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Thread: How random can you be?

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MONTY PYTHON IS THE HOTTEST THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!! (Apart from Tolkien stuff and the phantom of the opera, of course)

And now for something completely different...

Well, let's just say I'm pretty sure I'm not part of a whole in the same part as my BROTHER!!!!!

What was the last movie you saw on the big screen?
Uh... Shark Tales...with my kids, of course!

If one train left from its station at 9pm, and another left its at 11pm, both travelling at identical speeds, 250 miles between them, and both travelling towards each other, at what time would they meet up?
what am I, a rocket scientist? The answer is A

Dogs or Cats?
Dogs all the way!

Have you ever seen something that you knew was familiar, but you couldn't get it right away, but in the middle of the night, you awoke shouting the name of the item?

Are some people just born bad, or did they get that way gradually?
Gradually get that way.

How many hot fudge sundaes can you eat without getting sick?

(Laurelindhe ilmarin: Me thinks the answer to your train puzzle is indeterminate, for there are two unknowns and we can't solve for one without knowing the other. We need to know their common average velocity in order to obtain their transit time, unless of course "250 miles between them" means means they each travel 250 miles. However, I read it as the total distance they travelled was 250 miles.)
Well, I've never tried eating that many fudge sundaes at one go. But then if you would care to sponsor all the fudge sundaes I eat without getting sick, I might give it a try and tell you!

Why is money so important to some people in the world?
Money is POWER!

Why is it so much fun to get scared?
Because noone's scared to have fun!

Why doesn't anything roll uphill?
It does if it's pushed. Cars roll uphill too, right?...unless of course it's a Rolls Canardly, which rolls right down one hill, but can'ardly get up the next....hahahaha! Man, that was a very silly joke from my childhood. Sorry folks.

Anyone ever watch the movie Explorers with a very young River Phoenix? (That's where that incredibly silly joke is from.)
Spiralling out of control whilst your eating your old make up brush. Tongue Smilie
**********Then finding that there is no make-up brush and in fact what you are eating is your own hair********** Big Laugh Smilie
Remembering that old cheesy wotsit you threw down the drain can be such a dream when you are sitting in the tree that sits in the middle of a large lake.
hey...........i can go on forever..... Happy Elf Smilie
???????????????????? Wary Smilie

Eruwen, yes, I do remember seeing that movie when I was a kid-I remember that joke and love it! I also remember being madly in love with River Phoenix, God rest his soul...

Grondy, yes, there were two-hundred miles total distance for the two trains to travel, and the unknown variable(the velocity of the trains)was one-hundred and fifty miles per hour, but the second train did leave two hours later... Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie

What is the deal with all of the stupid, witless, caveman commercials(ads) on television these days? Anyone else been bombarded with those stupid ads about the ringtones and wallpaper you can get for your cell phone??? They are everywhere!!! They are more annoying than Ryan Seacrest!!!
Oh yes, Laurelindhe, I was madly in love with him too. RIP. Phew! I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who loved that joke and that movie and River Phoenix.

And YES! I am soo glad that someone else is terribly annoyed with those stupid ringtone commercials! I almost don't want to watch comedy central anymore because of them. Ugh! They are driving me nuts!

So...who in the world would ever buy one of those stupid ringtones!? Especially the one with the rapping rhino! Aaaahhhhhh!!!!
Not me! I don't need or even want a cell phone. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Laurelindhe ilmarin: At 150 mph the first train would travel the 250 mile in 1 hour, 40 minutes arriving in the station and meeting the second train at 10:40 allowing the passengers twenty minutes to have a sandwich and coffee before embarking on the return journey via the second train. (At first I tried pluging the numbers into an algebraic formulae, but got gibberish until I started to graph it, at which time I finally had a great Ah Ha! You be too tricky!) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Now then, which sandwiches were most popular with the passengers in the above answer.
Well, there was a large family of peanuts sitting on the track that day, and at that ridiculously high rate of speed, there was absolutely no way they could get out of the way of the train in time, so the passengers all got......

Peanut Butter Sandwiches!!! Yes, that's what they were.

Why do people complain about advertisments, yet remember every detail of them? Isn't that what the advertisers want in the first place?

*grins at Laurelindhe*
Not me! I don't need or even want a cell phone.

I agree with Gondy on that one! I had a cell phone and i seriously wanted to smash in after a year, so i just gave it away. It's like having a homing beacon on you 24/7, and if you ever turn it off everyone complains, "Why didn't you have your cell phone on?"

...ummm gee, maybe because i peace of mind that day...
Why didn't Turin post a question?
Probably because Turin was so at peace that he forgot what he was doing!

How many dust bunnies does it take to wage a successful campaign against Grondy's wooly gem awards?
None! We just bribe the dwarfs who make them!

Do zombies really exist?
Ummm. . .I don't think so.

