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Thread: How random can you be?

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Because they as sure a heck are better than reality!

Why do you sneeze?
Because I told you to.

Why does my mum insult my shweet, shweet, shpeckledy wabbit? Hish name ish Shpeckles
Becaushe she doeshn't like wabbits, preshioush?

How can people live without reading books?
Because they are Nazgul.

Where are all the stars that go nova?
In the book I just wrote. Big Smile Smilie

How can I read when listening to a CD but I can't when listening to live music?
because live music is better(the other movie i wuz referring to the 1 i hate is Robin Hood Men in Tights and i agree with ur comment about the bunny CC)

why did my admiral deny my request to be transferred to Hawaii and then when i asked if i could go to lake Tahoe he threatened to have me court marshalled?(im not really in the navy but answer my question anyway)

Why did I quote The Cosby Show? Arrrgh!
Simple - the thought of you in either place frightened him terribly. Would you send you to either place when your insanity could cause World War lll to be started there? Big Smile Smilie

How full can you fill a water balloon?
Until it pops?

Ho much can you guys love me, the person who started this awesome thread?be nice Wink Smilie

Never enough. There, wasn't that nice? Tongue Smilie

Where do used biro's go when they die? Tongue Smilie
In my desk drawer. Hundreds of them......

Why can music make us cry?
Because I told it to.

What would happen if you tried to toast a marshmallow in the sun?
Doesn't work...takes hours. My skin roasts faster than a marshmellow. Very Big Grin Smilie

Can you drink an entire Gatorade in one gulp?
Impossible. the body can't handle that.

If aliens came to earth and asked you to take them to your leader.....who would you take them too?
Merle Haggard(DUH!)

were am i

In front of your computer, of course. Big Smile Smilie

How often do you take a breath?
About 3000 times an hour. Animated Wink Smilie

Why is the sky blue?
Because I painted it that way. Big Smile Smilie

Is it possible to jog faster than you can run?
Nope cause jogging is running only slower and running is jogging only faster, and if you do both at hte same time then whew your gonna need some help, especially if you drink a two liter bottle of soda every half mile and if you do that, WHEW boy are you gonna need help to the nearest facilaty!!!!!

Why is Science called science, and if math where called History would it still be math or would it be history, or would History be English if math where history?
Math would still be math even if it's disguised as History. No disguise will ever work for math! So now that we have decided that math can never be history, history will stay history, and English will always be English. Good. And science is called science for the good order of things. It would get complicated if we started calling science history, and history math and math Latin and Latin English and English science, so that's why we call science science.

If we were to discover a tenth planet in our solar system, what would you call it?

Planet Stoney.

What would you do if all of a sudden you shrunk to the size of a mouse?
Launch into a desperate bid with my (former) "pet" cats, stressing the importance of an all natural and nutritious vegetarian diet.

When snow melts...where does the white go?
Into fried eggs.

Why is there such a 'thing' about changing lightbulbs?
I don't understand your question sorry!!

What does it fell like to touch a rainbow?
like nuking ur hand in a microwave fer an hour

what is my definition fer the word "katucket"?
Why is there such a 'thing' about changing lightbulbs?

I don't understand your question sorry!!

Lightbulb jokes! How many (add profession of choice) does it take to change a lightbulb? Ring any bells. They even told one on Babylon 5.

Pah, I don't understand your question either. Nyer!

How many HobbitHomie05s does it take to change a lightbulb?

They're still counting.

What is the longest word in the english language sanctioned by the 20th Chambers Dictionary?

(Hint: It's 45 letters. Medical terms not applicable!)
it's a lung disease or something?

yea what ever, what would happen to an elf if you cut off it's long blonde hair and died it brown?
You'd have a nice pretty wig Tongue Smilie Smile Smilie

What will happen if you stand under a waterlilly for 5 minutes?
you'd be all wet I guess?

How much blood would you lose if you stapled your hand?
Depends how many staples you use.

Why does grass keep growing?
because of rain.

what does legolas' hair smell like?
Roses with a bit of cinnamon

What would Arwen ask to Mr. Sandman?

"Hey, how much to off Aragorn?"

What would happen if you shoved an entire pizza up your nose?
It means you will have no dinner tonight.

If an artist makes art, what does mist make?

what would allthe drinks in the world tast like mixed together?
You'd be too drunk from your last party to even know what's going into your mouth, and if you were sober enough to taste it, then it tastes like cherry cola mixed with grapes, dr. pepper, and alcohol.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
All of it.

What would you say to me if you met me?

What would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck had no wood??
The next best thing: straw. Wink Smilie

What is a wood chuck? Big Smile Smilie
nickname for a beaver

what would happen if you looked directly at the sun for as long as it was out?
I don't think you would see much anymore... Animated Wink Smilie

Why didn't Noah leave those two mosquitos behind when he left on his boat?
Because the fly's would have been lonely.

Why do we write left to right?
!tfel ot thgir etorw ew fi gnisufnoc gnad eb dluow ti esuaceB Elk Grinning Smilie

Why am I online right now?
Because you were hoping I would be on also??????

What area on the world are you in?
The right one. Very Big Grin Smilie

Why did we invent a photocamera if we never want to be on a photo?
Who says I invented a camera?

what do your feet smell like?
They smell like soap right now, I have just taken a bath. Tongue Smilie

Why do kings get to sit on a throne?
Besause servants sit in chairs.

Why do keyboards click?
Because people thought they could get people like me who are on 24/7 off by the annoying clicking sound, but sorry people I'm not disturbed!!!

Why did my parents tell me not to watch t.v. or go online after school?
Because they knew that if you did, you would never get to make your homework, and then you would fail all your courses and they would feel guilty because they didn't tell you not to go online or watch TV after school. Animated Wink Smilie

Why does being smart seem to make you unpopular?
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