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Thread: How random can you be?

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It'd emediatly dissinigrate.

How tall is the average attick at the lowerst point on the longest night of the year?
As tall as it should be, or as I say it is...

How long will you fall if you jump off of a short building?
Just long enough to scream, then *splat* !

Where would be the best location in the world to die in?

How many beans does it take to make a bean salad?
Somewhere far, far away. Somewhere I won't visit for a looooong time. Smile Smilie

What does water taste, really?

Oops! Etharion writes faster than me!

Beans? Well, how many italians is there in italian salad? If you look in shrimp salad, I think the answer is "very, very few".
Water tastes like nothing, basically, but it tastes better than anything when you're really really thirsty.

How do you think the world will end?
It will go out in a blaze of glory. Actually that will probably leave it as large ember-like rock. Ready to be cued up for a game of Brockevillion (sp?) Space Billiards.

Which shoe do you put on first: left, brown, right, black, offside rear?
All of them at once.

How do YOU think the world will end?
I know how the world will end.

Do you eat salsa with your chips?
No thanks. Yuk.

Do Vogons really exist, and if yes: why?
Because it needs to get help. Very Big Grin Smilie
No offence...

Can you wiggle your ears? Wiggle Smilie

how many Japanese people are there 0.5 feet across the nations border?(by nation i meen Japan)
Half of one Japanese person, cause one person could only fit in a whole foot.

How many doctors does it take to change the neighbor's license plate?

How many hairs are their on your head?
how many hairs are there on your head?

what is a dozen eggs if seven are left and 102 have been eaten?
They are................confusing my brain, for it doesn't usually work so hard...

Do you like frogs? And if so, do they give you warts?
Frogs are.....fine. We have toads in our yard.

What is the first letter of your mother's father's middle name?

who are you?
I am a nobody, and nobody is perfect, therefore, I am perfect!

What's your dog's favorite color?
Dogs see in black and white, and since white isn't a color but a mix of all colors, then i would have to say black.

If Arwen had never fallen in love with Aragorn, then he wouldn't have thought of her while fighting against Mordor, therefore, would we have won anyway?
I don't think so. Everybody needs something to fight for. Whether or not it's just a bunch of others' common goal, or your own, personal goal, everyone needs something, or somebody to fight for.

Why do berry blast Icees taste like cherry-flavored cough syrup?
Because the berries are actually cherries in disguise.


Why is the simple present called "simple"?
because you are a simpleton(just kidding)

why do squirrels climb trees and rats live under hale bales instead of the other way around(quiznos rodents dont count as either of these categories)
Wouldn't it be rather silly if squirrels climbed hay bales and rats lived under trees? Orc Going Huh Smilie

Tongue Smilie

Who's next?
I am.

Who invented the door?
Some guy who wanted to keep his wife out of the cave. Very Big Grin Smilie

What does water smell like?
Hang on, I'll check...

Corn. Orc Going Huh Smilie

Look around. How many door handles are in your immediate field of vision?

who am i
You are you and no other, for if you were any other, you wouldnt be the person you are
yeah, i know... it confuses me 2 lolElf Confused Smilie Very Mad Smilie


If Jimmy cracked corn and nobody cares, why do we sing a song about it?
Because we were drunk at the time.

What colour is a red hat?
Every color with the exception of except red

"Are we there yet?"
I think we are.

Diddley doo, who am I talking too? Ha Ha Ha Smilie
No one in particular apparently. Animated Wink Smilie

To continue the stream of silly, but fun questions:

Where are we going to?
We come from the nowhere, go to the no place.

Are you wearing a watch?
watch? nay squire i am reading poetry, be off, off you varlot!


" "There's not a joy the world can give that it takes away
When the glow of early thought declines in feeling's dull decay,
'Tis not on youth's smooth cheek the blush alone, which fades so fast,
But the tender bloom of heart is gone, ere youth itself be past."
Are you feeling sick today?
No, 'tis only a case of the butterflys. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

How high can you fly?
Let me try....... 1.49 meter!

Why are you online?

Because real life is boring and surreal is MUCH cooler!

Why are you online?
Because it is better thatn being offline.

Did you comb your hair today?
no,never comb my hair

have you ever eaten fish?
I must say I have, yes, to my great shame. Animated Wink Smilie

Can you pick up something from the floor with your toes?
Yes, it annoys the crap out of my family... that's why i do it Very Big Grin Smilie

now for my question
Have you been camping yet this summer?
No, unfortunately not.

Do you know what itai means?
No, but I'd be a much happier person if you'd tell me. Smile Smilie

Who knows?
I do! It means 'pain' or 'ouch' in Japanese. Okay, another:

Do you know what konnichiwa means?
It's hello in Japanese. I think.

What are Message Board Posts?
Posts in message boards?

Here's a question that's been bothering my brother and I:
What do you call people who live in the ciry of Romeo?
by ciry you meen city right?


what does tethelles meen?(hint:its Greek)
I don't know and Google doesn't know.

What color is blue cheese?
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