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Thread: How random can you be?

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it depends if ur standing on your head

iz it true if ur fingers are bigger on one hand than the other?
is wat true?

is bad a bad word?
to answer the question in the answer from my previous question

i have a ring an i can get it on my left hand but sometimes i cant but i an always get it on my right

ignore this
i suppose it could mean a bad word if you actually said a very bad word in front of it

if a knight in a game of chess is in the very corner of the board how many places could the knight actually move to?
The grand total two.

Why may not the King in the same game, move into check Question Smilie
well in order for a KING to move INTO check it needs to go next to another king (preferably the other teams king) but that would be a mistake on your part because kings can only move one space and if it goes next to another king by standing next to it clearly the other king would take you. unless the knight i spoke of was in a place where it could take the opposing teams king to prevent it from taking your king. im really sorry if this makes no sense whatso ever haha!!!!!!!!

Can you allow water to slowly flow down your throat without you swallowing because i cant!!!!
hmm.... i dont know, i have never tried:S

Does anyone really know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop? I mean really? Doesnt different peoples saliva break down different? and now that i have said that, did i just answer my own question?
for me 135, comeon its halloween ooo journal entry time o ya...umm then yes yes.

next gets confuseed w/ things like ROTFWL and OLA (other long acronyms)
WOT well in kno wot lol means and g2g and stuff tell me wot they mean im curious now!!!!!!

Why do people say that when they are cold they want to be hot and when they are hot they want to be cold? it doent make sense!!!!!!!!!
Because people don't make sense, and they don't realize that when their bodies are cold, they are truthfully hot, so that when they are hot, their bodies are cold once more... yeah. whateva...

Do you know---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------the muffin man?
The muffin man! *No...not my gumdrop buttons!!!*

Why was Halloween once known as All Hallows Eve?
Because November first is all saints' day when we remember (honor) those saints that have passed before us, though we borrowed the date from the pagan day when they try to keep their dead in the ground? Except I think 'the day of the dead' is a couple days from now.

can anyone further enlighten us and clear up my misconceptions and enhance my correct guesses?
not me

next read all of Grondies post...wait this is not whos next...whered that go i havent seen it in a while
next knows wot Caritas means. (its latin)
WOT well in kno wot lol means and g2g and stuff tell me wot they mean im curious now!!!!!!
well, ROTFWL is rolling on the floor w/ laughter and OLA is other long acronyms
lol ok. Sry i could have told you that. but anyway

What if lucky charms wasnt soo magically delicious? How would that affect your everyday life?
it wouldnt.

Smile Smilie

y is BBC America the best tv channel and the only one worth watching?
It is? I never knew that...

What if there were no more chickens in the world?
then we would all have duck eggs for breckfast, and the stupid rooster wouldnt wake me up at 6:00

wot if answering machines treid to take over the world?
we would hear lots of beeping

what if there wasn't somewhere over the rainbow? what would there be?
thered be somewhere under the rainbow...i mean where else would you go...

Why didnt the chain holding the one ring turn invisible?

(i think i might know the answer though)
cuz the ring had to touch all the sides of something, on that note, Sauron didnt turn invisible....something about controlling it right? didnt gandalf say something about that?

do u think that question on PT was random? on that note, do u think we should give random ratings? thad be entertaining...
random ratings? nice idea, but how to determine the degree of randomness?
that was the question by the way Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Randomly, of course. :grins:

Why does education exists?
So that we are intelligent enough to have websites and forums such as this, if none went to skool then Tolkien would never had written his life long pieces of perfection!!!!!!!

Is there a practical joke that doesn't involve people jumping out of their skin by a noise or something?
In the book, "A Stranger in a strange place", the stranger dislikes humour, because as he points out, it is always directed at someone's misfortune.

Why does time appear to flow faster as you get older?
because when you are younger your are too busy to care about time. when you get older you are more aware of things!!

Do you think that the race of men would make this world such a horrible place to such an extent that all moral principals from past times will be forgotten?
I've heard about some ancient egyptian manuscript in which it was written smth like:"the new generation is awful and totally without principles".I think the main norms of morality are the same in every time but in different ages they are seen from different points of view and because of that have some individual features.So I beleive the basic laws will remain while the mankind exists.

What was the first joke?
grrr gumm nurg sall?
hurg surg ferg!
*grunt grunt grunt*

’y doest the english languge use ’'s to indicate when something is a question? ’
because the english lanugage is made up of random rules and makes no sense (dont take offense english "native" lanugage is english)

Why do people have so many random questions?
cuz no one ever bothered to tell us why penguins dont fly.

y dont people remember to close their tags like the bold tags....of course i always do....
because some of us are just too heart broken that the toilets don't flush to the left instead of the right, so they forget that the tags are on, because the toilet is more important.

what would happen if you were stranded on a boat in the middle of the ocean, and all you had was one flare, without a flare gun, a midgit in buttless chaps, and a pink bananna?

lets eat the midget, cook him/her on the flare and use the pink bannanna as a radio. the chaps would prevent my lips from getting chapped

wot would u do if i just stopped posting...forever
If you had posted a post saying that you would stop posting forever or left the site altogether i think that we would all try to write journal entries and a thread to say goodbye but if you had left you wouldnt be able to see it so you wouldnt know if we did it anyway!!

Why are crop circles calles crop circles when most of them arent circle they are random lines and various other shapes?
cuz the first ones were just regular circles...

how many fingures am i holding up??

Why are beach rocks round Question Smilie did you know??....thats amazing

cuz they came from theocean and the water eroded away at them till they were round

why are squirrels soo cool?
Because they just popped out of the refrigerator.

Why is it that one feels less like studying as the exams draw nearer?
you do? you must be a wierdo...or it might be me thats the wierdo...:P

why is it so easy to make fun of Lord Aragorn?
and if you are insulted, sorry, no offense meant ect. ect.)
Because he lives too far away to whack you out of your senses.

What does a love-hate relationship mean?

a love hate relationship is like...a junky (dom monagen in LOST) to heiorowen. they neeed it but they hate it cuz the cant remember the night before.

has anyone else heard of Flooging Molly? they rock my sox off!
No. Who are they?
Noone knows except Elrose.

How to open a tin without a tin-opener?
but pop tops (Flogging Molly's a band)

next knows Tenaciuos D?
I've heard of that but are you getting this thread confused with the 'whose next' thread? sry.

Have you ever went to seal one of those ziplock like bags of mozarella cheese and got a whiff of just how horrible it really smells? IT SMELLS REALLY BBBBAAAADDDD!
sry, I experienced it for the first time today. I am starting theropy on Monday. . . . . . .
ya, ive done that (i think, not to sure bout it...)

why must the keyboaard on everything cept cpu's be in alphabetical order?
Good question. Perhaps the person that created it didn't use the Roman alphabet, and didn't know what order the letters should go in.

Why do men have nipples?
eeew you really want to know? OK, guys have them because when they are babies they must release a hormone that is stored in them in birth that helped them in the 9 month period of pregnancy!!!!! there you go!!

Why is Mickey MOUSE bigger than his DOG Pluto???
To show us who's the boss.

Why are cartoons so much fun?
It's nice to slip out of reality, you know all the bad things that happen.

The main thing a cartoon is for, is to make you laugh and laughter makes the world go around and you get less wrinkles from laughing.

Why is too much of a good thing bad for you - what about lurve!!! In Love Smilie
Because we can become obsessed with a good thing and fail to get on with our lives. Remember the mirror in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and Dumbledore's advice about looking in it too much?

Wherefore art thou?
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