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Thread: How random can you be?

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That'd be pretty neat if it was cheese like the moon!

How far can your rocking horse take you?
Around the track in under two minutes!

Do you prefer to enjoy life's pleasurable moments with your eyes shut (soaking in the moment) or wide open (enjoying all optical input possible)?
Eyes wide open (enjoying all optical input possible).

What will happen?

Nothing much.

Definitely not here. Sad Smilie

Better talk to Eru Wink Smilie

Why are we asking quesions?
BECUASE ITS FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Garfield did, go and check with that lazy cat.

Why am I so up early?
Because you woke up?

Why do some people keep on shouting?
Because the caps lock or the Shift button thingie got stuck on their keyboard.

Why is the sky grey today?
Because they're worth a mention in that ranting thread. X-(

Why do we use the word "why" for why and not some other word like, say "what" for why and "why" for what?

P.S. I hate it when that happens. Oh well, the answer would be, it's blue here!!
Oh... So many questions... Which one shall I answer... Ah! I know, I'll answer them both...

Rhapsody asked:
Why is the sky grey today?

I know! It's autumn and when the sky is grey all kind of thingies are happening in the air and stuff... And it's clouded too, which doesn't help either! Now that was a great answer, wasn't it? Tongue Smilie

Floyd_n_milan asked:
Why do we use the word "why" for why and not some other word like, say "what" for why and "why" for what?

Because otherwise "Why are you here?" would be "What are you here?" Doesn't really sound nice Wink Smilie

Why (or what) am I in such a posting mood?
Because you make such a good poster! (Pun use intentional!)

Would you rather have world peace or world piece?
World Peace is coming! The real Age of Aquarius is coming, not the fake one that the hippies thought they were experiencing, and the great humanitarian influence that Aquarius is noted for will resound through all nations, so that we may truly set aside our differences and be buddies. Won't that be fun? Then, once World Peace is acheived, the economy of all countries will ideally even out, giving us all World Piece! We will all rule the world! Mwahahaha!

Taking action or Content with the way things are. ???????????
Action, always action. I would soo not fit in in the lazy guild...

Ben & Jerries or Hagen daz icecream?
I'll take both please! Jumping Flame Smilie
I'm a firm believer that you can never have too much of a good thing!

Rivendell or Gondor?
omigosh, RIVENDELL!!!!!!!!

Do I wanna drink? No. Drinking at school of ANY SORT in the computer room equals no-no. Party? no fun when teachers are about. BUT WAIT TILL GUY FAWKES NIGHT ON SATURDAY!!!!! When the girls rallies and boys rallies join. Woohoo, all the girls will go expecting hot guys. All they will get is a bunch of little kids and three males their age!!! One is overweight, and the others are taken!!!! But anyway... away from the teenage girl talk...

Why is my friend eating noodles?
Because it is hard to slurp popcorn.

What would you do than rather?
Haven't the foggiest idea.

What about you?

I've often wondered that myself Stoney...what about me? Kinda cosmic sounding question in a way. What about me is useful; or frivolous; or irreverent. What about me makes my existance even possible or necessary? Yes...what about me...hmmm.

Horizontal or verticle?

who's next?
Not me.

Are you?
not sure...

Hey! who just threw that at me!?
That would be me, I needed to let off some steam-no, not gas, steam!

Next will be tired of hearing about anything.
I got tired of anything quite a long time ago.

How are you?

Really grossed out, actually. My parents are holding a discusion nearby about the plugged up toilet. And I don't get to take a shower today...eww...

Why is my mom always mad at me?
Most likely because you haven't taken a shower. Very Big Grin Smilie

What's it like?

It ain't nuthin like what it's put up to be. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Where's my other shoe?
the last person you opened a can of sardines on! Smile Smilie

Knock knock...
avon calling, your doorbell is broken.

my hand lies in the underdark
Light a candle!!

Are we only suppose to ask questions here?
I suppose.

What are you doing?

I've never been exactly sure!

Are you a double-agent?
Sorry but I am not at liberty to divulge that information. Name and rank is all I can say at this time.

If you to pick your own theme song, what would it be?

(Sorry Floyd, but I couldn't think of anything that wasn't in the form of a question.)
eh? what was that bracket thingy terri?

I said "What happened to the proper questions that are supposed to be asked here?"

Why does it turn dark when I shut my eyes?
'Cause the inside of your eyelids are painted black.

How did it happen?

I told it do and IT DID!!!!!

Why is the grass green?
It is repulsed by the ants that call it home.

In what year did Alexander the Great gain control over Russia?
Sorry, I'm broke.

Do you think I should let my brother burn my LOTR soundtracks onto the computer?
yesno, because computers can be useful tools, plus you might end up burning your house down in the process.

Why did god make most vegetables taste like garbage? I normally don't enjoy eatting garbage...
Haven't any idea, they are nasty tasting though.

Can it be?

Yes, anything is possible!

Why are some people immune to hugs?
because they're addicted to kisses

How random can you be?

Three score and ten years worth if I'm lucky!

Can any bird fly down-side-up?
You mean a 4G inverted dive in a Mig 28? According to Top Gun, it's possible Wink Smilie

Why do they make movies?
So we can see dreams when we're not asleep?

Why can't life be like the movies?
Because life would get very boring and predictable if it would be the case..

How does cat hair end up in your keyboard???
Cat hair no. My sister's hair.......

Have you ever been bitten by a cat?
Yeps, got tetanus shots, anti biotics for it after the wound got very nasty infected.

Why is ROTK EE not out yet??
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