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Thread: How random can you be?

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The last time I wore a wig it was when I was eight. It was blonde, and it was really messy hair. And it didn't fully cover my hair. Brown and blonde! And I had to wear it in a play. I was a mad cameraman. Sad. But it was funny!

Have you ever heard of someone from PT called Snowgum?

Would you like spiders or mosquitoes?
Mosquitoes more than Spiders, 'cause they can't go creepy-crawlie all over me. They don't have eight legs, and the majority of them aren't poisonous, so I don't have much to worry about in that area.

Which do would you prefer, freezing, drowning, or burning?
(sort of morbid, sorry, but it was all I could think of.)

I suppose drowning would be the quickest way of the three to go, however; I fully intent to die in my sleep, thank you very much! Which would you prefer?

What am I saying when I say:Your highly grammatical conjections are far too copious for my diminishing comprehensions, therefore if you continue to illucidate so emphatically, I'll be forced to horizontalize your irregularities!????????

I may not even know! Big Laugh Smilie
You're saying I'm smart.

What's your favourite drink?
One part yellow grapefruit juice to two parts Diet 7-Up. I take one to bed with me every night; it really quenches my thirst: especially after waking up in the wee smalls with a mouth full of pillow or 'Phantom Eagle' droppings. Dead Smilie

Laurelindhe ilmarin: I think you were saying, "Shut your trap or I'll shut it for you!" in much nicer and more highfalutin words. But of course I may be wrong. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Where would you rather be doing what, instead of?
You are correct, Grondy. It is a mouthful, isn't it?

I'd rather be in a small cottage in the English countryside, safe from the downpour outside, by a warm fire with a good book, drinking Perrier, with my best fuzzy slippers on, than here in dreary Arrid-zona, collecting dust and getting no younger...actually, I am content, but I really would like to do the above at least once in my life. Is that what you meant, Grondmaster?

What is the current temperature outside where you are?
Its a chilly fall morning here in Iowa. The temperature is 42 degrees (Farenheit), the trees are turning golden and red due to autumn's magical touch, and it should warm up to be a nice day.

If you had to repeat your life over again, what would you do different?

Why do people build memorial bridges?(I wouldn't want people driving over a memorial for me! Not that there will be one. AND not that I would ever force thousands of people into short lives of slave labor to build one. No, not I.
I think memorial bridges represent the passing from one "world" to another, therefore it is a good method for remembering someone's passing. For example, the Greeks believed that when you die, you must pass over the River Styx by paying a coin to the skeletal Charon. Isn't there a Viking myth about the Rainbow Bridge as well? Also, in many myths and stories, the baddies can't pass over water...a bridge provides an opening for escape into safety. A bridge is a very meaningful symbol.

What is your greatest treasure? (that is, what you already have, not what you desire to have)
My greatest treasure? It must be to not have ever had a broken heart, but, unfortunatly, to break someone elses...

If Waldo married Carmen Sandiego would anyone be able to find the wedding?

Aww come one, I hate to see a good thread die! Somebody post something please!!!!

w00t! Somebody made a smiley just for me:

Wolf Smilie


Be patient, Ice. Maybe it's because no one has ever heard of these people, and therefore cannot answer the question. Bad Icey! Down! *joking*

how many angels can YOU fit on the end of a pin?
Not very many, for they won't stand for it; they'd much rather sit .

Where in the World (Europe, Universe) is Carmen Sandiego plus Where's Waldo: Sorry, I don't know the answer.

What do the three bears eat when they can't get porridge?
WEll, let's see. Bears aren't that much different to ducks. Both animals, and all. And my ducks are outisde, eating snails, grass, bugs, lettuce, and they're trying to eat polystyrene. So yeah. That.

How many mithril pieces would YOU like?
However many you'll give me out of yours!

How many hours' difference is it between London and the western United States?
Nine, I think.

How much mithril do YOU have?
Last time I checked it was 1,849. Wish Taz could convert that into cash (ya hear that Taz? something to work on in your spare time!)

If you had a million dollars and only ten hours to spend it, what you buy?
duct tape

what is?

What is the Matrix? The Matrix is a computer generated dream world......

I could go on and on with that you know!!

So you think I can dodge bullets?
Probably not.

