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Thread: How random can you be?

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Because we are inherently lazy and it is easier to be led than to ask why, or to take your own inititive. It also gives you someone to blame when everything eventually goes pear shaped.

What do people who have bungee jumped enjoy more, the jump or telling people about it afterwards?
Having the bragging rights to who is more stupid. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Does the jellyside of your toast always land in contact with the floor?
I haven't been that clumsy yet.

Why do some people feel so sadistic?
Because it makes them feel good. Really.

Why does misery always come in three?
Because "three is a crowd".

Why are some people so afraid?
Because people are afraid of fear.

Why is it that in thriller/horror films the person always goes into a dark room but never switches the light on first
Because then they would simply become "whodunnit" films.

Why do film credits now insist on telling us every single person even remotely involved with a film, whereas once upon a time we only had to see the cast and producer?
Because nowadays the little people need to claim their 2 hours (on average?) of fame(?) so they can add it to their resum’s towards getting their next job in the movie making business.

Why do the call grapefruit grapefruit, it looks nad tastes nothing like grapes? Is it an earwax problem that when the native said "greatfruit" they thought he said "grapefruit"?

For the same reason we call Guinea Pigs "Guinea Pigs" for they are neither found in Guinea and have no resemblance whatsoever to pigs.

Why do people complain so much?
Cause it is FUN!!!!!!

Why do people dive off of 50 foot cliffs into the ocean
To collect their insanity which is apparently hiding at the bottom of the cliff and under the water!

If you could live in some other location (on earth) than where you are now...where would it be?

Why do some people like spicy food soooo much?
because they are sooo good!!!! I

what is intelligence?
Knowing things other people don't know.

Who invented computer viruses and why?
Loads of people did, either because they were bored or simply because they like to destroy things... Some also do it just to know whether they can. Maybe they feel good saying "Half of the internet was lamed, and i was the one who did it."....
Strange hobby.
Why do people always want to show their power?
To intimidate the powerless.

Why do we say that we are "unarmed" when we are not carrying a weapon but even though we have arms?
Good question. As far as I'm concerned, arms can also be weapons in their own right, considering that hands are attached to them. Hands can be just as deadly as any other weapon, so the real question is:

Are we ever truly unarmed?
Only if we suffer being a quadriplegic or a double amputee of the arms. Orc Sad Smilie ( I wear shoes and can't kick or dance, but I can run over your toes.) Orc Grinning Smilie

When you hold the alt key and type 0235 here, do you see an ’ Question Smilie
No. I don't see any of that e with the double dots on top.

Is that worth getting worried about?
Not really. I can't see it either. Suppose it's one of Grondy's little jokes. Orc Grinning Smilie

Do you think it's one of Grondy's little jokes too? And if you're Grondy, you might as well tell us. Animated Wink Smilie
no grondy is not joking because iot is something that americans have considered needed on there computers where when you hit num lock then hold alt and hit random number combinations then random things will pop up.

can you see those or do you seee a bunch of numbers? and I would like to hear the non believers say what they see. (Tommie and LA86)
(I'm an American, so of course it works)
I get the ’ when I press the alt 0235

Why do bad things come in 3's
Bad things don't come in threes!!!! Good things come in threes!!!! Bad things come in sixes.

Why is my rabbitr eating DRIED leaves when i just gave him nice green ones? The ungrateful sillybunny.
Because it is its nature.

Has anyone else noticed that Loni can become a dwarf again?
No I hadn't really noticed. Does it matter? Animated Wink Smilie

This number thing is intriguing. I got the ’ thing! It works! You just have to press the num-lock thing first. Gosh.

Why does that happen? What fool had the idea of making a ’ appear when you press alt numlock 0235 ?
Some weird person. ANd it DOES matter that Loni can turn into a dwarf again. Causeshe can. ANd she's me. Did you notice? Oh drat, they did. However did you? No actually, I think it was a Hungarian puppeteer who did it. Haha, I just LOVE picking on Hungarian puppeteers. don't we have one on this site? I forgot their name. SORRY O HUNGARIAN PUPPETEER!!!

