, if you were wondering.
Well, i always though it was that evil villains had costumes with pitch-black outsides and blood-red on the inside of the clothes...(for example, a cape that was black from the back,but red from the front.)

Pah, you should try Chinese Chess. Its really fun, and there is a piece that moves very differently from any other piece in all of the chess games. Go, however, is better than all of the Chess games. (if you have no idea whatsoever what Go is, go look it up on google or something.)

Guess what instruments i play.
piano, classical guitar and handbells. No wait, that's me.

Well, i always though it was that evil villains had costumes with pitch-black outsides and blood-red on the inside of the clothes...(for example, a cape that was black from the back,but red from the front.)

We should tell Andrew Lloyd WEbber that. I don't know, the whole black and red lining makes it look like a black dragon's mouth...... EW!!!! I like both. I'm rather partial to red, but black is the more ocnventional common form.
Riiiiight! And where's the question?
I will not tell a lie! After Loni spent hours the night before last writting her question, that red and black cape-dragon up and ate the paper on which it was written; this happened as she was on her way to school yesterday morning.

Will you still love me when I'm 64?
Yes, and I will love you even when I'm 64!

Are you a Beatles fan or a rolling Stones fan?
I like both, which I know is blasphamy, but there you go, I pretty much like all of the Fab 4s stuff, But I tend to only like the early stones, like lil red rooster, girl with far away eyes, can't always get what you want etc etc.......(heheheeh, love the start of GWFAE's)*so I ran 4 reds lights in the name of god, thank you Jesus, thank you lord*
Did the black and red caped dragon eat Rhodry's question too?

Where is the bathroom?
Take the left corrridor down the stairs.

Why do I get such low marks in the subjects I know?
Beacuse you get such good grades that it goes over the top and starts at the bottom again. Sort of a Y2K-problem thing.

How do you like my new avatar? If you can see my new avatar that is.
Yes i can see your avatar since I am not blind. Its quite ok. Bad choice of colours though!

Why are people going on an avatar changing spree?
Beacuse they have been waiting for months to be able to do it, and now they can.

Who, what, where and why?
Me, tired, here, didn't sleep well last night. Fast Asleep Smilie

Why are those marshmallow peep candies only made with white marshmallows? Does anyone make flavored marshmallows?

P.S. Nice avatar Amarie. Love it!!
Yes, Terrijayne. If you have a Wal-Mart or Super Wal-Mart(which, by the way, are technically the Anti-Christ)near you, they sell "Great Value" mini marshmellows that are yellow, green, pink and orange, though I am not sure what flavors they are, but they are fruity and a nice change of pace, as far as marshmellows go...

Do I need a new avatar too?
Thats all highly classified information that the yankees don't want me to know about. You must be one of their spies trying to reveal whether or not I know. I aint gonna tell you nothin'! NOTHING!

Who are you? Who-Who... Who-Who.......
A fun-loving, adventursome spirit, who loves running, fencing, hiking, camping, writing, reading, and playing the piano...or am I? Maybe it's all a yankee facade! Mwahahahahaha!

How in the world were marshmallows invented? (poor horsies) Sad Smilie

Love the avatar, Amarie!
Some people went really mellow while eating globs of who-knows-what extracted from the marshes. Hence the name marshmallows!

Does everyone like amaerie's avatar only because she's a Council Member and thus has unimaginable powers? Lighening Smilie Good and Evil Smilie
No, I actually, truly like Amarie's new avatar. I love the color pink (and all related shades); her little faye character seems so fragile that I can almost picture it shimmering in the garden at night.

What avatar do you think she should have? Question Smilie
I think that Amarie should have an avatar that has good choice of colours like green, red, blue etc. Or something that shows people what she really evil avatar! Muahahaha!

Why did America invent its own English?
Because we are a breed of pompous, self-righteous plagerizers who cannot construct their own language due to a huge lack of mental resource...Duh, it's because we started out English, but we have absorbed many words into our language from the various different cultures that have "melted" into our "pot"...or something like that...personally, I think our English is grammatically inferior to our father language, but oh well...blame it on the Merry Cans!

What does your favorite(favourite)color say about you?
My favorite colours - Red and Black say that I'm evil but also warm-blooded.

Is it true that one's handwriting reflects one's personality? So if I change my hndwriting, does it mean, I'm a changed person? Also, do forgers have multiple personalities?
The answer to that question would be like uriniating on a statue of a duck. There is just no telling. I think you would turn into a vogon and save neverland from that evil Bob Saget. Forgers have split-personality disorders and enjoy Chinese food, but only on days that don't end with Y.

Am I a wizard Harry?
DON'T BE STUPID!!!!! Of course you aren't. You're a wab.

Why did America invent its own English?

Sorry, but I absolutely HAVE to answer this. Do you mean how the Americans always spell things wrong? Well, you know what? I hate to admit it, but it's not the Americans spelling things wrong. They get their spelling straight from Latin, and English gets it from Latin through the French, who ALWAYS have to put their ten pence in. (The -u-)

Did I sound extremely brainy just then?

OMG, did you really!!???!
Oh no! I was just pretending to!

Can any substance be boiling cold?
no, i don't think...... Elf Confused Smilie

what are you thinking now?
I'm thinking about how to answer the question!

Do you believe in the parallel universe theory?
I believe in many parallel universes. We are in a state of constant division, and it is up to us to seek out those other existing selves. There are so many extensions of who and what we are that by thinking we exist only as we are in the here and now is extremely limiting. We need to begin thinking beyond boundaries. So...actually, I believe parallel universes aren't really separate from us, they are a part of us, and by recognizing them as separate and parallel, we merely build up more boundaries to who we are. We need to begin seeking beyond our boundaries in order to make everything whole again.

Is anyone else a fan of William Blake?
no...I'm not....

do you have more than 2 houses?
Yes. I have three. Technically my Dad owns the one I'm in now. No, I have four. I have my little shed at the bottom of the garden. I have my Sylvanian dollshouse, and I have the dollhouse my Mum made for me. It's three stories. The Sylvanian is four. Oooh, I'm rich.

Who's William Blake?

Have you ever watched a proper performance on stage in a theatre? Like, a real one. Not your school performance.
I am a fan of William Blake! I am also a fan of his artwork.

Anyway, to answer Loni's question, I have seen a couple professional musicals and have been in a few operas in college. The theater is usually a pretty neat experience. You don't have to be a fan to enjoy it. Cool Smilie

What does the phrase "as the crow flies" mean?
Melian -- I'm so glad to know someone else is a fan of Blake and his illuminated drawings. He changed my life when I was 19.

Loni -- William Blake is a famous English writer, often considered one of the Romantics, but he is really on the cusp of the movement. He actually incorporates many ideas from the German Romantics, and not to mention religious fanatics such as Swedenborg who are considered to be on the edge of occult status.

I don't have a response to the "as the crow flies" question though...someone else will have to come up with that Smile Smilie.
What does the phrase "as the crow flies" mean?
It is a term used in measuring the straight line distance between two geographical points, like if you could travel by air, ignoring the distance you would have to travel following a road or path which has to curve around mountains and follow twisty river valleys.

Got milk?
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