Are you over 5 feet tall?
I am! Not by much, but I am! Of course, my sister on the other hand is 5'11". Why did I get short changed? Sad Smilie

Do you like long hair or short hair?
Well, it depends on the color of the hair, who wears it, and where it’s at!
I would probably go with short hair. Easier to manipulate.

Do you remember the good times?
Yes...all the good times...

For some reason, people only get involved with things, usually for money and power. Are we really that cruel to others who need our help?

Does that answer your question? It's a human trait. Everyone has it, but some more than others.

Remember me?
No I don't. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Who are you? Elf Winking Smilie
I am a human........or am I?
Maybe you're a zombie! Shocked Smilie

Do you believe in love at first sight?
Not yet!

Do you believe in hate at first sight?
No on the hate, yes on the love on first sight.

Have you ever heard a cat snore?
yes I have!!!!!!!!!

have you ever been in space?
Well, I had a dream once in which I approached Infinity. I got right to the edge of starlight where all that twinkling was behind me and all before me was blackness; and I chose not to go on: I woke up instead. Thinking back on it, I hadn't been in a spaceship or even my body, it was only my mind farseeing. (And yes I know the stars don't twinkle in space, that was just a bit of poetic license.)

What do you want to do now?
Go out into space to see your twinkling stars...

How could you not remember Loni?She is more priceless than a Pseudo-Silmaril or a Wooly Gem!!!
Because I choose not to!

Are there more living than dead on the Earth at the moment?
If by living you are limiting it to just human beings, the answer might be more living. Howsomever, if you mean all living life-forms, I'd have to go with more dead, as there has been much less time for the living to be counted, as opposed to a much greater time for the dead to have come and gone many times over, considering insects, plantlife, and bacterium.

Does anyone care that this is Superbowl Sunday?
Nope. Could Care Less!

Was there any good commercials?
Yup! There are a few commercials that I like and don't mind watching over and over again!

Would you like to live on the Moon?
I'd consider it, probably say yes!

Which would you rather have: a pound of gold, or a pound of meat?
I think the meat would be sorta nice-if it was a nice ocean fish steak of some sort!(Thresher Shark? Yellowtail Tuna?)...then I could turn it into some lovely sushi!!! Anyone have wasabi?

Did you know that medical experts have identified the main cause of apendicitis to be an intolerance to meats and raw foods due to lack of exposure to these things? (So go on, eat that sushi or tar-tar that you've been secretly wanting to might just save your appendix!)
WEll, I LOVE meat!!! Don't all dwarves? Except the fatty bits. I spend AGES picking off every little bit and putting it on the side of my plate. It annoys everyone.

I think all schools give too much homework.....

what is your ideal country?
The country I live in, of course! My motherland!

Why do so many people like Harry Potter?
Because they know that it irritates you, my friend.

Is that a bit of spinich stuck between your teeth?

oh no there isn't!!! my theet are very clean... Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

do you belive in gosths?
Well, I'm not sure what a gosth is, but I definitely believe in ghosts! Wink Smilie I've heard and felt the presence of many. My grandmother and my sister seem to attract them. It's very strange. Super Scared Smilie

Does one's personality lie in the mind or the soul?
It lies in your......SHPECKLE!!!! (That's what I say when I'm under pressure)

What was the lastmovie YOU watched?
Racing Stripes in theaters-I thought the flies were the only good part o.O
And the animated Robin Hood at home-<3 that movie!!!!!

Have you ever been betrayed by friends more than once, the same friends?
Yeah, that's why i don't say there my friends anymore.

What would you do if I sang out of tune? Would you stand up and walk out on me?
Shpeckle -- I like that, Loni. Smile Smilie hee hee.

And no, I wouldn't walk out, I would just sing out of tune along with you.

If you move a wand over two books lying on a table, is the wand moving or are the books? Or are both?
Your question sparked an amusing interest in me since it deals with my favourite subject of relativity. I searched through the books, referred the encyclopaedia about it and sorted the information stored in my brain about relative motion of two bodies. Then, after brooding over your problem for about 13 hours, I finally derived an equation that would have helped me to solve your problem. but then the equation seemed too complex for me to be able to solve. As a last resort, I thought it better to contact my friend Dr. Albert Einstein about your problem. And therefore, to be able to meet him, I sat down and drew a model of a time machine, got the required parts and then built a time machine. With the help of my time machine, I went back in time, and tried to meet Dr. Einstein. But at that particular moment, he was busy in delivering a lecture to a class of his. So I was told to wait. After two hours had passed, we discussed your problem and Dr. Einstein found a minor flaw in my equation, corrected it, and solved it. Using that equation, we arrived at the answer that it was actually your wand that was moving since you had already stated in your question that you had moved the wand. Another problem solved!

Did you really read through the whole of the above paragraph? i didn't!!! Teacher Smilie
but I'm sure you have said a lot of interesting things.... Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie

do you like most dogs or cats?
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