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Thread: How random can you be?

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Watch me now! Oh, shake your love, shake it. Oh, shake your shake your love. Oh, a little bit of soul now-work! I can mashed potato(mashed potato), do the twist(do the twist), tell me baby(tell me baby), do ya like it like this(like it like this)? Tell me, tell me, tell me...

If colors are simply refractions of light as our eyes perceive them, how are we able to see black if it reflects no light?
Because what you see as black is the absence of light; however, what you usually see as black is made up of a few other colors because unless you are in a completely dark room, a little color always bleeds through. I think. I haven't had a physics course for forty years and that one was about things nuclear; it has been forty-five since I had a course in optics.

When in the course of human events, what happens?
Two minutes ago, "something" happened.

Amazing, isn't it?

What's your favourite smiley?
Hmmmm, let me check: Chicken Smilie It's just a chicken. And I like chicken (fried) and eggs.

Do you like sports?
If I only have to watch them, yes. If I actually have to do something, no. Animated Wink Smilie

What's your favourite poem?
The Highwayman, can't remember who it's by, but it's very good. One of those nice tragic love stories, that almost make you want to laugh they're so depressing, but it's very descriptive. *bangs head against desk try to remember who it's by*

What is your favorite brand of cereal? (eg. AppleJacks, Cheerios, Special K)
Blueberry Morning, or any of the dried-fruit-filled cereals. Yum!

If a train leaves the station at...just joking-Are you affected by what you see on television?
only Braveheart,things i think are funny or really cool,and things that are just wrong.

when was the kilt invented and by who?
Ummmmmmmmm Not sure

Tiger_Eyes Wolf Smilie

My Q is How do you Deal with war?? I mean With all of the pain on both sides?????? (Hopes this is random enough)
We don't need no wars!!!

Who'd beat who? AC Milan vs Bayern Munich, Arsenal vs Real Madrid and Valencia vs Manchester United??? No home and away factor. All matches played at the Amsterdam Arena!!!

Hey, I hope I didn't shut the thread up! If nobody can answer this, I'll remove this post.
They all lost.

What happens to sound when it can no longer be heard?
Its the same as losing the reason behind your life. Look what happened to Saruman.

Would V ever stop posting FAQ and Chat FAQ up the order??? And would someone ever care to read them??
No Well I dont Think so

Why Are you Here?? Why are'nt you with the people you love ?????
I would be But I cant

Tiger_Eyes Wolf Smilie
I'm here because my mom is at work and my dad and my brother are at a football game. They left me at home to watch the family dog. I'll have the house to my self for a few hours. (I know it sounds cool, but it can get really boring really fast.)

Have you ever met someone with red eyes?
do they have to be naturally red?

next agrees with me that squirrels instead of squirrels should be called jibbas.

(whoops,i got my threads mixed up)let me rephrase that

do you agree with me about that?(about squirrels being called jibbas.
Sounds cool! It would certainly be easier to spell. Now we just need to convince everybody else!

What is the strangest looking animal (or human) you have ever seen?
My sister's dog (thing, actually)... Don't wish to anyone to see it: it's plain evil!

What's your worst day in a week?
Thursdays when I was in High School; Mondays when I was working; now that I'm retired, I suppose it would be Sundays because I often stay up way to late Saturday night/Sunday Mornings.

How many eyelets are in your left shoe?
*Looks down to count*............. Seven.

Where to you keep your toothbrush?
In my overnight bag For when i move out (Btw I'm 13)

What Time Zone are you in??

Do you own a car?
Not anymore.

What time is it?
its miller time your time zone its time for you to get a clock!

does your bonny lie over the ocean/sea?

Yet another reference to alcohol my a minor who wants people to think that he's cool and dangerous...
Well, no........ Not really. Nope. Nuh-uh. Sorry. The answer is NO.

Well, let's see..... Do you have a sudden urge to dance round with a wastepaper basket on your head and cluck the Somalian national anthem like me?
If I have to be honest...... No.

How are you today?
Nervous. Smile Smilie

What are your plans for tomorrow?
Let's see... Stick small stickers with an S on a few mail boxes to mark them as recivers of the newspaper. Maybe make sure the list is accurate, so when my replacement *finally* can take over, thing will be ok. Then school I guess. And after that I have no idea.

Hey Amie, I thought I was going to take over that newspaper job??

Right now, V's tempting me over food in the chat room....

How did Einestein die???
Poor old Alburt Einestein died of a heart attack caused by a hissy fit after he for the millonth time had to explain that he was not Albert Einstein.

When snow melts, where do all the white go?

If I ate your slice of pizza what would your responce be?
Let's order Chinese...and by the way, you're buying this time, Stoney!

If you were king/queen for the day, what would you do first?
Ban All Wars Tongue Smilie

Have you read my journals???
Yes! Thanks for sharing them with us!

What color is the sky where you live?
Most people would call it blue but it looks like more of a gray to me. Or maybe thats because the window is so dusty.

What universe do you live in?
I wonder.....

If you're a follower of the Catastrophe theory, then there are innumerable alternate universes for the same moment. We're in just one of them and nobody knows which. If I were to study, i wouldnt be here. So, i'd be in a totally different universe... I wonder.....

How would you feel about your life, if you were to die right now?

I have kids to raise yet, bills that will never finish being paid, and an entire planet that I would love to travel around and visit. I'm one of those people who hope that "someday" I'll get the chance to do all of these things (especially travel.)

If you were a flavor, what would it be?
Hehe, it looks like a day where we answer each other Terri !!! :P Smile Smilie

I'd say I'd be sour.

Do you prefer Bold or Italic?

What is your favorite drink?
Apple juice! Wink Smilie
What's your favorite dessert food?
Chocolate ice-cream.
What's the earliest memory you have?
Me falling from the roof of my house when I was 2 and a half years old. Split my forehead then. Still have the mark.

What if eggs were cubical instead of elliptical?
Then they wouldn't roll off the table.

What time do you get online?
Who, me?!
About midnight (that'd be 11:00 PM CET).

What's out there in the space?
An infinite field tht holds infinite ideas.

How would our world be different if nobody had noses?
There wouldn't be so many people who stink... plus we wouldn't mind skunks anymore! ; )

What's that thing I was gonna say?! Aaah... this will do! hehe
You were going to say, "Good evening, and and how was your day?"

Good evening, and how was your day?

can i borrow a duck?
That's an excellent question! I do have ducks, unfortunately I don't lend them out. However you can rent one for a small fee. . .

What was the best day of your life so far?
Dunno, had several good ones.

Are those fingers or claws you are using to type with?
Depends on the mood of the day....right now I'd say fingers.

When you look out the window (right now) what do you see?
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