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Thread: How random can you be?

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Evidently you have Vee, just checking out your avatar and i'm convinced of it! You dont swallow rats do ya?

No, its the absence of light - at least scientifically defined it is(think Black Hole), but in aesthetic terms, uhm yes it is a colour.

hmmm...why do NUTS cause life-threatening reactions in "weak" people?

Because most people feel threatened by things they can't understand. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

how big is the badger

Since no-one answered this one, I'll go for it: smaller than the beard, but bigger than a mouse (otherwise it wouldn't be a badger, would it?) Na-na-na-na-na Smilie

My question to you folks: why do we need idiots?
To answer the questions posed at this thread.

What if the chicken hadn't crossed the road?
thanks fer answering that tommie

if the chicken hadnt crossed the road there would be fewer possum carcasses,because the stupid marsupials would know it cant be done

why did someone post the same question as one of my previous questions (whats in my pocket,ill admit tHough that whoever posted that must be a genius like diw or a lunatic like me or most other people on this site)

I wrote that and I don't know what it means!
You're welcome! Big Smile Smilie

Because whoever posted it must have missed your post with the same question.

Why are there no penguins on the North pole?
Because the polar bears ate them all.

Where does the white in sugar go when you mix it with a liquid?
It goes outside because it's scared of the liquid.

Why do kids always ask "why"-questions, never "when"- or "how"-questions?
Becaues 'why' is better!

What happens when you flush your arm down the toilet?
You get disarmed!

Why do we sleep?
because the aliens decided to lace are water with a toxin to make us sleep to allow them an open time to send their abduction cadillacs down from Neptune without being noticed,did no 1 else know that?

why did the aliens abduct John Wayne and Elvis when they believe Elvis is one of our dietys but they think John Wayne is just a leader in our anti-alien military,of course after his abduction that program fell apart so were all doomed to be studied in Neptune holding facilities,or killed in the invasion.(unless some1 helps me outfit Camaros which are better than cadillacs to combat them)
They were crazy!

If rose had the odour of a sweating horse, wat wld have happened?

then horse-fart will smell like roses and people will carry horses(suffering from indigestion) to propose Very Mad Smilie
Where is Elvis if he's not dead?
Living off weadings in Las Vegas.

What color does a smurf turn when you strangle him?
Why, purple of course! With a hint of red. Very Big Grin Smilie

Why do cats always hide in impossible places?
THEYRE WITH THE ALIENS! ELVIS AND HIS CADILLAXC ARE ON Neptune in the 97th holding faciulity next to John Wayne and my friend Steven, but if he has escaped somehow without my noing,then CC is right

why wont i shut-up about the aliens
Maybe they've put some kind of device in your mind that makes you talk about them, that way they're own to mankind through you and you can help them in their evil plot to take of the world! Bwahaha!
Or maybe you yourself are an alien Very Mad Smilie

How is it that birds can sing with no song?
Becaues they have beaks!

What would happen if you ate an entire anthill?
You'd have butterflies in your stomach! he hee

Why is there lipstick?
To help people "make-up" their minds.

What if the sky wasn't so high?
Well, how high is the sky really? Where does it start and where does it end? If we count all the stars to the sky, the sky is 13 billion light-years high (and thick!), and the real question would be:

Why is the earth so small?
Because the sun is so big.

Why do fools fall in love? Very Big Grin Smilie
Because they don't look wher they are going.

Do you need to puree a camel to get it through the eye of a needle?
What is wisdom? Human nature? Learning? What is this sorld mad of?? Why are there so many bees to a hive? Why do people want more than they need???

(common philosopher questions)
"PIE is the answer to all,"im gonna have u fondu-a-fied fer gettin that stuck in my head,and ya no who u r!

why do i quote people that ive never met
Because they said interesting things.

Why does it seem like everyone is leaving PT all of a sudden?