Would you like a lollipop?
Let me answer that with a question:
Would I say no to free candy?
I doubt it... Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

How many hours fit into an hour-glass?

Wolf Smilie (aroo...)


Why is the sea blue?

Because pink would look funny washing up on the shores.

If you could have a role in any movie, what movie would that be and what role would you play?
Hmmm...I'd like to be in any movie with Johnny Depp, Jude Law, Ewan McGregor, Orlando Bloom, Christian Bale, Viggo Mortensen, Eric Banna, or Hugh Jackman. And the role I would play would be the chair, or the couch, or the bed, or whatever the male lead would be sitting on...hehehe. Very Evil Smilie

Who's the one that makes your heart go pitty-pat?
Mrs Stroke, and i mean literally...

I roll my pipe-weed in a "Z I G - _ _ _ "
ZAG isn't exactly the way I weave.

Do you weave or waddle?
I think I'm a weaver.

But I waddled when I was pregnant, does that count?

Are you more bouncy or clingy, you dryer sheet you!
Okay, let's see.... bouncy!!!! Jumping Flame Smilie

SMileys or emoticons?
SMILEYS! Big Smile Smilie Dunce Smilie Wiggle Smilie emoticons sounds kinda dumb...

Why do penguins wear tuxedoes and all the other birds are just in casual-wear, or no-wear, be that the case?

Penguins have better fashion-sense and higher credit limits to shop those high-end stores at the mall.

When you drive by a herd of cows, and they turn and look your way as you pass, what are they thinking?
That's a strange looking bull.

If you dug a hole to the center of the earth and through to the other side, would you fall up or down?
If you relax when you get to the farside surface, but don't climb out, you will of course fall back down through the center and part way back up the otherside and then keep returning through the center until such time that your velocity falls to zero at the center. And let me tell you, that's a very deep gravity well to climb back out of.

How-some-ever, all that is just theoretical, because the volcano you creat when you break the earth's mantle will push you back out before you get anywhere near the earths center and if you could get there, you had better be wearing your asbestos underwear, because it will be a hot time in the old town tonight. So Angry Smilie

Why don't leaves, leave, instead of gathering on your lawn.
Because they are related to dwarfves. Stubborn things, aren't they? There must be gold buried in your garden.

Why is my friend on Horseland?
I haven't any idea.

Where are you?

My mind is in another demension for lack of sleep. but my body is stuck in Cold Cold Canada Orc Grinning Smilie

What do you want more than anything else?

Tigeress Wolf Smilie
Yay it's the full moon
KNOWLEDGE!!!! And lots of it. And to return back HOME to EEEEENGEEEERLAAAAAND!!!!! which is the coolest country in the world.

I haven't any idea.

No, because she's a weirdo and loves horses!

Why have I finished the Computers test a period before all the rest? (And so am allowed to be on PT?)
Because your knowledge of the subject exceeds that of your classmates.

What time is it?

Lunch time! Yippee!

What would the flowers sound like if we heard colors rather than saw them?
The reds and oranges would be sweet and aromatic with just a hint of softness on the eardrum. The yellows and blues would be sharp and bitter with a grainy texture.

When you read the newspaper, do you read it fully opened flat or folded into quarter or half pages?
I DON'T READ THE PAPER!!!!! But my Social Studies teacher says I should. My brother reads it flat on the floor. I always step on it. I"m mean to my brother. But we're siblings. We're like that. My dad reads it in halves, and my Mum reads it in quarters. So seeing as there's equal amounts of family members in each category, I don't want to go and spoil that by reading the paper. (Or maybe it's because to be a neurosurgeon you don't need social studies, and so I don't care about my marks?)

Because your knowledge of the subject exceeds that of your classmates.

No, because I type faster. You see, they all learnt from scratch at the start of the year, but I already knew how.

My question is---- why is my first one hundred and sixty page Tolkien folder blue and my second red?
Morgoth only knows.

How long have you been online?

about a minute


Aren't bombs great?
Only when they go off in their makers hands!!!

Can you see something purple from where you sit?
Nope. Lots of white, though.

What is it called when you burp out of your nose?
painful... if you are drinking coke Smile Smilie

why do they call October 31 "Halloween"?
Because "The Night of the Pumpkin" just didn't work.

How much candy corn can you eat?

As much as my stomach can hold em.

What if the Earth was a cube?
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