Why does Loni not like being called random?
Who would really want to know that?
I have no idea. Paranoid Smilie Ask who.

Can we talk about something else now?
and I forgot to say that you let go of alt after hitting the number combinations for the computer language thingie.

Why does loni ramble
Loni rambles because she's so full of life that it spills over in abundant conversation! Despair not...I enjoy your ramblings Loni. You're a bright spot on PT and post the most chaotic and fun stuff to read at times.

IWhy do we call those small growth spots on seed potatoes, the eyes? Do they really see? Are they afraid of the dark when planted?
That is a very disturbing question...if the potatoes are alive, then the name "McDonald's" must strike fear into them like no other! Poor tots...

Do you believe fish really do not have feelings?
Fish have feelings, that's why they have fish therapy.

If electricity comes from electrons does morality come from morons?
no moronity comes from morons.
no i dont know what that means

What is random?
Random is the fashionable term for those who are weird, strange, and generally freaky weirdos who post rambling random stuff. People say I'm random. But I don't like to be calle random!! Because it's not random. You see, everyone wants to be called random. It means they're funny and spontaneous. But if everyone wants to be called something - I don't want to be called it!! It wouldn't be random. But you lot can still call me random. I really don't mind much.

Loni rambles because she's so full of life that it spills over in abundant conversation! Despair not...I enjoy your ramblings Loni. You're a bright spot on PT and post the most chaotic and fun stuff to read at times.

People like my rambling!!! I FEEL HAPPY AND GOOD AND WARM AND FUZZY!!! you see, fi you're my friend 24/7, like my friends, and you have to put up with my rambling all the time, you can imagine, it gets a little WABBED. So my mates are like "haha, haha... NOOO!!!!!" so it's great to have a bunch of people who don't mind being randommed all the time. I'M FULL OF LIFE!!! I'M FULL OF LIFE!!!!WHEEE!!

Anyway..... WHY is being random so trendy these days?
The Lord works in mysterious ways, but mayhaps randomness is the devil's work.

Where have all the flowers gone?
all the girls picked them and took them to Durham town.

Where have all the young men gone?
They're here with me. Elk Grinning Smilie

Where are you?
I'm here in my bedroom with my brother and my 2 turtles....

have you ever stolen anything?
A cookie from the cookie jar...

Why is it that so many people have no idea where anything is is our school library?
OK I'll admit it - I don't know where anything is in your library - sorry Very Big Grin Smilie

Why is sugar and chocolate bad for you when they both come from plants - I thought veggies were good for you!
They ARE good for you - they make you happy.

The Lord works in mysterious ways, but mayhaps randomness is the devil's work.


Why does Grondy INSIST on being a Blue Meanie?
He was chosen... Animated Wink Smilie

What is your definition of a blue meanie?
A choked-up villain.

Would it make much of a difference if there indeed is life on Mars?
Only to the Martian life when humanity wipes it out during their effort to terraform the planet in the year 2207 CE.

Do you think blue is cool, yellow is not, green is keen, and red is hot?
yes it can be...

what is your favourite flower?
i like all flowers but I luurve a plant called a Hosta - I have 8 in my garden in pots and they are all just starting to grow again - wheeeee

Why is it men will not ask for directions, even if they are lost
Because we do not wish to undergo the displeasure of all our hunter-gatherer forebears who would be chagrined to know that their decendents can no longer read the spoor on the wind.

Can you tell the time of day from the sun and stars, or which direction way is north from the thickness of the moss on your bark er, back?
I'm not so good at telling the time using the sun, but if I know the time I can use the sun to give me a Southerly bearing. I'm not so hot at using moss on tree bark, but I can use the ripples in the mud on a sandbank to get me home on a foggy day.

Why do we have Bank Holidays?
So as to allow the burglars a full day's pay for work.

Why do we exist?
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