(since nobody seems to like the above question I'll post a new one) Paranoid Smilie

Why are bananas yellow?
it seems like every1 is leaving pt all the sudden because this is a time of year when people become busy,and i havnt been on in a week and places always seem less crowded quiter and more pleasant when i aint there,and bananas are yellow because well they have do be or else ummmmmmmm the polar bears will all die from radiation because weeeeeeeell ummmmmm yellow absords radiation?

why do people have problems with me speaking sentences by mixing 5 different languages?
Because we can`t understand you and it`s too confusing for our little brains...well, my little brain hehe Cool Smilie

Why is it that parents always fight?
They don't! Oh wait, they do! But then again, they don't. Maybe it's because they can't seem to make up their minds. Cool Smilie

Why do people smoke? Smoke Smilie
Pardon my frankness, but... they are stupid!

(Those that start smoking today, that is.)

How come your body temperature rises when you catch a cold? Also I want to say, I'm very much in favour of a catch-and-release system on this.
Hmmmmmmm..........I don't know.

How old would I be if I was born in a leap year?
That woud depend on what leap day you were born on!

Who let the dogs out?
It certainly wasn't me!

Why do we need computers?
~We dont~ As a species we're a congenitally lazy race, so we've invented/created means by which to make our lives "easier", "more efficient" and "emptier".

This damn computer will NEVER have my SOUL!!!

Very Mad Smilie

If Space and Time are infinite, why arent the depth of my pockets also?

Because you would really lose your keys!

Why are you here?
because i can talk about Tolkien without some one insultin me forcing me to create tears of pain in their eyes "magically"

why do we insult people juist because their a little different than us (i insult every1 equally,i dont no about any of u so im just referring 2 humans in general as far as i no ur good people)
Because we are right.

Why are potato chips thin?
Because if they were thick, then they'd need loads of potatoes for one chip, and some people ACTUALLY feel sorry for the Wogs getting the taters.

What does Wogs mean?
When I was a kid Wogs stood for 'workers on government service' and referred to immigrants in a not very nice way. I believe it was taken from 'gollywog' (no idea how that came about) which was the name of a soft toy representing a negro. Not very politically correct now.

Do cameras ever lie?, not that I know of anyway

Do you think that Tolkien would have approved of the movies if he were alive today?
Lord Alric you need help!!!!!!!!!! But don't we all!?

Oh sorry what was the question?

Did I miss something?

Is there a war going on?

Why is the moon sometimes red or orange, or yellow? Why not purple or green, or maybe neon pink?!?!
Because it would confuse our eyes. Imagine living in a world where the sun and the moon constantly change colour! It would hurt your eyes!!! Animated Wink Smilie

If if was when and when was if, would we still talk about ifs and whens?
Has anyone else been clues into the Smurf invation? They are comming, you know.
smurf invasion? let the blue munchkins! come viva la victis smurf!

and well if and when well........a tolls a toll and rolls aroll and if we dont get no tolls we dont get no rolls(i dont like that movie at all!)

why do i hate that movie but memorized Monty Python Holy Grail in a day after watching it thrice?

I love that movie now, which is four years after this original post. I don't like pre-, post-, or pubescent me at all!
I don't know why you hate *that* movie because I haven't a clue what movie you are talking about, but I can tell you why you love Monty Python's Holy Grail: because it's dead funny!

Why are smurfs so popular around here? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Because they're evil little vixons bent on taking over the world! They may look adorable, but if you get within reaching distance, they're like that evil little bunnie rabbit in Monty Python's Holy Grail. Pure unfiltered evil!
Super Wow Smilie

Ok, new question then:

How can Miss Piggy have blonde hair if she's a pig?
Because it isn't her own hair, it's a wig!

Why is PT so much fun?
Because we are here!

Why is there so much dust under the bed?
Because it is afraid to go inside the bed, where you would immediately clean it off. It knows that as long as it stays under the bed, it's quite safe. Tongue Smilie

Why do we always cling to the impossible? Hope what we shouldn't hope for?
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